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Monday 20 February 2017



By Kalu Nwokoro
For Family Writers

I was shocked down to my bone marrow when I tumbled into the press release issued by one of the chief terrorist in the Nigerian Army, Colonel Aminu IIyasu of 6 Division of the Nigerian Army in Portharcourt were he shabbily, poorly and ignorantly made a failed calculated attempt to deny the killing of harmless, peaceful and unarmed Biafrans who were on a solidarity rally on 20th of January 2017 in support of the new president of United States of America, Donald J. Trump.  For record purposes, before this solidarity rally was embarked on, IPOB Directorate of State on 18th January 2017, wrote officially to the then commissioner of Police in Igweocha ( Rivers State ), Late C.P Francis Odesanya and which his office acknowledged affirmatively that such a letter was received.

Firstly, Biafrans and the world at large are immune to such skeletogenous and kangaroo press release that is coming from the most deadly military outfit ever known in the history of mankind. It is rather laughable and also childish for terrorist  Colonel Aminu IIyasu and his co travellers to practically deny the massacre of Biafrans when there are pictorial, videos and other empirical evidences that abound which glaringly points to the fact that the massacre of Biafrans on 20th of January 2017, was a clear and well planned pogrom. Invariably, in most of the videos that went viral on the internet on that fateful day, the deadly terrorist organization called the Nigerian Army was publicly seen squatting down with their AK 47 riffles, fully activated into combat mood as if there was a heavy civil war on going. It is evidently clear that the Nigerian Army used live ammunition on peaceful Biafrans. From the various scenes of the rally, Family Writers were receiving instant pictures and videos of what was going on because FW correspondents were on ground.

In those videos and pictures, we saw Biafrans groaning in pains!! Some Biafrans received gun shots on their legs, some were shot at their back while others were shot on the fore-head which caused their instant death. Some were showered with bullets into their stomach which popped out their intestine. Some were heavily assaulted with dangerous weapons like Jack knife and heavy irons which resulted in life threatening fractures. This abominable act was reported by local and international Medias. Sincerely speaking, it is shameful and horrible that terrorist Aminu IIyasu is making this failed attempt to deny a premeditated massacre that him and his co travellers supervised that  was widely reported by some responsible, truthful and even their own brown envelop media houses.

Secondly, it is pure stupidity and jealousy on the part of this terrorist organisation that goes by the name "Nigerian Army" to call or tag IPOB that is whiter than white and whiter than snow a "criminal gang". How can Indigenous People Of Biafra be a criminal gang? A Nation with over 70 million people all over the world!!! I don't blame terrorist Aminu IIyasu. I will only blame the criminal system that incubated him to such position which gave him the leverage to wag his decayed mouth. If not for federal character ( a tool of political and economic subjugation ) he should have been in the forest rearing cows. Every right thinking individual should neglect this trivial lies championed by these bunch of weaklings who only exercise their military prowess on peaceful, harmless and unarmed Biafrans who are merely exercising their God given right. Rather than confronting their affiliate ( bokoharam ) who has given them a run despites their empty propaganda of defeating it. At this point, I want to state categorically that Biafrans despite the level of provocation occasioned by the amorous actions of the Nigerian Army, have not molested, attacked or wreaked havoc of any kind since this agitation gathered unprecedented momentum in 2015 fuelled by the illegal arrest and unlawful incarceration of the leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. It is on record that civil societies such as Inter-Society, Amnesty International and other bulk of NGO's have ascertained and applauded the non violent posture of IPOB.

Thirdly, the terrorist organisation called Nigerian Army is making a grave mistake if they think they can cow Emma Powerful to keep mute. Probably, intimidating him to keep away from exposing all the atrocities they have been committing in Biafra land. No group or individual can cow we Biafrans from speaking and exposing the massacre that is going on in our land. We are fearless in the presence of our enemies, therefore, terrorist Aminu IIyasu and his follow bandwagons should go to hell and burn to ashes. We are impeccably immune to such childish threat.

READ HERE: Biafra: Despite Videos and Pictorial Evidences, Nigerian Army Denies Killings of Unarmed Biafrans on Donald Trump's Inauguration Day

Conclusively, there is this very saying that, "Bush rat do not run in the daytime without something pursuing it". The murderous Nigerian government and her terrorist Army have already seen the handwriting boldly written on the wall that the new Sheriff in White House is keeping an eye on them and not ready to stomach their nonsense unlike the former terror sponsor ( Barack Obama ) who constantly gave an affirmative approval to the constant buttering of Biafrans. However, Family Writers are passionately urging the general public to as a matter of truth and justice to jettison the press release issued by this irresponsible and dishonest man called Aminu IIyasu who was simply lying from both sides of his mouth. Also, Biafrans as a matter of urgency should flood every social media platform with those videos and pictures of what transpired on 20th of January 2017 in order to further neutralise and shame Nigerian government and her deadly terrorist Army.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers.

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