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Friday, 21 April 2017

CONCERNED NIGERIANS PROTEST : Adeyanju, others arrested for staging peaceful protest against kanu’s secret trial

CONCERNED NIGERIANS PROTEST: Adeyanju, others arrested for staging peaceful protest against kanu’s secret trial

From Moses Agbo & Prince Ugochukwu Olisakwe in Abuja
For Family Writers

ABUJA - Millennium Park in Abuja, the Capital of Nigeria witnessed the presence of uncountable numbers of Security personel drawn from Nigeria Army and Police intimidating and molesting law abiding Nigerians and Journalists who came to participate and witness the said peaceful protest planned to be held by a group of people identified as CONCERNED NIGERIANS, to register a displeasure against the plan to conduct a Secret trial on Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB.

According to Family Writers correspondents Moses Agbo Obinna and Prince Ugochukwu Olisakwe who were at the venue of the protest, they tried  their possible best in making sure they enters into the venue of the proposed protest even through a nearby Motor park said that their efforts proved abortive after answering all manners of security questions.
They were completely denied access as the military men vowed that they were commanded to shoot at sight anybody sighted wanting to hold any protest in the venue.


Then as they decided to proceed towards Federal high court axis, when they got there, behold they experienced another well-armed dread battalions of military personnel that seems like they are in a war front or as there is a war situation in Abuja Nigeria.
The Family Writers eagle-eye journalists tried to find out the reasons behind that type of military personnel for a mere peaceful protest, but nobody could explain as all Nigerians were unprecedentedly overwhelmed by such sudden military siege are also looking for someone to explain to them as well.

Meanwhile, a very reliable information reaching the desk of Family Writer Press news Directorate has it that, early this morning Prince Deji Adeyanju was arrested for organizing his planned peaceful protest with Concerned Nigerians against the injustice being meted on Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Supreme leader of IPOB worldwide. According to Mazi Onyebuchi Eze of Family Writers Press, Nigeria is by this military intimidation against Concerned Nigerians heading to a gale of revolution that is capable crushing the tyranny in Nigeria and send this contraption to abyss. It has become obvious that whenever a protest in Nigeria is for Gen Muhammadu Buhari or in favour of the government, Nigeria army and police will guide them but if it is for any other person, people will be arrested, molested and massacred. According to the Family Writers Press news officer, it is time that if care is not taken Nigerians may take it iron for iron, teeth for teeth and strength for strength against Nigeria government due to the executive impunity in the land which has reached a crescendo.

He concluded that Nigeria could be sitting on a keg of gun powder at the moment as Family Writers is crossing its finger on observation awaiting its explosion.
Moses Agbo & Prince Ugochukwu Olisakwe Reporting for Family Writers.

1 comment

  1. the zoo must fall. it doesn't matter how long it will take,we shall keep fighting hard till we get there.

    All hail Biafra!


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