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Sunday 28 May 2017

Biafra Heroes Remembrance Day On 30th Of May: A Day We Must Honour Our Gallant Heroes

Biafra Heroes Remembrance Day On 30th Of May: A Day We Must Honour Our Gallant Heroes

By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius,
For Family Writers.

Before I proceed with this epistle, let me make it clear to the understanding of everything under the sun that breathes; "30th May Biafra heroes day will soon be a worldwide celebration that men will stand to honour"

We shouldn't forget in a hurry that Biafra is the long awaited kingdom of God on earth and hence will be a nation that will lead the world.

30th may is a day that every Biafran will live to remember as far as day and night never ceases to exist. It's extremely pivotal and an important day in the life of every Biafran, friends of Biafra, well wishers and the struggle to restore the great nation of Biafra at large.

It's an unforgettable day in the calendar of Biafra, because it's a day we shall remember our dear and heartened fallen heroes who laid down their lives in defense of our fathers land.

We must remember our fallen heroes because they paid the golden prize with their blood which is the greatest of all the sacrifices. They defended our land, not with guns, machete nor other weapons of war and mass destruction, rather with their innocent and precious blood.
However, remembering our fallen heroes is not optional, but a responsibility every Biafran and lovers of freedom has to respect and observe.

We must always remember and honour our fallen heroes, such that their spirits will continue to hunt down those who killed them for being who they were created to be. We must honour them such that their spirits will continue to fight our enemies spiritually in respect to restoring Biafra which they died for. They were killed because they answered their God-given name (Biafra). They were maimed and humiliated to death because they stood to defend their land and heritage which is Biafra.
It's therefore the duty of the living(those inhabiting the land they fought to protect) to pay allegiance to them. More so, there's nothing that can stop us on the very day we have chosen to honour their spirits as they dwell amongst us. Come rain come shine, we will honour them and there's nothing any mortal man can do about it. It's our right, it's our duty and nothing can prevent us from carrying it out.

They fought gallantly for our freedom, they were fearless before their enemies, they chose never to surrender, rather they died instead of surrendering our land to the enemies.  Their spirits are with us in this struggle to restore our dear nation of Biafra, so we must celebrate them.

30th May is their day, we shall shut down daily activities on that day in their honour. We shall light up candles and observe some minutes of silence for them. We will not only honour them, we shall avenge their death, ranging from those who died in 1967- 20th January 2017.
We will stand and honour them all, especially those who were massacred in Asaba 1968, those who gave their lives in Onitsha Sunday 30th August 2015, those who were massacred in Aba, and finally those who were also shot to death in Igweocha on Friday 20th of January 2017.
We pledge to them that we will never forget nor forsake them, their names have been written in the hearts of men, we will continue to fight till we restore Biafra nation which they died for.

Like I said before, 30th of May will be a day the world will  stand still to honour for the sake of Biafra fallen heroes.

All hail our fallen heroes, we shall continue to celebrate you even when Biafra has been restored.

#Long live the great nation of Biafra

#All Hail our fallen Heroes and Heroines.

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba.

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