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Wednesday, 22 February 2017



By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze (Nnamdi Kanu Disciple)

For Family Writers

In this maiden edition of Family Writers Press mid-week Biafra in focus, the Family Writers Press will discuss the PEOPLE of Biafra as topic of this week.


The people of Biafra are the aborigines of the territories of Biafra, a people although with diverse languages and minor differences in cultures and traditions, but located around east and western part and around the great Niger River down to the delta of the Niger in West Africa near the gulf of Guinea of the Atlantic ocean. The people of Biafra are described as the ABORIGINES of the territories of Biafra because the people have lived in the territory for more than a millennium and were occupying these territories when the European explorers arrived. The people of Biafra are noble and hardworking people who abhor idleness in totality before the advent of what is called "White Collar Job" today. The three patriarchs who gave birth all the Biafran populace are Eri, Arodi and Areli. They were sons of Gad, the seventh son of Jacob (Isreal).


Because of the above-mentioned aboriginality of Biafra people commonly known as INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA, you can only locate Biafrans as natives of territories which caught across from the plains of Ogoja hills to the plains of Idomaland to Igalaland to plains of Abavo Agbor on northern territories down to the southern part of Biafraland which caught across from Bakassi peninsula to the shorelines of Opobo Kingdom to Gbaramatu Kingdom and the water territories of Bight of Biafra of the Atlantic ocean. People of Biafra aborigines are never nomadic in nature that is why you cannot spot any Biafran tribe like Igbo, Annang, Urhobo, Idoma, Igala, Ijaw, Efik, etc at any other place outside the Biafra territories under reference above as natives of such place. Other tribes who are our neighbours presently in West Africa such as Fulanis, Hausas, Tivs and Yorubas have their respective kiths and kin seen in other nations in Africa like Ghana, Senegal, Mali, Gambia, Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Benin Rep, Togo, etc just because these tribes are not indigenous people like Biafran people but some of them are mere nomads who do not have indigenous location or identity, while others are migrants from other places in Africa and others are invaders and marauders even trying to snatch away parts of Biafran territory for their purpose of grazing fields. Any person who is a Biafran by indigenous identity, you must trace his origin to Biafraland. You cannot get indigenous Biafran as a native of Niger, Burkina Faso or Liberia. This is one unique thing about the people of Biafra.


It is already emphasized above that all people of Biafra are descendants of the three patriarchs, Eri, Arodi and Areli. However, as the population of the descendants of these patriarchs begin to increase and spread, what we know today as different languages of Biafraland began to develop. Today, among Biafra people, we have numerous languages which space and time will not permit us to list all but no language in Biafraland is more important or respected than the other. Among Biafra people, we have Ijaw, Ibibio, Yala, Itsekiri, Igede, Ogoja and many more languages of people of Biafra.


Family Writers Press Mid-Week Biafra in Focus want people and nations all over the universe to understand that there is no people or territory on earth like Igbo, Ijaw, Efik, Ibibio or any other language. All these listed above are languages of the people which developed as the population of the people increased in the territories. The indigenous identity of the people and their land is BIAFRA and not the name of their languages because the people are far older than these languages which developed in the process of time. Languages of the people of Biafra are their God-given communication channels between individuals among the indigenous people and not an indigenous identity of the people as many people mistakenly thought.

Family Writers Press Mid-week Biafra in Focus will in subsequent editions of this weekly publication analyze other vital topics about Biafra nation and its people in the area of culture, arts, science, technology, politics, economy, trade & commerce, diplomatic affiliations, etc.

By this, we wrap this maiden edition of FAMILY WRITERS MID-WEEK BIAFRA IN FOCUS as we advise our fans to keep a date with us next Wednesday for another wonderful and insightful edition. Happy mid-week!

From Onyebuchi Eze (Nnamdi Kanu Disciple)

For Family Writers Press


  1. A wonderful and insightful series indeed. Please keep this coming every Wednesday until we learn all about the gifted people of Biafra and her abundantly blessed land.

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