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Friday 10 February 2017


Lai Mohammed

By Maxwell Chuks
For Family Writers

The Nigeria minister of information, culture and tourism, Lai Mohammed who has adopted lying as a hobby, he recently challenged the public to tell and prove to him the lies which he told that made them change his official name to 'Lie' Mohammed. Funny enough, his first name 'Lai' has same pronunciation with the English word 'Lie' and it is believed that one's action is driven by his name. Could this be a coincidence? or was he deliberately mounted in that office to help cover up the lies of the so called Nigeria government? I guess he is fulfilling his name-driven destiny.

The office of an information minister is one of the most important part of a government as regards to giving it’s citizens information about the state of affairs in the country. Pathetically, Lai Mohammed occupies such a sensitive position of which he poorly represents. Hence, citizens no longer find it funny as their right to information is being infringed. There are obvious and clear evidences of the lies that Lai Mohammed told on behalf of his political party (APC ) and Buhari's administration. Lai Mohammed could have hidden his face in shame due to his numerous lies but instead, he chooses to make matters worse by his recent challenge of proving him wrong.

In response to Lai Mohammed and in case he thinks people have forgotten the ugly lies he fed the world with; let me briefly point out some of it to enable him know that he was not talking to deaf listeners:

1. Despite the fact that the APC administration led by Muhammadu Buhari haven't fulfilled their campaign promises; Lai Mohammed on the 27th of July 2016 during a gathering of members of staff of Nigerian Embassy in Madrid Spain, told the world that Buhari and the APC have fulfilled their campaign promises.
Still on same issue; during Federal government Town Hall meeting in Enugu, Lai Mohammed also said same in his statement during the meeting.

2. In August 2016, contrary to the report released by the US which stated that some states (mainly north east) in Nigeria are unsafe due to the activities of Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen; Lai Mohammed slammed the US government and said every state in the country is safe.
But during the scarcity of tomatoes in Nigeria ; he later contradicted himself and his lies by saying that Boko Haram are the cause of tomatoes scarcity because the terrorists forced many tomatoes farmers out of the zone.

3. Still in 2016, Lai Mohammed said that the former president Goodluck Jonathan's administration didn't buy any weapon to fight Boko Haram. He further said that the money meant for arm procurement was stolen by Dasuki.

Then on the 1st Of February 2016, Lai Mohammed blamed the unsuccessful fight against Boko Haram on the past administration and told the world that the Nigerian troops combating Boko Haram insurgency were doing so with substandard weapons purchased by the former president Goodluck Jonathan's administration but the Nigeria military blasted him and said that the weapons purchased by the former administration were not substandard.

4. On the 23rd December 2015; Speaking to the editorial heads of media houses in Lagos, Lai Mohammed said "Today I can report that the war against Boko Haram is largely won, I can boldly tell you that the entire 70 plots kilometers stretched from Maiduguri to Bama and all the Banki which leads to Cameroon and the Centre African Republic are in the hands of our gallant troops. They have so degraded the capacity of Boko Haram that the terrorists can no longer hold on any territory just as they can no longer carry out specular attacks".
Ironically; today, it's a different story entirely. Boko Haram is gaining more grounds.

5. Lai Mohammed told the masses to blame ugly happenings in Nigeria on the past administration.

6. Amidst the clear evidence of the plot/actions to Islamize Nigeria and the daily killing of Christians, Lai Mohammed said "Islamization and killing of Christians is false".

Lying has been adopted as a business by the Nigeria government to cover up their shame, dirty activities and the evils the perpetrated on innocent people every day.

The most amazing part of it all in this business of lying is the issue of President Muhammadu Buhari’s health condition where he(Lai Mohammed) and his junior partner in telling lies Femi Adesina(Special assistant to the president on media and publicity) were hawking and selling lies to Nigerians and contradicting themselves in most cases. It got to the point where they denied a twitter account and a statement attributed to Lai Mohammed which stated that, "President Muhammadu Buhari couldn't make it back to the country because the presidential jet is undergoing routine maintenance".
The atomic lies Lai Mohammed and the Nigeria government has told only in two years, will run into millions of pages when published.

Permit me to say that Lai Mohammed is a misrepresentation of a highly valued and very important office in government. He is to be blamed for being a direct opposite of truth when it comes to information. To all politicians in Nigeria, lying have always been the only means of daily bread, survival and relevance. Their duty is to Lie to the people and get paid that's why someone like 'Lie' Mohammed is working hard to protect his job and the interest of the government who employed him. Applauds to people of good reasoning who are able to see how incompetent and untrustworthy Nigeria information minister can be.

The fact remains that the liars in Nigeria who call themselves leaders won't stop telling lies even if the masses are dying but i pity those who still believe and accommodate their lies even in the face of truth!

Edited by Orji Munachimso Sandra
For Family Writers

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