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Friday 19 May 2017



By Ekwenye Samuel, Paul Emerenini and Sunday Okafor,
For Family Writers Press.

On this week's edition of the FWFFA, we shall be discussing on the visit of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to the Biafra Fallen Heroes' Cenotaph Hill in Enugu immediately after his release.

This can be defined as a special structure or statue that is built to remind people of a dead person who is buried somewhere else; especially : a structure built to honor the people who were killed in a war.

Since the 17th century, the location of present-day Enugu has been inhabited by a section of the Igbo people; one of Enugu's neighbourhoods still retains the village's old name- Ogui.
In 1900, the Southern Nigeria Protectorate was established by the colonial administration of the British Empire. The discovery of coal by the colonialists led to the building of the Eastern Line railway to carry coal from the inland city to the port of Port Harcourt, a city created for this purpose, located 151 miles (243 km) south of what was called Enugwu Coal Camp. Enugwu was then renamed  Enugu and developed as one of the few cities in West Africa created from European contact. By 1958 Enugu had over 8,000 coal miners. As of today, there are no significant coal mining activities left in the city.

Enugu became the capital of the then  Eastern Region after Nigeria's independence in 1960; a succession of territorial adjustments in 1967, 1976 and 1991 led to Enugu becoming the capital of what is now Enugu State. On 30 May 1967, Enugu was declared the capital of the short-lived Republic of Biafra; for this, Enugu is known as the "capital of Igboland." After Enugu was captured by the Nigerian armed forces, the Biafran capital was moved to Umuahia.

CENOTAPH HILL was built in this glorious city by our survived warriors/fathers in remembering the Biafran heroes and heroines who lost their lives as a result of the pogroms, the  holocaust  of the civil war and the post-war killings.

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra and the Director of Radio Biafra London  was held for over 15 months for voicing out to the world the insubordination, marginalization, wilful killings, and persecutions being melted on his people by the Nigeria-British government for over many years.

As God may have it, Nnamdi Kanu was finally released from the death dungeon of Muhammadu Buhari who vowed never to release him, although under a stringent conditions which among them restricts him from speaking/addressing/ granting interviews, just to enable them to concoct all manner of lies from the pit of hell against him and prevent him from defending himself and addressing the public. Nnamdi Kanu upon his arrival in Biafraland went straight to the ancestral cenotaph in Enugu to reaffirm his promise  of restoring the land of Biafra even if it will require his life.

Nnamdi Kanu in his prayers debunked all the flying junk news and articles credited to him by the workers of iniquity of Nigeria's Islamic party known as APC. Nnamdi Kanu went to communicate to God and his people through prayers. It is also a means of letting Biafrans and the general public know that our fallen heroes and heroines have not in any way been forgotten and there is need for everyone of us to obey and observe the upcoming May 30th Biafra heroes day which has been mapped out as a Sit At Home day in honour of our gallant warriors who paid the utmost sacrifice.

The visiting and offering of prayers of assurance to the living and the dead signifies that Nnamdi Kanu has chosen death over Nigeria state thereby, has no intention of  backing out of this struggle nor exchanging it with anything other than Biafra restoration. In that effect, he has indirectly informed millions of his followers never to retreat or contemplate of surrendering, because the land of Biafra is undeniably going to be restored under our watch.

Biafrans and lovers of freedom who are into this struggle and wish to hear from our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu should always focus on his body language. It is only the wise one that will understand and agree with me that even the shoes Nnamdi Kanu wears talks.
Family Writers crew are gifted to understand and know when our leader's shoes, bangle, cloths, or even his glasses are passing a message across to Biafrans.
Biafrans must beware of the evil tactics of the Nigeria government to frustrate Biafra restoration; we must continue until Biafra is fully restored.

With this, we end this week's edition of FWFFA. Till next week for another package, goodbye.

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba,
For Family Writers.

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