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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Cold War In Ituku/Ozalla As Rev. Fr. Mbaka Single Handedly Appoints Town Monarch

Cold War In Ituku/Ozalla As Rev. Fr. Mbaka Single Handedly Appoints Town Monarch

Egwuatu Chukz
Reporting For Family Writers

Ituku town is the home village of the controversial priest, Rev. Fr Ejike Mbaka, the general overseer of Adoration Ministry Enugu.

Ituku is an autonomous community located under Agwu local government Enugu Biafraland. Ituku comprises of nine remote villages and is also rich in natural resources.

After one of the Family Writers correspondent paid a visit to Ituku, the home town of Fr Ejike Mbaka while on a mission to spread the gospel of Biafra restoration, and also for the establishment of an IPOB Family in Ituku, the information gathered there is that there has never been peace and harmony in the town since over ten years ago, because of the oppressive use of power and wealth over the less privileged by the cabals in the town.

The issue of who to rule as the Igwe(monarch) of Ituku arose in the year 2013, when the former Igwe died a sudden death at his youthful age 47years old. The community has a customised way of knowing who is to become the next Igwe of the community by consulting their oracle.

As a result, the spiritual director of the community did the needful so as to determine the next person to become the Igwe, however, before then there has been two group of parties who contested and protested that the Igwe must come from their own side, of which Rev Fr. Mbaka was involved.

The issue flamed up to the extent that it has brought serious enmity among blood brothers and sisters, relatives and friends. A faction of some people believes that Mbaka group are more righteous, wealthy and qualified to be the Igwe of Ituku community, while others insists that the traditional means of appointing the Igwe which has existed for centuries must be maintained.

However, Rev. Fr. Camilus Ejike Mbaka got some of his top political friends and officers in the  Nigeria government so as to secure more  support to his stand on the Issue at his home town being Ituku Agwu. And by that means, he was able to single handedly appoint the person of his choice to become the Igwe of the community in the person of Mr. Cletus Owoh, from the village of Amaokolo in Ituku and aslo a very good friend of the priest.

Meanwhile, the traditionalists opposes Cletus Owoh, saying that the oracle has chosen Mr. Godwin Orji from Ugwunagbo village to be the next Igwe.

The aggrieved group are seriously lamenting bitterly on the problems Fr. Mbaka has caused in their community over long time ago, as no single good road can be found in Ituku not to talk of tiled road, despite his political and religious influence.

They lamented that the community has a large numbers of Secondary and University graduates, yet no any employment opportunities is offered from Mbaka, despite him having many factories, as the youths and the graduates ends up being a motor cycle riders also called Okada riders.

They bemoaned that oppression from the rich men of the community and Mbaka group has become worse than ever, as no help is coming from them, rather they are using their wealth to intimidate the less privileged ones, even as the only hospital in there area, UNTH  don't easily admit most of the indigenes from the community despite the fact that they are privileged to have such a big institution in there locality.

The people of Ituku are seriously crying out for help, so that they may be delivered from this evil perpetuation and subjugation coming from Fr. Mbaka who hails from Amata Ituku village. Family Writers were informed that Mbaka's village is the worst among  other nine villages in Ituku, because not even any single infrastructure can be boasted of in the entire community.

The building structure of the schools, both primary and secondary schools are all dilapidated. The learning environments is even a more dangerous zone to the community.
This is despite the fact that Fr. Mbaka has many and numerous investments inside and outside Enugu, but never meant to render help to his own people.

1 comment

  1. Sacrilege. Now, an ignorant, hypocrite reverend father appoints his friend monarch. We are finished in Igboland with the kinds of fake, fraud and ignorant pastors parading in our land.


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