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Friday 19 May 2017



By Mazi Nwabueze Hope Ikenna,
For Family Writers

The Indigenous People Of Biafra all over the world under the supreme leadership of Citizen Nnamdi Kanu the Director of Radio Biafra and Biafra TV, must observe and honour our fallen heroes and heroines who have paid the ultimate price with their lives by giving their lives for the future generations and for the restoration of Biafra, their fatherland. It is of importance to those of us residing in Biafra territories and Nigeria to observe the SIT-AT-HOME come 30th May,2017.

It is necessarily  that all Shops, Schools, Banks, Markets, Transport companies, business firms,churches, and other institutions in Biafraland to shut down in  honour of our fallen heroes and heroines. We must remember the price they paid for our sake so that their death and cry will reach heaven, and their labour will never be in vain. We can offer this our heroes and heroines nothing but to honour and respect them come May 30th,2017. And the only way we can appease them is by focusing,remaining formidable and hastening the restoration of Biafra.

The pogrom and genocidal war against the Biafran people that took the lives of about 6 million Biafrans  can't be forgotten so quickly and easily. What was the crime of these our heroes and heroines? Why on earth must such unkind and inhuman treatment be meted on them? These questions are subjects of thought; they applied so many inhuman tactics just to oppress them because they refused to yield to Lord F. Lugard's 1914 perpetual slavery called amalgamation. And Harold Wilson's desperate one Nigeria mission, which was the desperate way of forcing us into unwanted and unsolicited marriage with the Northern Islamic empire.

What is our crime?  Our crime is that we are saying NO to all their evil desires and have resolved to exit the unholy union. This is the only reason they planned and have been planning to a total annihilation of Biafrans. That was why food blockade was placed over us, including incessant bombing of our people, both in the market places and in the churches. Both women and children were killed. When men have gone and few men were found to defend our fatherland(Biafra), our generals resorted to children who willingly accepted to defend their fatherland. Starvation and all manners of diseases killed people in numbers. They paid the ultimate price with their lives. That is the reason why we have sworn that we will never let them down, we MUST continue to remember and respect them. Even when it will cause us to die with them till Biafra is restored.

Therefore, Biafrans in Biafra territories and Nigeria must shut down every institutions, churches, schools, banks, markets, transport companies, schools,shops,churches, and other public institutions. Everybody must obey this command from the supreme leadership of citizen Nnamdi Kanu. All the Biafran states in the contraption called Nigeria, Enugu,Anambra,Igweocha(Portharcourt),Calabar,Imo,Delta,Abia,Akwa Ibom,Yenegoa,Kogi, Ebonyi and other Igbo speaking areas must obey the SIT-AT-HOME order on 30th May, 2017. We must prove to the world our resolution and determination to fight for our right and to restore the sovereign state of Biafra and nothing apart from Biafra freedom.

These are the reasons why  this SIT-AT-HOME come May30th,2017,is sacrosanct just as I have already articulated above:
* To remember those who lost their precious lives during the pogrom and genocide of 1967-1970.

* To prove they died for a good cause.
* To tell the world that about 6 million Biafrans  were unjustly massacred.
* So that their spirits will serve as motivation to us to accomplish the task of Biafra restoration.

Without our heroes, no one will be discussing Biafra today. Also note that the SIT-AT-HOME is only observed by those residing in Biafra Territories and Nigeria in general. Biafrans in diaspora must match on the streets in their various countries in honour of our fallen heroes and heroines. This year's 30th May, 2017,  must be unique because after our heroes day, something great must happen.

Finally, Biafra remains unstoppable, unshakable,inevitably undaunted. Nothing and nobody born of a woman can stop the land of the Rising Sun from surfacing this earth. Remain resolute, relentless, formidable and fearless before your enemies. Our supreme leader citizen Nnamdi Kanu is with us and ChiukwuOkikeAbiama is involved.
Biafra must be restored under our watch.
Remain blessed Umuchineke.

Edited by Peter Nonso Ikeh,
For Family Writers.

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