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Saturday 11 February 2017



By Maxwell Chuks and Orji Ezinne

Welcome to another edition of Family Writers Spotlight of the week, In this edition, we'll briefly bring to your knowledge the trending hot and top updates that hit the media during the week.

* During the wonderful week filled with events, Spotlight payed a special visit to the neighborhood where Nkenna Nwokocha(a cousin to 2face's neighbor/friend) said- "2face was arrested by the DSS before he later announce the cancellation of the protest.
This came after 2face Idibia cancelled his planned protest against the Nigeria Federal government over the hardship in the country.
But in respond to the claim, 2face said "I was not arrested".
Ohuoh! The question now is, if you were not arrested, why did you abandon the protest after some hours of disappearance which no one knew your whereabouts?

* The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) dropped another bomb again; this time, they dropped it on the head of FG of Nigeria.
They rejected restructuring and insist on Biafra restoration.
They further hit the bomb on its head by saying- "Biafra; Not retreat, No surrender".
Ghen Ghenn!

* Fulani Herdsmen at it again...
This time, they took it to Delta state in a different form and new style. The herdsmen who wore police uniform clashed with the police and injured the area commander.
The attack didn't end there, they barricaded Delta road and unleash mayhem on passengers.
Hmm, that definitely means everyone have to be at alert even when you see men in police or military uniform.

* We now go out of Africa and move down to the Whitman's country where after UK deported 41 Nigerians, Germany is also planning to deport 12,000.
Could this also be the 'Change' over there?

* After United Nations released a report that Boko Haram is broke; In Yobe state, the Islamic terrorist group seized Sasawa town from The Nigeria army.
They further raised their muscle by killing 7 soldiers and injured 20 in an ambush in Borno state.

* Spotlight boat took us to Sierra Leone where IPOB got it again.
Down there, The Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB), during the week was honored with international award for best advocacy group.
Wow! Congrats to the Indigenous People Of Biafra.

* "We (Northern Nigeria) are ready for Nigeria's breakup" that's according to Prof. Ango Abdullahi.

* Emir Sanusi to Northern governors- "Convert mosque to schools".
Oooops! Seems they want to leave cattle rearing, begging/terrorism and go back to school.
But after some hours he (Sanusi) made a U-turn on his words.
Reasons, not truly known.

* "Nigerians have right to know Buhari’s health status" -House of reps tells APC.

* Still on President Muhammadu Buhari’s leave and health issue; "Buhari didn't give us date of his return" that's according to the Senate.
The question every Nigerian and the masses are now asking is- "Are you sure this man is ok?" and others are saying- "He is Dead, they're just trying to play games like they did during Yar'adua's regime".
But as for we (the Spotlight crew), we are just watching to see the end of it all.

* Off, we moved over to America where A federal appeals court has unanimously rejected a Trump administration request to allow its travel ban to take effect.
But President Donald Trump is considering issuing a new executive order banning citizens of certain countries (Islamic) traveling to the United States after his initial attempt snarled to a halt amid political and judicial chaos.
Ghen Ghenn!

* While his master is away; the vice president of Nigeria Yemi Osinbajo(who is now the acting president) nominates Onnoghen as substantial Chief Justice of Nigeria.

* Just as people are shouting "Where is Buhari", and others are asking "Is he dead?";
Northern politicians who embarked on a closed door meeting, tabled conditions to allow Osinbajo succeed Buhari as president.
In fact, the conditions (as published by Family Writers) will shock you.

* "We won't give out Ijaw land to Fulani terrorists" -Anniko Briggs tells Governor Dickson.
Still on the matter; Ijaw group gives Dickson 7days to revoke the allocation of land to Fulani herdsmen.
Nice one from them.

* On the issue of Islamic terrorism in Nigeria; A new Islamic terrorist group called "Muslim Brotherhood" affiliated to Boko Haram emerged in Kogi state and plans to carry out terror attack on Banks, Prisons.
Huh! Islam and terrorism.

* Fani Kayode(the voice of truth in Yoruba land) have raised his voice again.
This time, he's in love with IPOB. He said it's an honor for him to be associated with brave and righteous Biafrans.
Truly, he's a great man who cans different light and darkness.

* “Pray for Buhari", Atiku Abubakar urged Nigerians.
On the other hand on same issue, about 350 mosques and thousands of Muslims in Borno on Friday, offered special prayers for speedy recovery of Buhari and ask CAN(Christian Association of Nigeria) to join them.
But people are asking- "We thought you people said Buhari is hale and healthy?"

* Spotlight attention was drawn to the voice of Christians in Nigeria where CAN cried out and say "Christianity under siege in Nigeria". This sudden outcry is as a result of the killing and DSS' interrogation of its members.
Seriously, Christianity is under great siege.

* "Secrecy surrounding Nigeria president's health fuels rumours" that's according to BBC Africa.
And we(the Spotlight crew) concur.

* Asari Dokubo have said it again.
Concerning Biafra restoration, he said, without the freedom of Biafra, there can never be resources control.

* "My husband's obsession with Biafra is scary, he can do anything for Biafra" -Nnamdi Kanu's wife (Mrs. Uchechi Nnamdi Kanu) voiced out.

* During the week; at Onitsha in Anambra state of Biafra land, Nigeria military men beats up disabled man for wearing camouflage.
What an inhumane treatment.

- BIAFRA: Another land mark as IPOB  Ogbaru unit 1 & 2 of Anambra state gets Inaugurated.
- BIAFRA: Now that Osinbajo and others have condemned the incarceration of Nnamdi Kanu, What next?
- Nigeria, the giant of Corruption.
- Strong evidence that Nigeria's president is dead as his proposed return to Nigeria remains unknown.
- We cannot be distracted, Biafra restoration imminent -IPOB.
- Mis-representation of office: Lies of Lai Mohammed and the business of lying in Nigeria information system.      

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  1. Keep keeping on, thank you Family writers
    we must continue,
    Biafra or nothing,
    Nigeria will never have peace for not allowing us to be
    at last Biafra must come


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