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Tuesday 2 May 2017



Agbo Moses Obinna
Reporting For Family Writers.

 It was indeed a sour moment for Nigeria's former Senate president, Ken Nnamani at a book launch in Abuja. This is following an  attempt by the former Senate president to discourage the massive Biafrans present at the launching hall, as well as the entirety of Biafran youths from engaging in any form of agitation for the sovereignty or freedom of Biafra.

 The launching of the book titled: The book “The Audacity of Power and the Nigeria Presidency-Exclusion of the South Eastern in Nigeria’s Power Politics and the Spectre of Biafra”, which is written by Godwin Ifeanyi Udibe and Law Mefor; saw the presence of the likes of former Senate President, Ken Nnamani, Senator Ben Obi, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, and former Minister for Power, Professor Chinedu Nebo represented by Senator Obi. They appreciated the efforts of the authors, and went further to state that for a truth, the marginalization of the Biafran people is no longer indisputable.

“The book in a narrative sequences, narrated what has been the sorrowful songs of the old Eastern extraction. It is about how a people have been systematically oppressed and denied of their right by those who claim that they were born to rule forever," Mazi Ben Obi stated during his opening remarks.

However, the former Senate president, Senator Ken Nnamani on his own analysis posited that what Biafrans needs is the restructuring of the Nigerian state to pave way for each of the federating units to grow at their own pace, instead of agitating for a separate state in the Nigeria political space.
He further stated that the eastern people  stands to gain from restructuring rather than the agitation for an independent Biafra. In a reference, he also stated that by July 6, 2017,  it will be 50 years we went to war.
 "I participated in Biafra war. Some other places that didn’t go to war are not doing better than us. If you take a look at Abuja, particularly hotels, about two-thirds of them are owned by people of the South-East or the South in general," the former Senate president asserted.

 "Having known that Yoruba people are talking about restructuring, not exiting the union, I am here to encourage our people that the idea of having our young ones who ought to be in the classrooms, parade the streets, demonstrating and trying to kill themselves or get shot at, will not help us,
 "The Igbo can still do it; we are known for our ingenuity, our industrious nature. We have to be at the place where decisions are being made. Igbo are better off in Nigeria if there is restructuring and we are not afraid to compete.
 "We are asking for a level playing field and we are prepared to compete and that is better than agitation for Biafra outside Nigeria. Go and read and get good certificates,” he said.

Also, the book reviewer, Udenta Udenta also spoke in like manner, calling on those pushing for agitation to shelve the idea.
 “We cannot solve any problem without being able to influence the National Assembly to make laws that would work for the people. The new Biafra is a broken memorization of a lost hope; I, a hard working intellectual who may want to contest election in my own local setting within the new Republic must contend with the billionaire class that may not have abolished the monetization of politics,
 "If politics is still monetized, if you have wage labourers and wage employers, and gender issues; how do you create a nation if you suppress all these other identity issues and expect everybody to answer only one name?” he asked.

However, a former Commissioner of Information in Imo State, Nze Elvis Agukwe debunked Senator Nnamani's assertion, asking what has become of the education of the Igbo people in the political power game.

 “We must continue to agitate for if the North is using Boko Haram to press home their interest, we will use agitation to press for power. Despite the level of our education, we have been left empty-handed,”  the ex-commissioner stated in a yelled response to Nnamani’s charge that Biafra youths should pick up their books and read their way to a brighter future.

The former Senate President exited the venue of the book launch, uncontrollably enraged and unsettled at Agukwe’s choice of words and the manner of his expression.

Also speaking after the launching, was one of the author of the book during a press briefing. He told the men of press that what the book calls for is a serious debate, noting that there is no harm for some group to be asking for an exit from an unworkable union that always brings blood bath instead of harmony.

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba,
For Family Writers.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I'm very disappointed in former senate president Ken Nnamani. Quite shameful that such a leader and democrat we look up to will succumb to an illiterate, undemocratic, ex-military dictator Mohammadu Buhari. We have no politicians in Igboland we can trust then. Really sad indeed.

    1. I never knew that Ken Nnamani can be so foolish in making comments like that. Maybe he's contract for the Northern people. May Chukwu Okike Abiama erase his whole generation. These old foolish politicians within the South eastern part of this failed entity called Nigeria really don't wish us the younger generations any better at all. Thunder destroy that your mouth you use to talk rubbish about us studying as if there's anybody from the North that are more intelligent than us Biafrans.

  3. Very unfortunate that Ken Nnamani as ex Senate president can descend so low after all wealth acquired as senate president saying youths should be in the classroom without thinking how many of the youths has financially back to be in the classroom he just think of to defend his Abuja property for that he want the Biafran to remain slavery being slaughtered by fulani herdsmen at will but sorry we don't accept it rather he can relocate to Abuja where he has his wealth because IN BIAFRA WE STAND all hail Biafra unstoppable

  4. Biafra REFERENDUM is almost here! Please educate your people in the villages the importance of it.

  5. its only a fool that can make such a statement


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