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Friday, 10 February 2017




By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius
For Family Writers.

It's furiously pathetic, how the satanic government of Nigeria under dictator Muhammadu Buhari destroyed the courageous step of Innocent Ujah Idibia popularly known by his stage name 'Tuface' (2face), who had resolved to bring it to the notice of the world that Nigeria is a demonic and danger zone to the people therein. This heroic act could have earned him a huge respect and royalty in the history of Africa and even the world at large. It is worthy to give an insight on Tuface musical career.
Mr. Tuface is a song-writer, singer, record producer and an entrepreneur.

He is also one of the most successful and bankable Afro- pop artist in Africa.

The African music veteran was born on 18th September 1975 in Jos Plateau state and a native of Otukpo community in Idoma- southern part of Benue state, Nigeria. He was born into the family of Mr./Mrs Ujah Idibiah, a middle class family.

His early educational life took place at Saint Gabriela's Secondary school, Markudi. Later, he enrolled into Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu, where he displayed the talent of singing, as he enjoyed singing during the school organized parties. Due to his poor background, he dropped out of school to pursue his musical career.

It's also important to note that 2face musical carrier was financially harnessed by his girlfriend, Annie Marcaulay, who is from Akwa-Ibom state. Annie nourished every step the singer took in his career with her wealthy family background. She spent every dime on the singer with the intention of living with him forever.

In his early musical career, Tuface moved to Lagos where he started performing with rapper, Blackface Naija,(Ahmed Augustine Obiabo), and Faze (Chibuzor Orji) whom he had met while studying in IMT.
They later formed the trio-Brand Plantashun Boiz.
The trio later released two successful albums namely 'body and soul' in the year 2000 and sold out in 2003 but later disbanded in 2004.

The singer didn't give up on his musical carrier as he pushed on and released his first debut solo album titled 'face2face' in 2004 under the record label of Kennis Music. His urge to make a difference, made him leave the label as he established a record label called 'Hypertek Music'.

The Nigerian superstar's outburst to fame came as a result of the hit track titled 'African Queen'.
It's worthy to note that 2face has released multiple award winning albums and singles where he featured many popular world stars, amongst them is T Pain an American hip hop star in a single titled 'Rainbow'.
Also the singer is known for a life of phylogeny and as such plucks the center fruit of any that comes his way. This paved for him having seven children from different mothers.
Many people reference him as the only Nigerian celebrity obeying the Bible law of multiplication.

In fact , 2face is a superstar and a legend in the Nigerian music industry. He is also one of the most successful. His contributions to music in Africa, had made him a role model in the industry.
The Nigerian Music industry was taken to another level by the immediate former president of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ).
Everyone in the entertainment industry enjoyed the past administration of GEJ, as top Nigerian entertainers were seen dining with the president and in turn collecting their own part of the national cake.

Later on, the Nigerian entertainers resolved in bitting the finger that fed them as most of them were seen criticising the president and also campaigned against him during his second tenure presidential elections in 2015. Most of the celebrities featured in most protests organised against the president with condemnation to the presidency.

The celebrities accused GEJ led government of corruption and supported the APC opposition party whose Slogan is 'CHANGE' with its presidential candidate as Retired Major General Muhammadu Buhari who promised to bring change to Nigeria.
More so, Nigerians sheepishly drummed and sang praises to the pedophile and a confirmed dictator, Muhammadu Buhari and the APC cabals as they fed them with their phantomable promises (Manifestos)

Instead of experiencing the change they voted for, Nigerians are faced with untold stories of hardship, hunger, starvation and death. Buhari and the APC government turned Nigeria into hell fire as everyone is running helter skelter in search of means of survival as the looming hardship and hunger bites harder.

Under the Buhari led government, everything good about Nigeria vanished out within a twinkle of an eye. It is unbelievable that the money recovered from politicians turned looters from the Nigeria treasury were also nowhere to be found. Tyranny and dictatorship is now the order of the day in Nigeria and Nigerians no longer have freedom of speech and association.  Any perceived enemy of the government is gunned down without mercy while, others are being witch-hunted.

In the light of all these happenings and the present situation in Nigeria, Tuface took it upon himself to organize a protest against the government highlighting how Nigerians are already fed up and tired. This is proven by the protest announcement he made on his instagram social media page, which he tagged #IstandWithNigeria.
The singer disclosed that the reason for the protest is for Nigerians, especially the celebrities to register their displeasure over the APC government incapacity to deliver the change they promised Nigerians. Also, for president Muhammadu Buhari to release the recovered funds from the looters into the dead economy of the country. He stated categorically, that the protest is to hold on the 5th- 6th of February 2017.

More so, many Nigerian celebrities applauded the step while others did not, saying that they're no more interested in Nigeria. The masses also did same as many criticised him saying that he's not a revolutionary singer and have never condemned the human right abuses rained on Nigerians by the murderous security agents. The security agents took it upon themselves to avert the protest. The police threatened to arrest the singer if he moves on to hold the protest. Afterwards, the DSS secretly abducted, tortured and forced Tuface to cancel the protest.

It's only in Nigeria, that those who are meant and employed to protect you are the ones hunting for your head to eat and drink your blood. Nigeria is nothing but a destiny killer, Nigeria has done more harm than good to whatever it comes in contact with.

Tuface has cowardly fallen a victim to Buhari's tyranny, and have just lost the trust of thousands of his supporters in Nigeria. Had he gone ahead to stand up against the evil of this government, he could have written his name with a golden pen in the sands of time. What a near Hero!

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers.

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