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Monday 13 February 2017

IPOB-TRUMP RALLY: How Nigeria Security Agents Robbed Us After Beating Us To Pulp— Activists Narrates

IPOB-TRUMP RALLY: How Nigeria Security Agents Robbed Us After Beating Us To Pulp— Activists Narrates

•Their intention was to disfigure us before they could take us to their station, they told us that it is the end of our lives and the Biafra struggle— Emmanuel

•I was bleeding all the way from Igweocha down to Enugu, I didn’t know I’ll survive— Uchenna

By Egwuatu Chukz
For Family Writers.

ENUGU— Two of the three victims of the IPOB-Trump solidarity rally which turned bloody in Igweocha (Port Harcourt) recently narrated their heartrending and unfortunate ordeals in the hands of agents of the Nigerian Police who in collaboration with Army officials, laid ambush on them and beat them up thoroughly to a point of no recognition after stealing their monies, phones and other valuables they had with them.

The three victims who sustained various degrees of injuries on their eyes, arms, legs, shoulders, heads and other parts of the body, were rescued and conveyed back to their residence in Enugu by Good Samaritans sympathetic to the Biafran cause, from whence they were rushed to the hospital where they currently receiving medical treatment.

Narrating his bad encounter with members of the Nigerian police, Ugwuagbo Emmanuel Anayochukwu who was severely injured on his left eye with a huge stone said: “We left Enugu around 7:30am and arrived at Igweocha around to 11am for the pro-Trump inauguration rally as the new President of the United States.

“When we arrived, we met a very huge crowd of Biafrans moving towards the rally venue at Waterline. On the process, it got to a certain point, we were faced with a heavily armed combined forces of the Nigerian security agents made up of the Police SARS, Army, DSS, and others,

 "There was a heavy shooting into the crowd and everyone started scampering for safety. A lot of people were gunned down in the process by those security agents. We were then told that for the fact that the Nigerian security agents have invaded the rally and killing Biafrans, the option left for us was to go back to our various states and to do that we have to locate the position where the vehicle that conveyed us to Igweocha was parked,

“By that time, I have lost contact with those I came with for the rally; I couldn’t see them again as they all were running for their lives. I was looking for any member from Enugu so that with his help, I can locate where our Bus was parked. On the process, I met my brother, we were making calls, trying to get across to our other brothers to give us direction to their location.

“Along the line, we met another brother from Enugu who joined us. We contacted the driver that brought us to Igweocha and he gave us direction to their location, then we now have to move down to the place he directed us.

“We didn’t know that the Police have changed their tactics; they pulled off their uniforms and laid siege in wait for IPOB members following that route. As the four of us were approaching Rumuola flyover where the shooting started initially, we didn’t know that they were hiding under the flyover and we were just moving without anticipating any attack from anyone; our main concern was to reach to where the rest of our brothers were waiting for us.

“The next thing we saw was these policemen, whom were over 8 in number, hanging on the trees, jumped on us, gathered and started beating us mercilessly with anything they could lay their hands on. They practically told us that, this is the end of our lives and that they’re going to kill us. We were four in number but one was able to run away.

“For me I thought that, that would have been the end of our lives. They dragged us to a very narrow path inside a nearby bush and continued to beat us there. They were saying that by the time they finished with us, we won’t be alive again.

“They used 2 by 2 inches iron rod and hit it on my leg and I sustained a very painful cut on my bone and couldn’t walk again. They were not with any gun but was soliciting for one, and assuming that their colleagues came, they would have killed us.

“One of them also picked up a heavy stone and hit it on my left eye and on my leg and my leg broke. My eyes and leg were bleeding profusely and were all swollen up; at a time I lost consciousness.

“As they were beating us, they were contacting their colleagues in the station to come and pick us with a police van. Their intention was to disfigure us before they would finally take us to their station.

“Onlookers who sympathized with us all as these were happening, came in to rescue us at this point. They told us they really loved and appreciate the fact that we’re fighting for our freedom. They were asking these wicked and inhumane policemen why they wanted to kill us.

“They took us out of that place to another place but these policemen insisted that they’ll kill us but fortunately for us, their colleagues that they called to come with their vehicle couldn’t arrive on time. Feeling that some of our members may come and overwhelm them, they allowed us to go.

“Our sympathizers who took us out of that place provided us water with which we washed off blood at places where we sustained injuries on our bodies but we could not move.

“They asked us if we still had money to return to our base, we answered ‘No’, and told them that those policemen took everything we had from us; our monies, our Android phones and other gadgets.

“Due to the fact that we did not have any money to take us back to Enugu, one of them ordered his brother to go and withdraw N10, 000 from the ATM machine. He then took us to Transport Park where we boarded a vehicle back to Enugu that night and upon arrival, we were brought to this hospital,” Emmanuel narrated.

The second victim, Ajogwu Godwin Uchenna was interviewed by Family Writers, and he has this to say:

“When we were heading to where our vehicle was parked, one of them (policeman) asked me, ‘So you’re the people doing Biafra rally?’ and I replied ‘Yes’. Before I could realize what was happening, one of them picked up a block to hit me and I escaped it, but before I knew it, they started pursuing us, I couldn’t stand the pressure and I began to run.

“They clustered on our way. I was putting on my Jewish wear which was soaked with my blood as they hit me with iron, concrete block. I saw people lying helplessly inside the bush they dragged us to and I thought they were all dead.

“They hit me on my forehead with a weapon and blood was gushing out from it. They told us that today will be the end of our lives and end of our struggle for Biafra and that they were going to take us to the bush or their barracks where they’ll kill us and nobody will come to know about it nor see our corpse to bury.

“One of the force men who happen to be Igbo came and started pleading on our behalf. He told them that these people they’re trying to kill are fighting for their freedom but the two men among them were Yoruba and Hausa.

“Before then, they had collected my IPad and Infinix Android phones belonging to my brother. They also collected all the money I had in my pocket. People were begging those policemen to give us back our money and electronic gadgets but they vehemently refused; they left with it.

“After those two men begged them, they allowed us to leave the bush. Their plan was to execute us there but it was with the help of God that those two men came to our rescue.

“They withdrew N10,000 from the ATM, chattered a Sienna Bus and told the driver to take us down to Enugu before we die. I was bleeding all the way from Igweocha down to Enugu without knowing I’ll survive. It’s only by the grace of Yahweh that we are alive today.

“The doctor said that because my leg bone was fractured, I wouldn’t walk with it until after 3 months,” Ajogwu Godwin Uchenna stated.

Even after their sordid tales and unpleasant adventure in Igweocha, these Biafrans still remained resolute, expressing their unflinching support and undying love for the Biafra struggle, vowing that nothing will prevent them from agitating for Biafra’s freedom after their their full recuperation.

Edited By Ekwealor Micheal Chike
For Family Writers.

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