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Wednesday 24 May 2017



By Ogochukwu Nwanna
For FamilyWriters

The Biafra heroes day celebration has taken a new toll as it will be observed by all Biafrans from different works of life and in different cities of the world where they are resident. This year's Biafra heroes day is the first of it kind as Biafrans in Biafra Land are expected to SIT AT HOME. Since Biafrans started observing the heroes day, it is usually a gathering with a huge number of Biafrans coming together at particular venue, in one voice and common faith to remember and respect those that voluntarily defended their motherland with their lives.    

All these years, during the celebration, the Nigerian military forces  in a bid to disrupt or scuttle the event normally kill, butcher and injure scores, while those they could not kill will be kidnapped and in most cases bathed with raw acid or even buried in shallow graves. This barbarity has continued until now as a result of unprofessionalism on the part of the Nigerian military.  But for 2017,  the IPOB Directorate Of States has deemed it fit that Biafrans in Biafra Land will be SIT AT HOME in honour for our dead. Therefore, I am urging all Biafrans irrespective of your office in Nigerian politics to completely adhere to the SIT AT HOME order.

The SIT AT HOME order is seen as a kind of mock referendum; the international communities and the world at large has beamed their light on Biafrans as we honour our dead and it wil send an unmistakable signal showing our readiness to restoring our lost inheritance.  However, on that day in Biafra land as a whole, there will be no market and all the international markets in Biafra land such as Onitsha Main Market, Onitsha,  Ariaria Market, Aba,  Ogbete Main Market, Enugu etc will be closed down that day.There will be no School, no Church activities and no Bank should be open on that day.

Infact, there will be total shut down  of official and unofficial activities in Biafra land. Movements will be restricted as there will be no vehicular movement every where in Biafra land. I hereby appeal to all well meaning Biafrans working with and owners of public transport companies in Biafra land to comply to this order which is geared at bringing the restoration of Biafra closer to our door step. All Biafrans so long as you are from the old Eastern region, lost their loved ones during the Biafra/Nigeria war of 1967 to 1970 and even beyond, therefore, it has become an obligation for all of us to join our hands together in respect to the dead by observing the SIT AT HOME order. It is now a task for all Biafrans to take the heroes day celebration campaign or evangelism to every part of the world so that people of the world will be aware of what we are fighting for and as well understand our plight. IPOB under the supreme leadership of  Mazi Nnamdi kanu is set to make another history that will shock the entirety of humanity as they embark on this one of a kind  process in freedom fighting which is pivotal in bringing the restoration of Biafra to an unprecedented stage or lime light. It is the right of our fallen heroes that we the living remember and honour them.

Furthermore, it is now note worthy to recall the event that led to the pronouncement of May 30th as "Biafra Heroes Day Remembrance". Taking the history line, Biafrans for more than 500 years inhabited a geographical space of the then old Eastern region of Nigeria. The British government during the colonial era, amalgamated the Northern and Southern protectorates to form the Nigeria we all have today. Early years after the amalgamation, Biafrans in mostly Northern Nigeria were brutally massacred in pogroms after which the remnants eventually came back home to heal their wounds and to mourn their dead ones. Biafrans also as a result of their ingenuity became the envy of both the North and the British and as such were treated badly in the Nigerian political space.

These and other factors led to the declaration of Biafra as a surverign and independent state on 30th May, 1967. This declaration invariably attracted the wrath of the Nigerian government who levied a genocidal war of aggression and attrition that led to the death of millions of innocent Biafran men, women and children. Up until now the killing of Biafrans by the Nigerian government has continued unabated. IPOB under the able leadership of Nnamdi Kanu now thought it wise that we honour these heroes that died in the gruesome war and to also mark the Biafra independent on 30th May of every year.

As we continue to pay tribute for peaceful repose of our fallen heroes, those that died that we may live, I also appeal to all Biafrans in diaspora to join Biafrans in Biafra Land who will be sitting at home to honour our dead in their various places of residence so that humanity will stand still as we honour our heroes come 30th May 2017. Biafrans have been advised to buy all they will need on 29th May ahead of the D-day, so as to be able to join in paying homage to our heroes. All Biafrans residing in other parts of Nigeria are also advised to lock down their businesses and SIT AT HOME in respect to our own. People world over honour their dead in many ways such as declaring public holiday and Biafrans will not be left out in this epoch making event. As we appeal to all Biafrans to participate, we also ask Chukwu Okike Abiama to replenish you and make you move from glory to glory so that our dead all continue to rest in peace. Amen!

Moreover, it is rather pathetic that at a day Biafrans are honouring their own, Governor Nyeson Wike has proposed to commission a particular road in River state and Biafrans are discountenancing and condemning such act by Mr Governor because it is tantamount to sabotaging our collective resolve to restoring our dignity.  We hereby appeal to the River State Governor Nyesom Wike to as a matter of respect to the dead declare May 30th, 2017 a public holiday so that our people from that part of Biafra Land will participate in the SIT AT HOME order.


Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers

1 comment

  1. To the dead and gone Biafrans
    Continue to live on - beyond
    We over here someday hopes to rejoin
    We haven’t forgotten your sacrifices
    We haven’t abandoned the selfless pursuit
    The Biafra struggle
    50 years down the path
    A new generation are on the rise
    As with the rising sun; our hopes are high

    Everywhere is ignited by the roles you all played
    The undying spirits gallantly displayed
    Your bodies accepting the pumps of bullets
    The edges of cutlasses,
    The incarcerations melted out,
    Even after 50years,
    Now, we’re in another dimension
    Yet, with the sole aim of Biafra restoration

    To our departed Biafrans
    Fathers and mothers,
    Youths and children
    We’ll always remember your heroism
    The truth cannot be buried
    They cannot continue to shy away from it
    Sooner or later,
    The battle will be won
    And your spirits put to peaceful rest.


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