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Thursday 18 May 2017



Report by Kings Jv Chibuzor
For Family Writers

When we say that the land of Biafra is blessed with not just human resources but also with uncountable natural mineral resources, people from other regions in this contraption will begin to run their mouth and throw tantrums on us. Apart from the oil that is in large deposit in Biafra Land which the Nigerian government and the multinational oil companies have been siphoning for personal aggrandizement, there are also other natural resources hugely endowed in Biafra Land. The Nigerian government focus on oil in Biafra Land have resulted in total negligence of other natural mineral resources in Biafra. Make no mistake about it, almost all the clans in Biafra Land have at least one natural mineral resource in large quantity while some have more.

However, family writers press has continued to show professionalism in covering events and trying to unveil things surrounding Biafra and how richly endowed she is.  Invariably, on the 18th of April 2017, Family Writers' correspondent, Kings Jv Chibuzor visited Ameka Ezza in Ezza South L.G.A of Ebonyi state Biafra land which incidentally is one of the clans that is endowed and blessed with numerous natural mineral resources. This visitation was to witness the ongoing mining of different kinds of mineral resources which includes Silver, Gold, Lead, Balt, Oxide and others. The visitation enlightened me and opened my eyes to even know and come to terms that more than 98% of resources in Nigeria are situated and derived from the Eastern part of Nigeria also known as Biafra, yet the Biafra territory have been subjected to all manner of injustices, impoverishment and are endangered species in their own land. The fact that Biafrans have no access to their God given natural resources and benefits little or nothing from the resources have also contributed to the hardship and sufferings that have bedevilled them from the days of the evil amalgamation till date. However, untill Biafra is fully restored we will not have franchise or lay claims to these resources.

Furthermore, in a brief interview with an indigene of Ameka Ezza in Ezza South of Ebonyi State who expressed her happiness on the immeasurable blessings  showered on them by the creator. Continuing, she asserted that Cameroon and other countries in Africa are also blessed with natural mineral resources, but that of Biafra Land is different and very special.

The large deposits of these natural  mineral resources in Ezza Biafra Land attracted a British Company called "ROYAL SALT" which embarked on illegal mining of these resources. Further interview with people present at the mining site revealed that this British company called ROYAL SALT has been illegally and secretly mining and exporting these resources from Ezza, Ebonyi State Biafra Land till date without disruption, proper monitoring or total stoppage by the Nigerian government. The secret exportation of these resources were made possible by the construction of an underground tunnel from a source at the mining site to their country without the knowledge of or due consultation with the indigenous people of the Land.

During my one-on-one interview with the people mining at the site, I accosted a lady called Ngozi Chita from Amana Ezza, in Ezza south L.G.A of Ebonyi state Biafra Land who spoke with heavy heart said that some years back the British Company -ROYAL SALT  which have been mining and exporting the natural mineral resources made the indigenous people of the land to serve them as slaves. The indigens never knew that the resources belong to the indigenous people of the land as a result of little or no exposure. She also said that now, the indigenous people of the land have realized who they are and what they are blessed with, therefore,  are now having a fair share of what rightfully belong to them, even as they are now securing their territory from invaders.

As I was moving round the mining site, I saw a woman who was busy digging the ground, and while looking directly at her face, I saw an expression of happiness as she was busy digging; this prompted me to have a video interview with her. Excerpts below:


Mama, what are you doing?

I am working in order to see what to eat?

How will this earn you money when you are done with the mining?

We will sell it to people that use it in production of iron pots, steel, Aluminium Zincs, Golden necklaces and many more.

Finally, I humbly asked  her to pray for quick restoration of Biafra because total freedom of Biafra will put an end to the sufferings in the land. She quickly and genuinely prayed for Biafra to be restored. She also said that the restoration of Biafra is worth fighting for because many have lost their lives while fighting for the emergence of her sovereignty. She stated with full assurance that Biafra freedom is fast approaching for God has destined and signed it already.

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