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Thursday 22 June 2017



By Sunday E. Okafor
For Family Writers

I want to firstly commend the unrelenting efforts the United States' President - Donald J. Trump and members of US Parliament who have so far aided in the liberation of all oppressed people and  groups across the globe, in defense of the rule of law and human rights.

And to clearly drive home this point, it is necessary here to state that Biafrans have become endangered species of humans who desperately need the attention of the International community especially the United States and her trusted allies in ensuring that through their assistance, Biafrans have a place of their own where human rights, equity, justice, freedom and prosperity are not only esteemed but thrive. I therefore seize this opportunity, to give some accounts of the atrocious crimes and mistreatment meted out to Biafrans over the years till date, by the murderous Jihadist muslem Northern oligarchy of the British concocted entity called Nigeria.

The Nigerian military and police under the tyrannical administration of Muhammadu Buhari have severally killed, maimed, abducted and unjustly incarcerated many Biafrans for peacefully and within the tenets of UN charter, exercising their rights for self determination. The indigenous people of Biafra have been marked out for total annihilation and extermination from the earth surface hence, it is no longer unacceptable. The very strange actions of hatred and cruelty the Nigerian state has against Biafrans are unimaginable and these stand as threats to humanity.

Biafrans have since 1914 when the British amalgamated divergent indigenous ethnic nationalities for selfish interests and without the consent of the people, uncountable number of Biafrans have been killed and brutally subjected to slavery by successive governments in Nigeria, under the supervision of the British government.

However, marginalisation, killing, raping, abduction, harassment, molestation and incarceration of Biafrans have persistently been the norm as instituted by the Nigerian establishment. Biafrans no longer freely express their fundamental rights as a people as being enshrined in the United Nations' charter. Biafra land is under serious occupation by Islamic terrorists called Fulani herdsmen, brazenly and unrelentlessly, destroying farm crops, raping our mothers/sisters, killing our brothers and friends who are independently cultivating their farmlands for food production. This acts of criminality by the marauding jihadists masquerading as Fulani herders however, has been heightened  because the government is aiding and abating them.

Sir, it's noteworthy to state here that Biafrans have extremely endured this acts of hatred and persecution from the Nigerian state and it can no longer be condoned. The pains of enslavement embedded in acts of injustice, denial of freedom of speech and association are really agonising and dehumanizing.

In recent times, Biafrans in their numbers were massacred, injured, secretly abducted and taken to unknown locations possibly for summary execution   which up till date, their whereabouts have not been identified. It is heart breaking to state that all these started long time ago even the day of your inauguration as the 45th President of the USA on 20th January, 2017, which Biafrans celebrated in solidarity and the Nigerian forces, armed to the teeth were massively deployed to carry out heinous acts in sharp opposition to your inauguration and Biafrans were shot at and killed as expressly ordered by the murderous Islamic President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari and his fellow Jihadistic terrorists in Aso Rock. Biafrans have become the enemies of the Nigerian state who are marked for total extermination by all means possible.

Furthermore, Article 6 of UN charter stipulates:
"Every indigenous peoples have the right to nationality".

It therefore stands that self determination is legitimate across the globe no matter the location so long as they are indigenous to their land. It then poses a question as to why are Biafrans consistently  being harassed, molested and even decimated for expressing this right as a people?

I will at this point want to advise Mr. Donald Trump of the US as the world's most civilised democracy, to address promptly, the Biafran question with the required boldness and wisdom. The brutality and oppression of the Buhari led government must be scrutinised and punished for crime against humanity. Your administration sir, mustn't  be seen as that which condones lawlessness, dishonor and criminality.

It is now pertinent for all my fellow Biafran compatriots, to be steadfast and resolute in this pursuit of the restoration of the Biafran as a sovereign state. The US government and the leadership of the IPOB worldwide, must as a matter of urgency, channel all possible resources at their disposals, to the restoration of the nation of Biafra. It is total freedom for Biafra either through BALLOT BOX (REFERENDUM) or OPEN DECLARATION.

We must remain unruffled in this quest.

I rest my case!

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press

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