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Wednesday 31 May 2017

BIAFRA: Ivorian Elderly Statesmen Declares Passionate Support For Biafra Restoration. see photos

Ivorian Elderly Statesmen Declares Passionate Support For Biafra Restoration

Ivorian citizens have unequivocally declared their unreserved support and solidarity towards the restoration of Biafra sovereignty. Ivory Coast chapter of the Indigenous People of Biafra had on May 30, 2017 held a record breaking rally in honour of the globally observed memorial day of Biafra fallen heroes and heroines. The successful rally which was held in the Francophone West-African nation recorded massive turn out of Biafrans resident in the country, as well as a good number of Ivorian citizens.

The Coordinator of IPOB Ivory Coast and founder of Family Writers Press, Mazi Emeka Gift disclosed that many elderly statesmen of the region where the rally was held came out massively to show their solidarity with Biafra fallen heroes and heroines, even as they expressed absolute joy and happiness that Biafra is still alive.

  "Elders of the land here came out and assured us again that they will always support Biafra,
 "They blessed Biafra and promised to work along with us in this great quest to regain our freedom from Nigeria," Mazi Emeka stated during an interview with Family Writers Press.
Going further, the Biafran media guru also spoke on various highlights of the rally. According to him, the main aim of the rally is to honour the heroic sacrifices of millions of Biafrans who died while ensuring that Biafrans are not obliterated from the face of the earth.
   "Biafra fallen heroes fought gallantly with bare hands to secure our future; they died fighting for us to live, hence 30th May has been mapped out by the leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as annual remembrance day for these great heroes," he said.

Speaking on the recording breaking SIT-AT-HOME protest observed by Biafrans across Biafraland, the national coordinator of Ivory Coast chapter of IPOB expressed gratitude to Biafrans for heeding to the order of IPOB by staying indoors. According to him, the success of the SIT-AT-HOME has shown the world that the Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB has the full solidarity of millions of Biafrans worldwide, even as it passes a message to the world that Biafrans are ready for their freedom.

"Basically sit as home was designed to commemorate and honor our fallen heroes; however, IPOB achieved a lot with this sit at a home,
 "If you see what happened you will find out that IPOB completely shut down the whole of Biafraland, in fact the aim of the sit at home was 100% achieved, with the sit at home we have conducted what I termed a “mini referendum” which IPOB recorded 99% compliance from Biafran people.   "Again, it goes to send a message to the rest of the world that IPOB is now a government of its own, we now controls the whole of Biafraland. If IPOB can give order and Biafrans obey it, that means Nigeria has no influence over the people of Biafra any more. "Thirdly, the issue of seeing Biafra activists as a miscreants no longer holds water because today, even BBC and the rest of other international community and media outlets have seen that IPOB has what it takes to restore Biafra," Mazi Emeka Gift stated.

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