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Monday, 13 February 2017



By Orji Lois Ezinne
For Family Writers

In the biblical history, a time came when the children of Israel were oppressed and suppressed in the land of Egypt to the extent that Chukwu Okike Abiama made a clarion call for Pharaoh to let the Israelites go to the promise land where they will worship him in truth and in spirit. Despite the frantic efforts made by the tyrant king Pharaoh, the Israelites left with victory. This is a well celebrated victory as some ministers of the gospel often refer to the portion of the scripture that says, "oh Pharaoh let my people go" as "being free from the shackles of the enemy". In the same vain, it is a song of freedom, a song of liberty found on the lips of every Biafran all over the world even till this day.

A good and versatile historian will remember that in April 1993, nearly 1 million voters in Eritrea (a quarter of the population) cast ballots to become “sovereign and independent" of Ethiopia. The result was a vote for independence by 99.8% of the voters. Also there was a independence referendum in Slovenia on 23 December 1990. The turnout was 93.3% of all voters, of which 94.8% cast a vote in support of independence. It was the first such referendum in one of the then Yugoslavian Republics. The results were announced on 26th December and on 25 June 1991, the Slovenian parliament passed an independence law proclaiming Slovenia a sovereign country. This is just to mention a few of countries that got their sovereignty and independence. It is worthy to note the words of an egalitarian leader, Monsieur Sekou Toure in which he said and I quote, "we prefer freedom with bread and water to meat and wine in servitude". Biafrans all over the world are chanting the same freedom speech for the world to understand that we no longer want to be in the Vampire Republic of Nigeria. The aforementioned nations who gained their freedom faced similar mundane conditions which Biafrans are facing today.

Succinctly, the above categorical syllogism is a practical input to the total restoration of Biafra Nation. Hence, three premises are observed:

(i) that if the Israelites can exit Egypt to emerge as a nation,
(ii) that if Eritrea and Slovenia  can exist as a sovereign and independent nations,
(iii) then Biafra will exist as a sovereign and independent nation from a contraption called Nigeria. Logical and philosophical reasoning will firm to this syllogism. Let us not forget in a hurry the words of Obafemi Awolowo who said that, "Nigeria is not a country, but just a mere geographical entity". End of story!

It is therefore, a matter of urgency for Biafra to exit from this geographical entity called Nigeria where people live in squalor, misery, tyranny, difficulties, incessant anguish, no value for human lives, etc.

It is apparent that the three categorical syllogism serve as the crescendo of the Biafra Nation. Secession is never a treat, it is a universal right to all humanity. More so, United Nations Charter permits the right for self-determination of Indigenous People around the world, of which freedom of Biafra will never be an exception. Therefore, let us lift the Biafra flag up high and continuously wave it with all our strength until freedom is achieved!

#free Nnamdi kanu
#free Biafra

Edited by Orji Munachimso Sandra
For Family Writers

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