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Saturday, 25 February 2017



By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius
For Family Writers

It's very obnoxious to use the word(s), 'pro-Biafrans' or 'secessionists' when referring to the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).
 As the restoration of Biafra, is gaining a huge attention all over the world, many media outlets have been busy reporting, writing and releasing accurate informations about IPOB, while others who are sponsored or paid to tarnish the image of IPOB and frustrate Biafra freedom, have continued to write trash and garbage about the people of Biafra and their quest for freedom.

Before I proceed, let's look at the meaning of the prefix "pro". The English google defined "pro" as a prefix indicating favor for some party, system, idea, etc., without identity with the group (pro-British; pro-Communist; proslavery), having anti- as its opposite.

Please, mark the word “without identity with the group" as I make my analysis.

Having known the definition of "pro" it's now obvious that it's awkward and unprofessional to refer to the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as 'pro-Biafrans'.

It's grammatically suicidal and insanity to refer to an indigenous people as a "pro" to their own nation. The prefix 'pro' can be correctly used when referring to the contraptions that the British government created all over Africa, of which Nigeria is among. We have pro-Nigerians, because Nigeria doesn't in any way reflect the true identity or the cultural background of any man on earth, it's just a mere concussion which the British government is hiding under to steal the resources belonging to the Indigenous People of Biafra.

Yes, Biafra is now a global belief and a religion to over to 70 million people across the world, and as such, must be respected and endorsed by every sane mind.

We are Biafrans, we existed thousands of years before the so called Nigeria was created by Fredrick Lord Lugard and later amalgamated in 1914.

The great people of Biafra is hereby putting the general public on notice, more especially the media houses across the globe that we are not pro-Biafrans, separatists, secessionists, group or an organisation as most media houses do employ when referring to the people of Biafra.

We are the INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA; the aborigines and occupants of the land and territories of Biafra.

The core facts and proofs that (IPOB) is not in any way a secessionist group or an organisation are as follows;

1. THE ANCIENT MAPS OF AFRICA HAS BIAFRA IN IT AS A COUNTRY; Biafra was a country that existed on the Ancient Map of Africa for about 400 years before Nigeria was created in 1914. In fact, by the year 1662, the three prominent Kingdoms in West Africa were the Kingdom of Biafra in the East, the Kingdom of Benin in the West and the Kingdom of Zamfara in the North. The country was then spelt as “Biafara”. Here are some of the Ancient Maps of Africa showing the three Kingdoms. In 1884-1885, the Europeans and Americans met in the Berlin Conference, Germany, and spread the map of Africa on a table and shared the lands of Africa among themselves for colonization and exploitation of the resources of Africa. This is known in history as the 'Scramble for Africa'. It was from these three kingdoms that Nigeria was created in 1914.

Of course the name Biafra was obliterated from the map by the evil British government.


The secret and confidential documents of Fredrick Lugard, the British accomplice and creator of the contraption called Nigeria has always referenced the "Igbos and the Ibibios"(Biafrans) as the most "brilliant and intellects in Africa". And that's the first time in history that a white man referred to a black man as "brilliant and intellects".
The same Igbos and Ibibios with other numerous ethnic groups in Biafra land today are the ones clamoring for the restoration of our true identity, Biafra. Fredrick Lugard respected our identity by referencing us in his documents as "Igbos and Ibibios".
Also on the documents of Lugard, "Every region is free to leave the union after 100 years, if the region finds it difficult to staying in the union". Nigeria was amalgamated in 1914 and expired in 2014.

Moreso, we shouldn't forget that Biafrans started agitation for the freedom of Biafra before the said 100 years of expiration date. Following the latest amnesty international report on the atrocities of the murderous Nigerian security agents especially the army on 21 February 2017, which prompted this article, we are making clear and understandable that we aren't pro-Biafrans, secessionists, or separatist group. We are Biafrans the most brilliant people on the very face of the earth.

Finally, The Indigenous people of Biafra, (IPOB) are only asking the British government and the Northern Hausa Fulani Islamic extremists and fundamentalists to stop interfering and massacring Biafrans, because Nigeria expired in 2014.






Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers.

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