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Sunday 11 June 2017



By Okedinachi Chidiebere
For Family writers press

Following the recent development by the  Northern youths asking  Biafrans resident in Northern Nigeria to leave their territory, for us it is not a shock because this is not the first time the Northerners will be threatening Biafrans  to leave even as they claimed that Nigeria is indivisible. The Northerners have persistently touted and  literally said that Nigeria belongs to all Nigerians but the result is not the same as they hypocritically believed that they (Northerners) are "born to rule" and as such are the real owners of Nigeria therefore power belongs to them. So this eviction notice will not bring peace,  though it is a welcomed development but will enhance the speedy restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra.

Before now, the Yorubas repatriated Biafrans living in Lagos where they do their  businesses back home in  August 2013, under the regime of  the former governor of Lagos state Babatunde fashola  and upon the outrage it generated, yet, nothing was done about it. Therefore, the Yorubas that are supporting the Hausa and Fulanis are not also off the hook of the long aged hatred for Igbos by the supposedly "one Nigerianists".

All these points to the fact that Nigeria was forcefully amalgamated against the wishes of the indigenous populations that make up the entity. It is now convincingly clear to the chagrin of all well meaning Nigerians and Biafrans that the over emphasized non-negotiable Nigeria is indeed unworkable, hence the need for total dismembering or dismantling of the Luggardian contraption called Nigeria and from its ashes a Biafran state will be birthed.

These are the reasons why the Indigenous People of Biafra under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu are determined to restore the land of Biafra as a sovereign state, knowing that Biafrans are no longer needed in the Nigeria. It is a well established fact today, that the oil in Biafra land is the reason for one Nigeria, yet the owners of the land where the oil that feeds the nation is hugely deposited are suffering in abject poverty and are languishing in penury.

However, we now understand that Nigeria does not belong to us and can never be ours.

Notwithstanding, I courageously urge all Biafrans resident in the North not to treat the eviction threat from the Arewa youth with a kid gloves and as a matter of their safety to start moving Eastwards.  At this end, it is now prevalent for the Nigerian government to set in motion modalities for conducting a well organised and internationally monitored referendum so that Biafrans will decide their future.

Edited by Ogeh Friday Igiri
For Family Writers Press.

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