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Saturday, 15 April 2017



By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze

For Family Writers

Biafra is nation of Indigenous People in West Africa near the Gulf of Guinea of Atlantic Ocean. The Indigenous people in the geographical location have their aborigines as the Igbo, Igala, Idoma and Igede at the northern part of the nation where the Ijaw, Ogoni, Itsekiri, Ibibio, Efik, Annang, Urhobo are located at the southern part of the nation popularly called Niger Delta area of Biafra. These aborigines of Biafra are very peaceful and hardworking people anywhere they are as they do in every part of the earth.

Biafra nation has existed in two occasions but its national structure and government is always destroyed by alien forces of terror. The first period of time when Biafra existed was from 1472 - 1898, but British colonial explorers destroyed the structure and established colonial administration. Later in 1967 - 1970, Biafra nation was restored by the then Nigeria military officer of Biafran extraction, Col Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu but the newly restored nation met a strong military resistance via genocidal war waged against the new nation by Nigeria which was supported by Britain, USSR, Egypt and other Arab nations.

The then generation of Biafrans later relinquished the sovereignty of Biafra due to genocidal war which is targeted at wiping out all Biafrans from the face of the earth. Presently, there is an unshakeable demand for the final restoration of Biafra. It is a crusade led by the charismatic and sagacious leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (De Great) who is held in detention by Nigeria government for almost 2 years ago.

Needless to begin to list all form of dehumanising treatment being meted on Biafrans on daily basis due to cry for Biafra restoration. However, there are so many benefits which the western world stands to benefit when Biafra is finally restored. In this article, I am going to list some of the benefits derivable by western world from restored Biafra nation.
(1) Biafra would be a big asset to the world due to the abundant mineral and human resources in the land. Biafra is a single indigenous people in the world which has the highest number of human resources in all fields of study. In the sovereign Biafra, more human resources would emerge that would be a blessing to the universe. Needless to list the mineral resources in Biafraland because Biafrans are more interested in human resources than  mineral resources.

(2) Biafra is not going to depend on the aids of western world in order to survive just as the gasping Nigeria. Biafra can never be a liability to Western World just like Nigeria. Biafra government will be mapping out huge amount of resources on our annual budgets towards aiding of the poor nations in Africa and beyond. Instead of surviving under the mercy of western world, we will join western world in making life easy for humanity.

(3) Biafra is going to be the most peaceful nation under heaven so that foreign and local investors can have confidence in our national security to invest.  Any crisis in Biafra at the moment was created by Nigeria government to paint us black. It is worthy of emulation that no Biafran whether Igbo or any other tribe that has been involved in act of terrorism in Africa or anywhere.

(4) Biafra restoration is going to make many Biafrans to come back home to develop their homeland and thereby creating chance for teaming unemployed nationals in their former country of residence to take over vacancies their mass exodus back home will create. Many Biafrans are living in countries of western world because there are no job opportunities in Nigeria to accommodate them.
(5) Western World companies will have a healthy economic and business treaties and relations with Biafra as there will be all round development of Biafra territory from the plains of Idoma land down to shorelines of Gbaramatu and Opobo Kingdom.
With these benefits which the western world stands to gain when Biafra is restored, is it not better to support the restoration of sovereign Biafra? Nigeria is taking Africa to nowhere. Let the Western World reject the lobbying of Nigeria against Biafra restoration because Biafra is going to assist them in developing the countries which are liability to the Western World.
All we want from the world is to compel Nigeria govt to respect the sacred right of Biafrans to Self-determination as UN declared in 2007.

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