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Friday 19 May 2017



By Prince Ugochukwu Olisakwe,
For family Writers.

It's no longer news that Nigeria media outlets, (both electronics and print) have become the most appalling in the world, and it has high tendency in mis-educating and misinforming the masses.
The situation is very pathetic and disdainful. They have not only misinformed the masses,  they have also been turned into willing tools for the politicians and government to actualise their evil acts.
 Such appalling situation is the reason they are popularly referred to as 'Lagos-Ibadan express way' brown envelope media, owing to the facts that most of them are situated in South west (Yoruba) region of Nigeria.

Since The creation of Nigeria, one of the major problem of Nigeria is the rotten tendencies of the media. Its not new to us (the Biafrans) because we have been in this battle with them for quite a while. It is because of the unprofessional journalism of Nigeria media that encouraged the Biafrans, to take responsibility of their own media work, by reporting every of its activities.
It is important to note that, it was the misinformation of Nigeria media that made Biafrans lose the 30 months civil war,  because they sold a lot of negative propaganda against Biafrans to the world.
In recent time,  Nigeria media have down-played the massacre and genocide committed against the people of Biafrans by the Nigerian armed forces and Fulani-herdsmen.

This personal long time hatred against the Biafrans also led to the reason that made them to deliberately report negatively against the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and it's leader, Nnamdi Kanu who was arrested and detained for two years for no just cause.
As soon as,  Our leader Nnamdi kanu was arrested, they began to use media to misinform the masses, incite other tribes against Biafrans and cause more division among Biafrans.

Media trial has become a very lucrative business between Nigerian media outlets and the government. The worst part of their reports usually come after the court proceedings, it was then the Biafrans noticed the grand plan and actions of Nigeria media, and volunteered themselves to be in charge of their overall media reports. Since then, some Nigeria media began to copy or make use of our headlines and some of our online media reports. Actually, some of them always gets in touch with us whenever there is court case, to get the clear picture of the court proceedings.

After our leader Nnamdi Kanu met the stringent conditional bail, which includes that "he should not be seen within a gathering of more than ten people and that he should not grant interview or speak to the media," they are capitalising on those conditions to provoke our leader to speak to the media or flout his bail conditions.

Now we are back to the stage one where the Nigerian media is used by the Nigerian government to incite the masses, castigate our leader and bring confusion among his followers and friends, in order to provoke him to speak.

In one of their recent reports,  they made a very bogus, dubious and malicious headline saying that "Nnamdi Kanu have given up on Biafra struggle." Seriously, this is not only malicious act on the side of Nigeria media but very disdainful and quite appalling that Nigeria which boasts as the giant of Africa can not boast of a standard Media, which is very vital for Democracy.

We the Family Writers Press wishes to warn Nigerian media to desist from making reckless and unverified report against IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu,  or against IPOB in general.
We also wish to restate that Nnamdi kanu remains who he is, he stands on his principles and will never go against his ultimate  mission on earth,  which is to restore Biafra. Our leader has not and will never change a bit away from his goal.
 It is important for Nigerian media outlets to note that it is as a result of Nnamdi Kanu's unquenchable resolve to restore Biafra that made him make the following quotes repeatedly when he was in charge of the Radio  Biafra London, and I quote  "Any day I dream of jeopardizing the restoration of Biafra if God didn't take out my life and that of my entire  family then he is no longer God."

Finally,  we also wish to ask all Nigeria journalists to always make proper investigations before dishing out their fake news to the public. We also wishes to let the world know that we are not against the media,  because we as a people understands the importance of media in democracy,  but we will no allow any act of recklessness on the side of Nigeria media against the Biafrans. we will not allow them dish out negative propaganda against the Biafrans like they did in 1966-1970, during Nigeria -Biafra civil war.

Edited by Ekwealor Micheal Chike
for Family Writers.

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