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Monday 26 June 2017



By Maxwell Chuks and Elemeghideonye Nnamdi Stephen
For Family Writers

Welcome once again to SPOTLIGHT OF THE WEEK from the desk of Family Writers.
Let's move straight to what we have for you in this edition.

• We take you to the news headline that's still causing mixed reactions -
"Your meeting with Igbo leaders without Nnamdi Kanu is unacceptable" IPOB tells Acting President Yemi Osinbajo.
This came shortly after the vice president of Nigeria, Osinbajo met some Igbo leaders on issues concerning Biafra agitation and the way forward with Nigeria.

• Igbos Eviction From The North;
"No going back on deadline" - Northern Youths replies those condemning the quit notice.
 Question from the Spotlight crew is- "Will those referred to as " Igbos", sit back in the North because of the grammatical promise of protection from the FG of Nigeria and help history repeat itself?
Anyway, we're still watching.

• "There's corruption in the church" - Osinbajo blast Christians.
Question from Spotlight crew to him is- Is the mosque the dwelling throne of righteousness? Is there no corruption in the mosque?

• Capital Oil boss Ifeanyi Ubah regains freedom after almost two months in DSS detention.

• Still in the malign politics of Nigeria;
15 parties form 'Mega Coalition' to dislodge APC, PDP and APGA.
Hmmm... So was APC formed. Birds of same feather from same nest.

• During the week; report has it that 82 high rank Nigerian military officers from South dropped resignation letter over quit notice from Northern Elders and Youths to Igbos.

• Still on the happenings in Nigeria;
Federal Ministry Of Education remove Christian Religious Knowledge(CRK) in school curriculum, leave Islamic Arabic Studies(IAS) as a compulsory subject.
Hmmm.. Part of the Islamization agenda which the masses have been complaining of and raising alarm.
Reacting to the removal of CRK in schools; "Bakare and Mbaka's silence may surprise satan" -Reno Omokri blows hot, blast the so-called men of God who said God revealed of good and support the Buhari APC administration.

• "Report of Killing Igbos in Kaduna, untrue and mischievous" - El-Rufai.
Recall - This is the same El-Rufai who said he paid the new Islamic terrorists called 'Herdsmen' to stop killing and carrying out attacks in Southern Kaduna.
Whilst some residents of those area are leaking the information about the secret killing of Igbos, El-Rufai who's in government house said it's untrue.

• Agitation for BiafrExit: British government deploys it's military to Nigeria.
Speculations has it that they're in Nigeria to train and commit another genocide in Biafra land with the Nigeria military.
Still watching, guessing and wondering what their mission is? Well, we're in same shoe with you.

• "I've discuss with all the regional leaders in Nigeria, we must live together as one" - that according to the Acting president of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo.

• "Ordinary people will determine Nigeria's unity, not political leaders" -Abuja Catholic Archbishop Onaiyekan replies Osinbajo and those condemning Biafra agitation.

• Nnamdi Kanu and Nigeria government again!
Guess what happened again.
Shock gripped the Nigeria government and the self-acclaimed Igbo leaders as thousands of Biafrans storm Afara Ukwu Ibeku in Umuahia on Wednesday the 21st day of June 2017, to honour Nnamdi Kanu's call which came in the late hours of Tuesday 20th.
The question is- Can it be same if the self-acclaimed leaders and Nigeria government give such command?
Absolutely Not.

• Weeks after the pressure on the Nigerian DSS and Police to arrest Arewa Youths over the quit notice given to Biafrans; "We're still looking for Northern Youths" - NPF Spokesperson Moshood tells Nigerians.
Huh! Unbelievable

• "" Era of crooked elections, imposition of 'Hausa Fulani slaves' in BiafraLand has gone"" - IPOB

• On the foreign scene;
South-Korea's Moon drop shocking speech, say North-Korea is responsible for Warmbier death.

• As the curtains of the week gradually fold; Ohanaeze accuses security agencies of working in tandem for second pogrom against Biafrans.

• During the week; the city of Umuahia, the hometown of Nnamdi Kanu recorded great number of visit as Ijaw group, women and elders from the so-called 'South-South' storm Nnamdi Kanu's home, present significant gifts to him and declare full support for Biafra.
Ghen! Ghen!!

• On the foreign scene again;
We visit Spain where Catalonia is to hold referendum on 1st October 2017, to exit from Spain and exist as independent nation.
Bact to Nigeria,, the coincidence there is that same day is the final day of the quit notice given to Biafrans by Northern youths.

• "Conduct referendum else there'll be no election in BiafraLand" - IPOB tells Nigeria government.
To start with; Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB declared 'No Election In Anambra state' as Biafrans vow to boycott the forthcoming election.


from Family Writers
* My Optimism For A United Nigeria Crashed Yesterday -Malam Abba Alkhuwa.
* IPOB: Message To Donald Trump.
*  Disclaimer: Nnamdi Kanu Did Not Endorse UPP And MOBIN While Meeting With Ikedife. He Is Only Unifying Biafrans Towards Coming Referendum.
* Biafra: The Heat Is On.

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