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Friday 24 March 2017



By Mazi Nwabueze Hope Ikenna
For Family Writers

Glancing through the social media especially on Facebook are pictures which went viral showing where some hungry and helpless women sponsored by the Nigeria government, staged heavy protest against the amnesty report about the killings of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) by the murderous Nigeria security operatives.  These senseless women due to hardship and recession in the Nigeria economy brought about by Muhammadu Buhari's led administration which have rendered them hopeless, stormed Amnesty International headquarters in Abuja, demanding and accusing the Amnesty International of spreading lies and propaganda against the Nigeria security operatives.

It is disgraceful and at the same time senseless for the Nigeria government to sponsor groups of hungry women to stage a protest against Amnesty report about the killings of the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB). Those who are update with the happenings in this contraption called Nigeria will understand the kind of mess the Nigeria security operatives have found themselves into especially with the massive killings and maiming of unarmed innocent Biafrans hence their reason for staging this protest in order to cover their tracks. It is rather too late to cover tracks because the evidences both pictures and videos are clear enough for the world to see and as such, they can't hide the obvious evidences of the killings of Biafrans even though they (murderous security operatives) acted in self-defense with series of denial.

Obviously, the security operatives have run out of ideas on how to cover the evidence exposed to the world, they employed the services of shameless hungry women. This atrocious act keeps one wondering the type of government in this contraption called Nigeria. What type of government would kill her citizens because they have a different opinion in exercising their fundamental human right and still go ahead to deny an accurate report of the killings by sponsoring group of hungry women to shamelessly protest against it. Why would a government who is supposed to protect the interest of her citizens and listen to their opinions, turn around to kill them because this young generation found out the contraption Nigeria killed her ancestors, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers including infants who were guilty of no crime but were slaughtered in their millions.  Till date, the same government is still killing the survivors of the Biafra war which took place from 1967-1970. Their children have learnt the pains their ancestors passed through in the hands of imperialist. The injustice is too much in a lawless court who makes law and breaks it.

Actually, these hopeless and senseless women have sold their conscience for a pot of soup which can only last for days. After consuming the evil money given to them by agents of Muhammadu Buhari the tyrant, what's next? Why would any reasonable person take the government of an expired contraption called Nigeria serious? On daily basis the government of Nigeria keeps exposing their stupidity to the world. One may ask, what made them the giant of Africa? Know it this day that there is nothing giant about an expired concoction created by the murderous evil British government to keep the black race backwards. It is only in Nigeria that one will be dying and see the opportunity to speak up , he or she will choose money. This subjugation and propaganda by British experiment Nigeria against the Indigenous people of Biafra must stop.

Now they have succeeded in drawing attention to make Amnesty International look stupid in the eyes of human right. What lines of action will they take now? Will they forfeit it because some groups of elements sponsored by Nigeria government uttered their reports to be lies while the evidence is there for the world to see?

There are series of question one could think to ask the world. Lovers of freedom and friends of Biafra.

1. Why are the plights of Biafrans ignored?

2. Don't Biafrans deserve to be free?

3. Where is their conscience?

4. Is UN Charter for Self - Determination a fraud?

5. Why is the Nigeria government fighting hard to destroy the good people of Biafra, they watch and kept mute while their fundamental human right are being abused on daily basis?

I can go on on but in conclusion.
These hopeless and senseless women who are hungry should hide their faces in shame. Women of no honor, women of no dignity, women who allowed the devil to use them. Is very shameful and disgraceful. All of you women who came out to stage protest against the report of amnesty should drink acid and die because your consciences are all dead.

May the spirit of our fallen heroes and heroines hunts you all down for lying to the world that they were never killed by the Nigeria murderous evil British agent on uniform.

Ise! ise!! ise!!!


Edited by Orji Munachimso
For Family Writers


  1. This is the one we can see.what about the others done in secret?Whatever they do,Biafra if its Gods will must be independent. Is,use,use and amen.

  2. These women are harlots. They are so laughable. Buhari is so senseless that even goat has sense than that certificate forger Buhari. He is busy running around spending money to bribe people. How very stupid he is. And these harlot women who collected bribery money from Buhari, their faces is all over the world. They all should go hang their heads in shame!!!

  3. What a shame! These women are a disgrace to society? This shows that Nigeria has degenerated morally and what we have now is a sham democracy. Democracy is dead under fascist Buhari. Tyrant Buhari and murderous Brutai have destroyed Nigeria's democracy and no one is saying anything including those who represent us in the National Assembly and Senate. Nigeria is doomed. As soon as Biafra exits, Nigeria is finished.

  4. He deliberately created a austere situation so that people will be beggarly and fall on every crumb. What an evil man who has created an evil society.


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