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Friday 26 May 2017



By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius,
For Family Writers.

The internet is world of its own connecting together billions of people all over the world.

However, the internet remains a medium through which information is vastly spread, thanks to social media and other platforms associated to it. The social media is a vital platform through which one can air his or feelings to the audience of the world. Biafrans, just like others have chosen the internet and social media as it's major tool to preach and propagate the gospel of the restoration of the great nation of Biafra.

Notwithstanding, since the emergence of IPOB under the leadership of prophet Nnamdi Kanu, the internet and different social media platforms have taken another form and shape in Africa. It is indisputable that there's currently a world media blackout on Biafra, which is the reason behind the radicalism of Biafrans in pressing forward and harder to defeating every lie or propaganda being peddled against Biafra and the indigenous people. Millions of Biafrans are registered on different platforms on social media and the internet, and have even invented numerous social media platforms, with the sole aim of taking the message of Biafra to all corners of the universe.

When IPOB stated preaching the message of restoration of Biafra, they were called hungry and jobless fools seeking for attention and who to defraud. Some said, we belong to an unlawful organization, while others insulted and called us all sorts of names, describing us as gullible minds who are mentally derailed, and have embarked on impossible mission, but little did they know that we are operating God's mandates and divine mission.
  At the emergence of Radio Biafra, Nigeria and Britain started shivering because of the thunderous voice of Nnamdi Kanu preaching the truth and exposing to the world, the evils and crimes of Britain and its experiment called Nigeria.

 With the message of Biafra restoration on Radio Biafra as being propagated by Nnamdi Kanu, Nigeria became restless and dismayed owing to the fact that the hidden truth are being exposed on Radio Biafra. Although they pretended that nothing happened, but they were dying silently, knowing the cost of allowing the freedom of a people who are caged from knowing the truth about who they're and  the truth hidden from them. Nigeria government with its guilty conscience, resolved into jamming Radio Biafra London, describing it to be a national threat to the territorial integrity of the said country. All the efforts made by Nigerian government to stop Radio proved abortive, because Biafra is the truth and can't be defeated.

 Nigerian compromised and gutter media vowed never to carry our news or write about Biafra, however due to the ingenuity of Biafrans, they chose to blackmail IPOB, and most times credit our efforts to the compromised MASSOB led by fraudulent Raphael Uwazurike, thinking that they may get us frustrated; but little did they know we are stronger than mighty. They fought very dirty by trying to blackmail and tag IPOB a "terror group", so that the image of Biafra will be tarnished in the international community.

They desperately tried with the help of British government to shield the message of Biafra from the international community, but little did they know that Biafrans are scattered all over the earth and it's impossible to hide the truth forever.

The Nigerian gutter media described IPOB as Internet Freedom Fighters and insinuated that the incorruptible Radio Biafra London is a pirate radio station spreading propaganda and hate speeches.  Biafrans being the best brains of Africa never relented in spreading the gospel of the restoration of the great nation of Biafra, instead they kept inventing and venturing a never seen methods of preaching the gospel of Biafra restoration across the world. As IPOB kept pushing harder on spreading the message of truth, Biafrans all over the world upon hearing the truth are awakened and they started joining the path that leads to greatness which is Biafra freedom.

 The Nigeria government is totally ignorant of the fact that Biafra is an ideology whose time of manifestation has come, and as such can't be undermined.  They arrested, tortured using all sorts of dangerous weapons and chemicals; maimed, humiliated and massacred us but we persisted and never gave up. On a daily basis, we helplessly watch our innocent blood flow on the street ceaselessly as they brutally massacred us in our various protests and gatherings, but we never thought of retreat nor surrender. The more they blackmail IPOB, the more outstanding success we record, the harder they tries to stop us, the stronger we become.

However, IPOB never relented in fighting and confronting their enemies with the greatest weapon of truth. We engaged the world media in a full scale media war, of which the intimidating Family Writers Press International media outfit (FWP) amongst others took the lead.  The ingenuity of IPOB forced the compromised Nigerian media to succumb to the greatness of Biafra. Today, it's never an exaggeration to say that IPOB has saturated the international community by registering the message of Biafra into their hearts.

 In line with this, the government of Turkey openly supported Biafra, the likes of Donald J Trump the president of America, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister amongst others have openly declared their support for Biafra. Today, in every language known to man, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra are trending.

Today, world media like, BBC, CNN, Aljazeera, Fox News amongst others now carry and trend the news about Biafra. Today, Biafra is being discussed all over the world and world leaders now discuss Biafra and the genocide that has been perpetrated against the Indigenous People Of Biafra. The same internet Freedom Fighters (IPOB) has been declared a legal organization by competent court of jurisdiction. The incredible successes IPOB have recorded in the struggle to restore Biafra is magnanimous to count.

Today Nigerian brown envelope journalism and media now fights over who takes the lead in publicising the message of Biafra. Today the compromised Nigerian media now rely on Biafra media outlets for information and investigative journalism. It's quite astonishing that, any news outlet in Nigeria that doesn't carry or write about  Biafra looses lots of sales and audience.
Today Biafra has become a subject of discussion across the world. The same internet Freedom Fighters are being invited across the world including the American White House for support and ally. Also, It's important to note that before the emergence of Radio Biafra and IPOB, the name Biafra is never mentioned in the public nor discussed anywhere across the world. Through ingenuity of IPOB, the name Biafra is now something to be proud of, and even hailed among men. We (IPOB) have indeed proved to the world that Biafra is an ideology that can't be defeated. The ingenuity of the new generation of Biafrans has proven what Biafra will be when restored.



Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba.



  2. Excellent essay and narrative of the superb accomplishment of IPOB under the leadership of Ohamadike Nnamdi Kanu and trusted Mazi Uche Mefor. All hail IPOB. All hail Biafra.


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