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Sunday 11 June 2017

Family Writers Visit To Ojukwu Bunker: The Untold Story Of Biafra Civil War (Video)

Family Writers Visit To Ojukwu Bunker: The Untold Story Of Biafra Civil War (Video)

By Kings Jv Chibuzor & Egwuatu Chukz

For Family Writers

Ojukwu Bunker
After the Biafra genocidal civil war that took the lives of over 3.5million Biafrans mostly children and women, the killing of Biafrans has continued unabated. The war was unleashed on innocent Biafran populations by the murderous and wicked world leaders led by the British/Nigerian government, and since then, History has been obliterated   from the school curriculum both in Biafra land and in every other part of the contraption called Nigeria. This was to deny the newer genaration of Biafrans and other Nigerians from having first hand knowledge and information of what actually took place during the war and what led to the war. It is on record today, that a lot of atrocious crimes was committed against the people of Biafra as was recorded and documented by scholars and other eye  witnesses both from Nigeria and from other parts of the world. The sole intention of the Nigerian government for obliterating history from the school curriculum was for Biafrans not to be enlightened on the massacre, rape and starvation of Biafran kids, young men and women that took place during the genocidal civil war of aggression.

During Family Writers correspondent's discovery tour which was geared towards gathering information about the 1967-1970 genocidal civil war a lot was revealed but few will be unmasked here while others comes subsequently.

Recall that in 1967, the then Eastern governor Col. Ojukwu, after series of killings of the Biafran people in different parts of Northern Nigeria by Hausas, decleared the then Eastern Nigeria a sovereign nation called Biafra. This declaration which was meant to save Biafrans from the sons of Danfodio, was truncated and Biafra land was besieged with the most brutal orgy of violence (war), which had since been classified as a genocide or ethnic cleansing. Therefore, this adventure was bourn out of the zeal to broaden our knowledge as the world today is in a jet age and we want to be operating on the same pace.

Kings Jv Chibizor and Egwuatu Chukz  however,,  took a bold step as they paid a visit to Ojukwu Bunker. Ojukwu Bunker as it is popularly known is located at Afara- Ukwu Ibeku in Umuahia the capital city of Abia state, Biafra land, close to the home of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The Bunker was the hideout of Biafran leaders, which inside it, is the conference rooms which was used during the war. The Bunker was an hallowed chamber of all Biafra war lords, scientists, medical professionals, technologists and other intellectuals who are needed and are fully involved in making sure that the Biafran territories were not obliterated or exterminated from existence, by contributing to the manufacturing of weaponry for Biafrans.

During our tour of discovery, we saw a documentary which recorded that there were heavy bombardments on Biafrans by the combined air forces from Nigerian government, Egyptian air strikes, British air strikes and many others. The heavy bombardment from the air strikes targeted houses, churches, schools and business places and as such killed a lot of innocent Biafran citizens. As a result of this bombardment which was geared towards the total decimation of Biafran race and which has continued unabated, led to the urgent building of the Ojukwu Bunker.  In the Bunker, there are underground rooms of about 26.9 fits beneath the ground. The underground house contains three rooms, toilet,  bathroom, kitchen, stores and a lengthy passage that has a connection doors to the rooms. There is also  a cell built inside the Bunker. We were told that the Bunker was built within ninety (90) days which is approximately 3months.

Since 1966, the Ojukwu Bunker or Bucket is still very much lively and tourist attractive. The woods that were used to manufacture the doors and other woody structures, the irons and other constructive materials that was manufactured by the Biafra engineers are still strong and looks indestructible.

 The hideout which is known today as Ojukwu Bunker or Bucket was built in order to secure those that were manufacturing the Biafra weapons of warfare for those in the war front.  The Bunker was also built to safeguard the Biafran leaders from being captured by the enemies because they will be terminated and the likes of Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu stayed there to sustain the challenge and fight the war head on. There are other Biafran leaders who fought gallantly and fearlessly in securing the Biafran territories from being invaded by the enemies, they were also saved therein.

The construction of Ojukwu Bunker within the space of ninety (90) days should prove to the world how intelligent and constructive Biafrans can be. Biafra do not just have natural resources but also have the much needed human resources to build a desired nation. Therefore, the level of intelligent quotient (IQ)  of an average Biafran child can never be equated or be measured with hundreds of Hausa/Fulani children.

We are however, making bold to say that those that died defending Biafra, died for us to be known and addressed as Biafrans.We congratulate and celebrate all the brave men behind the construction and building of Ojukwu Bunker in Abia state, Biafra land and all the then Biafran leaders led by Col. Ikemba Odimegwu Ojukwu.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press

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