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Thursday 16 March 2017



By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers

Having studied from all fronts the way the geographical location under heaven known as Nigeria has skewed its governmental policies against the people of Biafra, I have decided to make this clarion call which is inspired from the ancient throne of the Most High to all Biafrans with this declaration that "It is now or never to restore Biafra". Chukwu Okike Abiama the supreme, sitting on the ancient throne has revealed to me the planned conspiracy of Nigerian state against the noble people of Biafra. A revelation which came during the quiet time of my yesterday’s weekly prayer for Biafra restoration and Nnamdi Kanu's release.  There is a dreaded conspiracy from invading forces of terror to completely conquer our posterity in future and install Emirs in Enugu, Onitsha, Igweocha, Aba, Owerri, Calabar, Uyo, Asaba, Yenegoa, Warri and many other cities of Biafra.

I know that many spiritually myopic readers of this publication will mock this revelation from the ancient throne but that does matter to me at the moment because ignorance is never excuse to a potential danger or doom coming to people but a revelation like this can avert it.

I want to bring to the notice of all Biafrans a story from the Bible where Abraham saw a famine coming and instead of fighting the famine to overcome it for his children and grandchildren, he rather cowardly chose to dodge the dreaded famine in Egypt. The famine stay back and meet Abraham son called Isaac and he also cowardly dodged it as well in Egypt. The same famine which eventually developed an untamable wing also met Abraham's grandson Jacob and his children and took them as captives to the same Egypt for 430 years. It is not gainsay that this was a famine that Abraham would have settled one and for all but due to cowardice, he failed to do the right on time to the detriment of his children and grandchildren.

May I tell our people that this is no longer time to play ostrich in face of looming danger facing our children & posterity? Biafran elites of today may have just like the Biblical Abraham under reference chosen to dodge the present economic famine, academic famine, infrastructural famine, industrial famine, labour market famine, security famine, political offices famine and all round social and natural famine bedeviling Biafra land in your respective Egypts of Lagos, Kano, Jos, Kaduna, Ibadan, etc, but ask yourselves what is the future of our children and posterity going to look like in Nigeria? It is now or never for Biafra restoration is the wonderful conclusion of the revelation from the ancient throne.

My greatest regret in this life should be to grow old and die without the restoration of Biafra. My greatest joy is that our fathers in 1967 - 70 refused to be cowards like the biblical Abraham when they refused the refuge of Egypt but decided to take their destiny in their hands by declaring the restoration of the noble ancient nation of Biafra. Although, our then brave fathers later relinquished the sovereignty of Biafra to the alien forces of terror led by Britain, USSR, Nigeria, Egypt and their global military allies which laid siege of our people and land but it is on record that our then fathers led by Gen. Odumegwu Ojukwu, Gen Philip Effiong, Col Joe Achuzia, Prof Chinua Achebe, Alexander Madiebo, Mr. Okokon Edem and many others stood their ground and fearlessly challenged the artillery fire-power of these world powers for 30 months with bare hands to the amazement of the world. Our fathers were never cowards, so our generation can never be cowards.

The reason why Nnamdi Kanu De Great, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is in unlawful and extrajudicial detention in Kuje prison is because he said verbatim that it is now or never for Biafra restoration. The reason why many youths are dying in the hands of Nigeria jihadist armed forces today and many still ready to die should that become the supreme price to pay is because they unanimously declared that it is now or never for Biafra restoration.

I want every Biafran whether politicians, clergymen, business moguls, sports men & women, academia, traditional rulers, etc to know is that if we fail to restored Biafra now, our posterity are doomed forever. It is cultural to Igbo Biafrans in particular that it is better for them to die for the safety of their posterity than to live and be sighting a calamity coming upon their children. Now is time to team up with Nnamdi Kanu to restore Biafra for the safety of our unborn children even if it warrants joining him in Kuje prison. No Biafran at the moment no matter how highly placed or lowly considered will mischievously feign ignorance of the evil agenda of the grand children of Uthman Dan Fodio against the noble people of Biafra at the moment. A word is enough for the wise!

1 comment

  1. Supported.
    Biafra restoration is now or never. It is better to give birth to a new born baby than to wake the dead.
    Nigeria is already dead and This is time we give birth to great Biafra.
    You give us Biafra or everybody in the ZOO will die.
    It is Biafra or Death.

    #Free Nnamdi Kanu
    #Free Biafra


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