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Wednesday 22 February 2017



By Ifunanya Chukwudi
For Family Writers.

I got so pissed and highly disappointed by the level of lies and decietful press release issued by one of the so called chief redundant of the Nigerian Army, Colonel Aminu IIyasu of 6 Division of the Nigerian Army in Portharcourt were he sarcastically and ignorantly made a statement to deny the killing of harmless, peaceful and unarmed Biafrans who were on a solidarity rally on 20th of January 2017 in the endorsement of the new president of United States of America, Donald J. Trump.  For substantial record, before this solidarity rally was about to be embarked on, IPOB Directorate of State on 18th January 2017, wrote an official letter of permission and invitation to the Late commissioner of Police in Igweocha ( Rivers State ), Late C.P Francis Odesanya in which his office acknowledged affirmatively that such a letter was received.

First and foremost, IPOB worldwide was so terrified and outraged by such a sycophant and most horrible and deadly bokoharam terrorist in Army uniform called Colonel Aminu Iiyasu and his nonsense press release, where he denied the massacre of Biafrans on the solidarity rally held in support of the newly elected president of USA, DONALD J.P TRUMP when there are clear and bold evidences of video and pictures of the massacre on 20th of January, 2017.

In some of the video evidences that went viral on the internet, the Army were captured squatting down with their AK 47 riffles which clearly shows that it was as premeditated and planned massacre by the redundant and terrorist group of Nigeria military under the command of the Nigerian President and the chief of Army staff.
It was gathered during the solidarity rally for the elected American president, that some ammunitions was used on the innocent and unarmed IPOB members at various scenes of the rally and the Family Writers correspondents took some of the videos and pictures for evidence to prove to the world how the murderous Nigerian military has been terrorizing unarmed and peaceful IPOB members and Biafrans.

Also from the rally, some peaceful Biafrans sustained various degrees of injuries seriously threatening their existence while some were shot dead as they could not bear the level the injuries which were inflicted on them by the trigger happy Nigerian military.
Since they have tried to deny the massacre; then my question to the Army is:
** why did the governor of the Ekiti state Mr Ayo Fayose, through  his media aide and other brown envelope Nigeria media syndicates who peddle lies to favour the Nigeria govt made statement on the innocent Biafrans being shot dead on that day?
It is so absurd and a wicked act to call the most peaceful, most educated freedom fighters, and most trust worthy IPOB with millions of Biafrans  as "criminal gang" This is  exactly the same ignorance which the only African newest London based and high profile murderer president in the history of Nigeria is suffering from is what this untrained and uncultured military are also suffering.

They said that IPOB carries propaganda but they do not even understand the meaning of propaganda; its so bad and heartbreaking the level of the unprofessional the Nigerian forces are; it is very alarming and getting out of hand, because the level of killings going on in Biafra orchestrated by the Nigerian govt and Nigeria military who is supposed to be protecting her civilian citizens are now killing them with impunity and must be stopped.

Nigeria has become the most dangerous country who never understands what freedom and unarmed agitation are all about. Since the struggle for Biafra freedom gained momentum; we have defeated the Nigerian media lies, they have tried and keep trying all means to silence the Indigenous People of Biafra but has kept failing even when they are molesting a number of our people in prison and our leader Nnamdi Kanu is combating them with truth of justice, and still we remain fearless.

In conclusion, the  Nigerian military should know that self-defense is a right recognized internationally, because since the agitation of Biafra millions of lives has been lost and it is not because we are weak nor do not know what to do but because we are learned and more cultured; we decided to take everything legal but Nigeria should not take us for granted as we are equal to the task. If we can create a strong media which Nigerian govt has spent millions of dollars to close yet they were not able to close it down and we defeated them in being truthful then think of when we go into war, how would it be.
 There is a saying: do not touch the tail of a lion while he's asleep because it wil be disastrous when being woken up; Nigeria should stop provoking us because we are more than ever ready to destroy any Goliath on our away and no man born of woman can stop the coming of Biafra.

 Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers

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