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Saturday 20 May 2017



By Godswill leeleebari
For Family Writers

While it is common knowledge that the divide and rule policies and tactics dispatched by British Islamic Nigeria on the Biafran people has eating deep into the hearts of our people especially in the South, it is conspicuously incorrect that if Biafra is free today, the Igbos will dominate other parts of Biafra Land.

It is therefore unavoidably important to critically elaborate matters as it concerns domination and why it is not possible in Biafra Land. For avoidance of doubt, I am an Ogoni man and I am neither afraid nor ashamed to call myself a Biafran. By the way what do you call domination? Domination is the act of exercising power and authority over others. There is a popular saying that "there is no smoke without fire". Before you jump into believing the Igbos will dominate us, that's fallacy, it is imperatively important to take into cognizance the causes of domination and marginalization as it is in Nigeria today.

America for example, is a country comprising of fifty States, which some of the states are almost as big as Nigeria.
It will interest you to know that they do not all speak one native language.
But how are they able to unite as a country? There is something that determines who form a country with you and that's called VALUE SYSTEM. America though very big has one value system, one legal system, one overall religion i.e Christianity and they all believe in democracy hence they allow each state to be in charge of her governance respectively. And so no matter how big, they are able to live as one country and United by different languages.

However in Nigeria the reverse is the case as there no agreement whatsoever between the Arewa, Oduduwa and the Biafran people. Neither in religion, culture and traditions, value system, legal system and infact there is no basis for unity as rightly quoted by the arch mad bloodsucking war general, Yakubu Gowon who carried out a three year genocidal war against innocent Biafrans 1967-70. Now you will agree with me that the problematic root of domination in a state is orchestrated by clash of religion, clash of value system, clash of civilization, clash of cultural background, traditions and many more. Whereas these Northerners kill for their gods but in the case of Biafrans, our God fight for us.

But in the old Eastern region otherwise known as Biafra: language, Value System, Religion, Civilization, Politics, Legal System these are what holds us as one United people.


It is true there are numerous native languages in Biafra Land but it is important to note that a slight variation in language cannot be a source of domination. The Republican nature of Biafrans pave no way for domination or marginalization even as it was of old, our ancestors lived in peaceful coexistence for ages, with no conflict among themselves, though they have different languages, they had all things in common until the British came and destroyed our internal democracy.
No wonder we still have autonomous communities till today.


In Biafra Land there is no clash of culture and traditions, way of life, aspirations, mode of conduct, dressing, food, even the way we bury our dead are all the same. So this can never be a problem, because we all were raised with the same value system.


In Biafra Land it is out rightly conspicuous that all parts of Biafra worship the same God which is the Most high, the creator of the ends of the earth.
We do not know Muhammed or whatever gods others outside Biafra land refer too and we can never worship them. So in one religion and one same God, we Biafrans stand United.


Of course when it comes to Biafra Land everybody is yearning for civilization.
That is why you cannot find any terrorist organization such as Boko-Haram or Fulani herdsmen as it is in Nigeria today.
We have respect for Human rights and human lives. That's why since the corruptible creation of Nigeria, no war or terrorist organization has erupted in the Biafra region. We remain peaceful people.


In Biafra Land, naturally we are Republicans and Democrats, therefore true Federalism is visible as obtainable in most developed countries around the world. It is a system where everyone is given the opportunity to develop to their full potentials, which is absolutely impossible in the British-Islamic contraption called Nigeria.


All Biafrans believe in the common law as drafted from the Bible. We do not have Sharia neither do we believe in Sharia Law. So our legal system won't be a problem. Finally, if you think of population put all the non Igbo speaking Biafrans together and the Igbo on the other hand and your question will be answered. Therefore, there is no basis for domination or marginalization in Biafra. It's time every single Biafran refuse to be brainwashed and remember who their true foes are. We Biafrans will continue to remain United as one people and one Nation.

God Bless Biafrans all around the world and God bless Biafra.

Edited by Somto okonkwo For Family Writers

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