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Wednesday 5 April 2017

Family Writers Congratulates Candy Stallwort And All Newly Appointed IPOB Officials

Family Writers Congratulates Candy Stallwort And All Newly Appointed IPOB Officials

Congratulates Candy

Our warmth and heartfelt pleasantry goes to Miss Candy Stallworth whose efforts, determination, diligence and persistence towards the restoration of the Kingdom of God on earth, Biafra has made it possible for Chukwuokikeabiama to find her worthy of being among the people to restore his long awaited Kingdom on earth, Biafra. The time, wealth, energy and above all, the remarkable sacrifices she has channelled towards the people of Biafra is quite astonishing, and honestly speaking, that can only be traced to nothing but "LOVE".

Candy Stallworth's new appointment as the IPOB America mobilisation officer is a well-deserved promotion replicate of her hard-work towards the struggle.

Furthermore, we congratulate the newly appointed Head of Directorate of Sate, Mazi Chika Edoziem, other affiliated members of DOS; our amiable Spokespersons, Dr Chinaka Ikenna and Mrs. Grace Ukpai.  Family Writers' Crew in conjunction with other Biafra media outlets and Biafrans all over the world humbly and respectfully welcome you to your new offices. We wish you a successful ride as you cordially work for the restoration of Biafra under the heavenly oriented and ordained leadership of our eminent leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

However,   we advise that you all must put in your best by working harder, stronger and smarter than ever; because, "to whom much is given, much is expected of".

In line with this, we would like you to always have the following at the back of your mind;

1. Be everly grateful to Chukwuokikeabiama for finding you worthy to be among the people that will restore his long awaited Kingdom on earth. Know it that you have been raised by Chukwuokikeabiama to lead his chosen people (The Great people of Biafra) to their promise land.

2. Biafra is a task that must be accomplished because it's divinely orchestrated; hence you must put in your best efforts 'faithfully' to ensuring that the Kingdom of God is restored on earth.

3.  The freedom of our eminent leader, Prophet Nnamdi Kanu remains the most paramount thing.

4. You're called to serve the people and that you should do with all your heart and strength.

5. You MUST not make yourself an impediment to the restoration of Biafra, for anyday you dream of that, the consequences maybe more severe than expected.

Therefore, Family Writers and millions of Biafrans are looking forward to seeing your wonderful efforts, for that is what IPOB is known for, hence the reason why we have been making an outstanding success in all ramifications.

Our prayers for you; from today, may you walk, in an outstanding grace, exceptional wisdom and an unmerited favour of Chukwuokikeabiama, the Supreme creator of the heavens and the earth. May you walk from glory to glory as you humbly and wholeheartedly work for the restoration of the Great nation of Biafra.

By the virtue of Chukwuokikeama on our side, we will successfully, restore Biafra no matter what it takes.

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