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Wednesday 10 May 2017



From Onyebuchi Eze (A Biafran Activist) of Family Writers

Dear American Government,


I, Onyebuchi Eze, a Biafran activist and the media analyst of Family Writers Press, a media outlet working with the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) towards the restoration of the ancient nation of Biafra, wish to write this open letter to the government and good people of United States of America to bring to their notice information which may not be known to the present generation of Americans. During the time of President Richard Nixon of America, precisely in 1969, Nigeria government in support of the then Great Britain, USSR, Egypt and other Arab League of Nations levied and carried out a genocidal war on Biafrans. Biafrans are indigenous people of a territory known in the world Atlas as 'the trigger part' of West Africa located face to face with the Atlantic Ocean of the part of Gulf of Guinea.

Oh! American government of Justice, there is no type of atrocity which Nigeria government and its military allies did not commit in Biafra land from 1967 to 1970 which the genocidal war lasted as Biafrans attempted to defend themselves and their children from the alien forces of extermination brought by Nigeria government with sole aim of wiping out completely the people of Biafra from the face of the earth. American government should not forget that the Nigeria government levied and carried out the genocidal war on Biafrans when Biafrans could no longer endure the pogrom of Nigeria government backed up by Hausa/Fulani which started in the Northern part then defunct Nigeria all through 1966 and early 1967, which made Biafrans demand to secede from Nigeria and afterwards declaration of independence from Nigeria as a refuge to the people facing total extermination.

Oh! Government of America, as the genocidal war against the people of Biafra continued very severely with total Land, Sea and Air blockade of all Biafra territories through the advice of the then British government bereft of conscience, Biafran people were completely cut off from other countries of the world and Biafrans did not have access to food, medicine and all forms of Medicare from any where in the world, there was a total Media blackout orchestrated by British government.   In fact, the then Nigeria Head of State, Gen Yakubu Gowon, the Chief Genocidist barred all foreign war relief agencies from coming to Biafra land to give the people relief materials with a riot act against those foreigners saying that any foreigner sighted in Biafra territory is at his or her own risk because Nigeria soldiers are ready to clamp down on any of them.

Oh! Government of America, the worst atrocity of Nigeria government against Biafrans during the genocidal war was throwing air strikes on the civilian targets including women and children which converted Biafra land then to desert and IDPs whereas Nigeria government denied same IDP(Internally Displaced Person¬s) access to food, water and medicare which led to total lost of lives by over 3.5 Million Biafrans through direct Nigeria military massacre of their captured Biafra territories such as Asaba, Abagana, Enugu, Owerri, Port Harcourt and other Biafrans who died due to the starvation and lack of medicare in Biafra Land.

Oh! Government of America, it was due to the heinous crime against humanity on Biafrans from Nigeria government supported by Britain, USSR, Egypt and others that made an American Army officer in the person of Late Bruce Mayrock to set himself ablaze in the front of the United Nations Headquarter building in New York, in demonstration of his displeasure over the evil been meted on Biafrans when it became obvious to him that the world was keeping silent on such evil against a people who committed no offense to the world other than their desire to become politically sovereign. May the soul of Bruce Mayrock, the straight forward American, rest in peace!

Oh! Government of America, Bruce Mayrock died for Biafra restoration in 1969 and the requisition for Biafra still continued till today but Biafrans all over the world have vowed that the painful death of Mr. Bruce Mayrock will never be in vain. The vow which Biafrans of this generation made to Late Bruce Mayrock and his family is that, we must restore the Biafra sovereignty which he died for so that his soul may rest in peace.

Bruce Mayrock taken away by UN after setting himself Ablaze
Oh! Government and good people of America, will you people allow the death of Bruce Mayrock (an American citizen) be in vain by keeping quiet on the issue of Biafra? As for Biafrans, Bruce Mayrock remains one of Biafran Heroes until the end of this world.  As Biafrans will commemorate our Heroes on May 30th 2017, you can see the picture of Bruce Mayrock on the event poster as one of our Heroes.

It is on this note that Biafrans all over the world are calling on American government and its good people to support the reality of this Biafra restoration which a noble American citizen has died for.

May the days of Donald Trump as United states President never make the death of Bruce Mayrock look conspiratorial as the days of Richard Nixon as US President of America in 1969 when American government kept quiet on what Nigeria government was doing against Biafrans.

Oh! Government of America, the only justice that will be done to your noble Citizen Late Mr. Bruce Mayrock is only the restoration of Biafra which he died to protest against the evils being meted on them by the world as the world of 1969 kept mute over a genocide committed on Biafra. If American government and its good people fail to pressurize Nigeria government to let Biafrans go as the stage is set at the moment, American government which is built on justice has committed the greatest injustice against her own citizen in the person of Bruce Mayrock because the genocide against Biafrans which Bruce Mayrock died for is still going on against Biafrans till today.

God forbid because America cannot do that to her citizen. God bless America and her good people as they stand to tell the world that Bruce Mayrock should not die in vain. As for Biafrans led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, it is either Biafra flag is raised above the horizon flying without stopping signifying Biafra sovereignty or all of us are lowered in the grave like Bruce Mayrock.

God bless America and her good people!
May the soul of Bruce Mayrock rest in peace!!
May the soul of all Biafran Heroes rest in peace!!!

Yours Sincerely,
Mazi Onyebuchi Eze (A Biafran Activist)

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