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Thursday 1 June 2017



Orji Ezinne and Nwachukwu Victor Samuel,
Reporting for Family Writers.

"Biafra will come in some months’ time and not years!"

With the above quote from the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, we welcome you all to the full coverage of the Biafra Heroes Memorial day "SIT AT HOME" protest in Aba (Enyimba City).

It was indeed a remarkable day in Biafra land and a day that will never be forgotten in this road to our freedom. Despite all odds, IPOB remains resolute and more determined to get to our destination which is Biafra.  It was in astonishment that Family Writers correspondents made up of Nwachukwu Victor Samuel and Orji Ezinne patrolled round Aba and its environs seeing the most busy Enyimba city that used to have a long que of traffic jam at every road, especially the only road that now serves as the main entrance to Aba, the "Aba-Owerri road" was so deserted and lonely like a graveyard.

Without wasting time we moved to the most popular textile market in Aba, popularly known as Ekeoha Shopping centre- lo and behold, all the gates that lead to the market were under lock with keys; such is unbelievable because the proposed closure of the market in respect to the SIT AT HOME PROTEST sparked a lot of debate between the traders in the market. From there, we moved down to New Market, popularly known as 'Ahia Ohuru' and just like others, the entire market experienced total shut down. However, when we moved round the market, we cited few young men who sat in a circle and were drinking and chanting Biafra songs.

Meanwhile, as we moved from Shopping centre to Ahia Ohuru, all the fuel stations we passed along the roads were also closed for the day; even shops, boutique and fast food joints were also not left out as all of them submitted to IPOB "SIT AT HOME" order.

From Ahia Ohuru, we moved straight to Cemetery Market. On reaching there, the place looks deserted as all the shops were under lock with keys. We moved down to Ala Ojii Spare Parts market known as Ngbuka, it was also looking like a graveyard, as not even a single person was cited there.
From Ala Ojii we moved to the first international market in Africa and the most populous market in Biafra Land, known as Ariaria International Market where millions of buyers and traders ply their trade on a daily basis, but behold, the gate to the market was open and we saw security men standing beside the entrances. When we went inside the market to find out if any activity is going on, we walked around almost all the market shops but we couldn't see any shop that is opened for business.  When we finished visiting the various popular markets located in The 'Japan of Africa'(Aba), it is already past four in the evening, so we ended our tour and journeyed back home.
However, on our way back home, we met some Biafrans who are very happy over the success recorded in the SIT AT HOME protest as ordered by IPOB, we interviewed them.

Mazi Obikara Paul Onyezirim, popularly known as Paulo who happens to be the coordinator of IPOB St Pauls zone, Umungasi. He said: "This sit at home protest is an order given to us by our supreme leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for us to use this way to reminisce our fallen heroes and heroines who have paid the ultimate price for us to be free as a nation, "We obeyed the order, as you can see everywhere is shut down. We are fanatic about our fatherland Biafra and we must restore Biafra under the command of Nnamdi Kanu."

He also stated categorically that no other person in Biafraland, be it governors or senators or even the compromised Uwazuruike can give such order without enforcing it on anybody, and the whole of Biafraland will obey it.

In his own part Mr Nkemakolam O. Eze, who hails from Anambra state of Biafraland reinstated the need to obey the SIT AT HOME order. In his words,  "It is of paramount importance to us, because we are frustrated in Nigeria,  "It entails we want total emancipation from this contraption called Nigeria."

Mazi Nkemakolam Oliver, who is a native Njaba in Imo state Biafraland while expressing the level of his satisfaction on how the whole of Biafraland obeyed the order given by IPOB said:
 "This very SIT AT HOME protest is the Best of it's kind since 1967, I haven't witness such response until now,  "This is a clear indication that indeed Biafra will be restored in the next few months and not years like our leader Nnamdi Kanu said.

While testifying that Nnamdi Kanu commands more respect and loyalty than any other person in the whole of Biafraland, he said "Yes! The evidences are there, like you can see, every nook and cranny of Aba has shut down in submission to the order he  gave."

After the whole day, Uwazuruike and his boys were no way to be found.
Now the big question is: Who is greater than Nnamdi Kanu in Biafra land?

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba

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