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Saturday, 25 February 2017



Good day to you all our cherished readers. We welcome you once again to this week's edition of Family Writers' Weekly Fact Findings And Analysis coming to you from Sam Felix Comrade Ekwenye, Paul Emerenini and Sunday Okafor of Family Writers.
Please sit comfortably as we are set to drive you through.

This week, we spotted, Nigeria's Information Minister,  Lai Mohammed lying again during a seminar held in Abuja on Tuesday with the theme : CONSOLIDATING ON THE GAINS OF COUNTER TERRORISM OPERATION IN NIGERIA. According to him,  the phenomenon of fake news if left unchecked poses more threat to the nation than insurgency and militancy. That not withstanding,he went further to deny the massive killings and abductions of Biafrans during president Donald Trump solidarity rally at Igweocha Porthacourt on the 20th of January 2017.

He  pointed accusing fingers at the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, asserting that they spread false informations.
 However, the question now is, "who among Lai Mohammed and IPOB should be regarded as a liar?"
IPOB are God's children and hates anything that is fallacy or false information, neither do the world class media wing of IPOB broadcast such. Every of IPOB broadcasts are real because Biafrans have sworn to always uphold  the truth at all cost, as its only the truth that can ensure the freedom of Biafra.

Meanwhile, on the other hand,  Lai Mohammed had on various occasions been caught up with bunch of lies and garbage spilling out from his mouth. At a time, he told the hopeless Nigerians that Boko Haram terrorists have been defeated, but to the disappointment of the masses,  the activities of the so called defeated terrorists is still very much active. Bombings, invasion of villages, killings and abductions are still very much rampant in the northern part of Nigeria. The lying tendencies of Lai Mohammed have forced Nigerians to dub him with the nickname- "Liar Mohammed".

It stuns Family Writers the desperate attempts by this Liar Mohammed to deny and debunk what actually transpired during the peaceful rally of the Biafrans at Igweocha Porthacourt on the 20th of January, in solidarity with the inauguration of Donald Trump as 45th US president,  which was turned bloody by the Nigeria combined armed forces of Nigeria military, which resulted in the  killing of not less than 20 Biafrans, while many others sustained various degrees of injuries and over 200 others abducted. The video and pictures proves of the massacre have already gone viral in the internet. Liar Mohammed should go and bury his head in shame for defending a brazen genocide against Biafrans.

Now moving on from here, we're all aware of the false news from Nigeria presidency which surfaced weeks ago that Donald Trump spoke with Buhari on phone. Now president Donald Trump through his twitter handle @RealDonaldTrump debunked the fake news, saying  that such conversation never took place. Yet, the same Lai Mohamed  claims that the champions of false information are Biafrans.  SO, Liar Mohammed should come out and tell us when the conversation took place and on what event was it made?  We are desperate to know.

From all these, you can now ascertain by yourselves who actually goes by the phenomenon of fake news which if left unchecked, poses more threat to the nation than insurgency and militancy. Indeed it is 'Lie-Lie' Lai Mohammed, because ever since we knew him, or even before his appointment as the Minister for information in Nigeria, not even a single truth can be extracted from his words. What a habitual liar by profession!

Please sit comfortably on this boat lets take you to Buhari's abode in London where Lai Mohammed is still carrying out his duties.  The same Lai Mohamed said that the visit of two APC leaders Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Bisi Akande to Buhari in London was debunked by the same champions of disinformation who claimed that it never happened. Well, we are not doubting on the purported visit, but we are asking, "which Buhari did they visit?  Is it the dead Buhari or a living Buhari?  What happened to him and why is he still in London till today without presenting himself on a live video, so as to prove he is still alive?

Femi Adesina is also here in the building and on Wednesday, we spotted him with newsmen in Abuja  where he addressed them, saying that president Buhari is fine, but we should not expect him back in the country any time soon. Then he went further to say that he is only telling them   what APC and the presidency ordered him to say, which invariably means  that he has no authentic information about the president he  represents on the media. What a game?
 Even the Nigeria military have not been left out in this lying spree, as they themselves have embarked on a shameful move to debunk reports of human rights organizations concerning their atrocities against Biafrans. Now we are asking, AMONG NIGERIA SOLDIERS, FEMI ADESINA AND LIE LIE LAI MOHAMED WHO IS MORE OF A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR?

Times of difficulties have increased tremendously in Nigeria and recession is continuously on the rise, rendering a good number of Nigerians hopeless. In 2016, during the December period, we reported how the Nigeria customs service and the road safety officials used to steal some food items from Biafran travellers and this time, they have extended it to Sango market in Ogun state. According to the report we gathered, the Federal Operation Unit FOU of the Nigeria Customs Service NCS  broke into the market early hours on Wednesday the 22nd of February and took away 15 trucks loaded with bags of rice produced in the country, 43 kegs of vegetable oil and also took away money from the shops they broke.

We observed from this incidence that due to poor economy,  something must have gone wrong somewhere that warranted these jobless jobbers to turn to criminals. Stealing goods of poor market women  to feed their re respective families can never be the solution to Nigeria's latest economic crises?  No. Everybody is tired of Nigeria. It is time to let go, for the total dissolution of this contraption.

With this, we end this week's edition of the FWFFA. Remain blessed and get ready for another edition next week goodbye.

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers.


  1. Ekene diri Eze Chitoke Abiama. Onye ji ike nke uwa dum . Obu ezie ka ikwuru ugbua Odé akwukwo. Ekeneee ngi ozo!!!! Iseee (Abum Uchechukwu Nwa Mba Ana Abara Agu.


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