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Thursday 18 May 2017



By Ekwenye Samuel
For Family Writers.

The Indigenous People of Biafra have received reports that a good number of politicians from the APC caucus are doing everything possible to tag IPOB a political party. Maybe they thought that the conditional bail terms accepted by the supreme leader is an invitation to Nigerian politics.
 It is pertinent as this point to let these politicians and their cohorts know that the Indigenous People of Biafra have no interest to play politics with Nigeria, but remains a revolutionary vehicle for the ultimate restoration of Biafra

The criminal and deceptive style of politics played by Nigeria politicians is devilish and has held the citizens in captivity,servitude,hardship and impoverishment, hence the reason why Biafrans are resolute in putting a stop to this human degradation through the divine messenger and the command of Prince Nnamdi Kanu.

From time immemorial, governors from Biafraland have continued to sell the collective destinies of our people and have become willing tools in the hand of the enemies. More concerned for their personal gains than the welfare of the people they are meant to represent.
Since the first state creation took place from 1967,Cross River State  has produced 13 governors and 4 administrators, Anambra State herself has produced 14 governors and 5 administrators since 1976 including Willie Obiano, the incumbent governor.
Enugu State since 1971 has produced 5 governors and 4 administrators,
Abia State since 1991 has produced 4 governors and 5 administrators,
Imo State since 1976 has as well produced 12 governors and 2 administrators, Ebonyi State since 1996 has produced 3 governors and 2 administrators.

Focusing on this 5 states, it has produced 51 governors and 22 administrators since 1967  yet no tangible achievement can be boasted of except maiming and killing of innocent Biafrans,stealing the resources meant for developmental projects and making life miserable for Biafrans. Therefore, what are the gains and hopes of continuing to elect politicians who have no heart to protect the future of their people?

At this juncture,Biafrans have resolved  to boycott all manner of elections in any state of Biafraland until a speedy referendum is conducted to decide our political future as a people.
All politicians who are making plans to contest in elections are not only going to be disgraced, but will end up wasting their resources on loafers who are hungry because most of them have no voters card to partake in any elections though no elections will take place. All of them must toe the part of Biafra restoration if they are genuine and ready to stand with the people.
It is worthy of note to remind our people that the late people's general, Dim Chikwuemeka Ojukwu founded APGA as a party for the Biafra restoration project,  but today it has being hijacked by political jobbers whose only interest is their pockets.
Therefore,Biafrans can never be deceived again, the quest to restore Biafra is bigger than any political party or governorship aspirant.
Biafrans will not keep mortgaging the future of our unborn generation on the premise of politics.
Biafra restoration is all that matters to us as people.
Biafra remains our destination,

Edited by Comr. Ogbuanya Chikezie N.

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