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Thursday 23 March 2017

IPOB: Binta Nyako’s Obnoxious Introduction Of Sharia Law Into Nnamdi Kanu's Trial Will Spell Doom For Nigeria

Binta Nyako’s Obnoxious Introduction Of  Sharia Law Into Nnamdi Kanu's Trial Will Spell Doom For Nigeria

By Comrade Chukwu Ogbu,
For Family Writers.

The recent ruling of justice Binta Nyako at Federal High court Abuja, where she cited that Nnamdi Kanu will be tried secretly  under the principles of Sharia law will definitely spell an unimaginable doom for the Nigeria government, should such judicial sacrilege be allowed to see the light of the day in Nigeria.

Social media outlets have since been agog with massive protests against Binta Nyako's ruling. Some perceived the ruling as a plot to intimidate Christians in the country,  while others sees it as a war between Biafrans and Hausa Fulani groups.

Be that as it may be, the travail of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is politically motivated. Northern cabals alongside their Yoruba cohorts who fears that  the manner with which Nnamdi Kanu is piloting the affairs of Biafra under the umbrella of the Indigenous  People of Biafra (IPOB) may yield a positive result for Biafra restoration, hence they conspired with Nigeria's Department of State Services and abducted Nnamdi Kanu on October 14, 2015.

The most incredible part of this plot is the  open support of president Muhammadu Buhari to his northern Fulani acolytes. I vividly recall and read between lines, the December 31st presidential media chat of Buhari where he stated that  Nnamdi Kanu cannot be allowed to enjoy any form of freedom.

Buhari authoritatively said: ”If you see the atrocities these people committed against this country, we can’t allow them to jump bail….”
   Now, what does Mr. president meant when he said  “ WE CAN’T ALLOW THEM TO JUMP BAIL? This is an evidence that he and some group of persons have already concluded plans to jail or execute Nnamdi Kanu by all means.

Ever since Buhari’s unguided utterances, several  judges that have presided over Nnamdi Kanu's trial have all been dancing to  the  tune of their pay masters (Buhari and his acolytes), as evidenced in Binta Nyako's double standard ruling on March 20, 2017.

While Buhari was on medical vacation in a private hospital in the U.K, the Muslim judge, Mrs. Nyako  told The court, in a ruling delivered on march 1st this year, that although  IPOB was not an organisation registered in Nigeria, it does  not in any way make it an illegal society.
 “It may be true that IPOB is not registered in Nigeria, but does that make it an illegal organisation?”, the judge queried.
Justice Nyako further held that the Federal Government failed to prove that IPOB led by Nnamdi Kanu is an unlawful society.

The same Muslim  judge  branded some of the terminated charges as “hollow” and “scanty”.
 Mrs Nyako, who thought that her pay master Buhari is dead delivered the said ruling with boldness; however, when Buhari was reportedly to be back, she now quickly makes  a U-turn, to  the extent of  allowing a mask witness under sharia law in the trial of the IPOB leader and his co-defendants. This is an evidence that Nigeria courts have been  bought over and are being manipulated  by president Buhari and his acolytes to deliver  a biased judgment against the leader of IPOB.

Notwithstanding, the truth remains that, their actions will definitely  to trigger a massive a protest and doom against the continued existence of Nigeria. The Nigeria constitution must never be subjected to any atom of ridicule under the guise of introducing sharia law into the trial of Nnamdi Kanu. A word is enough for the wise.

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba,

For Family Writers.


  1. IPOB and all Biafrans and lovers of Biafra must never allow such abomination to take place. Let Nigeria burn and let us all perish should such an abomination and travesty of justice to take place. Enough is enough.

  2. Its time we begin to bomb the zoo


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