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Monday 26 June 2017

Nigeria's Absence In ECOWAS Summit with Isreali Prime Minister And The Restoration Of Biafra

Nigeria's Absence In ECOWAS Summit with Isreali Prime Minister And The Restoration Of Biafra

By Ifeatu Osegbo
For Family Writers Press

The state of Israel for ages has remained an endangered state just like Biafrans in the present Nigerian state. Just the same way the state of Israel is facing hostilities from their surrounding Arab nations on daily basis, so are Biafrans, constantly maimed and killed by the marauding jihadistic terrorists from the Islamic Northern part of Nigeria, orchestrated by the evil amalgamation of the contraption called Nigeria by the British slave masters led by Lord Lugard.

The absence of the Nigerian state at the just concluded  ECOWAS_CEDEAO summit held in July 4th, 2017 is as a result of age long hatred of the Islamic Northern part of Nigeria on the state of Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu since July 2016 has embarked on several diplomatic moves to foster relations and cooperation with Africa and other countries of the world. This recently was a matter of discuss at the ECOWAS_CEDEAO summit which was hosted in Monrovia, the capita city of Liberia where he had the opportunity to meeting with West African leaders and also to sign agreements to implement the Israel-ECOWAS understanding regarding international cooperation that will focus on areas which includes:

1) Food security and poverty alleviation.

2) Agricultural, rural development and water resource development.

3)  Anti-desertification, training and professional guidance for personnel from ECOWAS member states. According to a press statement from Netanyahu’s office, it reads “this agreement is also for an opportunity to work together to reduce poverty, improve water resources and the fight against terror”.

The event was well attended by the presidents and heads of government of  different states in the African sub region, including Niger and Mali, who even though do not have diplomatic relations with Israel, felt the cooperation would be beneficial to their fight against terrorism and poverty eradication which has been on the rise globally recently. They saw a varitable opportunity to harness and improve relations with a country that has demonstrated strength in the fight against terrorism and has barely transformed a desert into an egalitarian space of which it's exactly the same challenges facing their respective countries presently.

Nigeria however, was conspicuously absent during an event of this magnitude happening in the sub region.  It is very hard to believe that Nigeria, which accounts for almost a two-third of the population of the sub region and who also is faced with challenges of terrorism and overlashing poverty, infrastructural decay and many other vices to mention but a few, was absent with no official delegate at the event. And to worsen the already bad situation, according to the Nigeria media syndicates, the 'Presidency' did not issue or release an official statement as to why it did not participate in the event. So Nigeria, be it as it may, do not really want to obliterate the menace and canage caused by Boko Haram terrorists that have ravaged the Nigerian state beyond  repair, through their activities of wanton destruction of lives and properties of innocent citizens.  And to this, one begins to wonder if the so called fight against terrorism and infrastructural development are mere lip services or just  the usuall slogans the fantastically corrupt leaders of Nigeria conjured to lure her citizens into believing that they are  working and that Nigeria is progressing. Since Nigeria, through her actions and inaction has taken a stance to remain stagnant, similarly, Biafrans have unapologetically taken a stand on their quest to exiting Nigeria and will take bold steps in building allies not just with the state of Israel but also with other nations of the world.

It is pertinent to note however, that during this trip, Mr. Netanyahu was accompanied by Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz, Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel, Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely and MK Avraham Neguise who is African by birth. Nothing that Nigeria could have seized the opportunity to build strong ally with the state of Israel and signing  treaties or memorandum of understanding so as to help in building an egalitarian society that will thrive in all human endeavours and ramifications. Nigeria has remained in a "State of Emergency" in many sectors since more than fifty years after independence and still counting, yet ignored a great opportunity to make history for herself.

Unfortunately, the reasons for Nigeria’s absence in the summit may not be far-fetched. If not as a result of hypocrisy of her leadership, it will be as result of gross violation of human rights of Biafrans who are always at fore to let bare the atrocities of the Nigerian government for the world to see. The fact that Biafrans have been killed, maimed, murdered, unlawfully incarcerated and secretly abducted and taken to an unknown destination probably for summary execution is also a case in point,  as evidently contained on the report released in November 23rd, 2016 by the internationally recognised human rights group- Amnesty International (AI) where 150 Biafrans were gruesomely murdered on the express order of the Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari and her military commanders in khaki. The Nigerian government has continued to perpetuate all kinds of atrocious crimes against Christian Biafrans, if not through her marauding Fulani herders masquerading as cow rearers, who invade farmlands and homes to continue with their killing and raping business, then it will be her military forces who shoot at sight unarmed protesters going about their legal rights which is fundamental and constitutional. This renewed wave of terrorism and violence against Biafrans has made the Biafra question a global and international phenomenon and media attractive.

Recently in an event to commemorate the holocaust in Israel, Mr. Netanyahu, being the first world leader to acknowledge and speak on the Biafra genocide on the international level, condemned the world on their conspiracy of silent on the matter under discussion and maintaining blind eye on the oppression of Biafrans and their imminent extermination from the earth surface if they hypocritically continue to abate and condone such annihilation of a people, even as he urged the world powers to look beyond politics and  assist the Biafrans and other oppressed peoples of the world.

Meanwhile, the president of  Senegal was present at the summit. It is no longer news that Senegal is a strong supporter of the Palestinian state, who even voted against Israel at the UN recently, also had their President in one on one conversation with Mr. Netanyahu. Recall that Senegal’s vote against Israel in the UN recently sparked a fire of rivalry between the two sovereign nations which even resulted into both sides withdrawing their ambassadors back to their respective countries. But, despite the height of tension it generated, the government of Senegal eschewed pride and made history for herself by being present in the summit to seek for areas of cooperation for a sustainable development with Israel. Both countries are now friends and has agreed to commence diplomatic relations. So where is the Nigerian government in all these? she is nowhere to be found.

It’s also important to note that King Mohammed V, the King of Morocco who was actually meant to be around for the event kindly declined from going but sent delegates in a representative capacity. This is probably in line with the Israeli-Arab relation which has been going on for a while. While King Mohammed’s case can be justified, as he eventually sent his delegates, that of the Nigerian government is simply unjustifiable and it is a sign of crass ignorance on events of the 21st century.

At this juncture is it noteworthy to state that, Mr. Netanyahu’s visit was made possible by an earlier visit of President Marcel Alain de Souza of Benin Republic who at the time, served as the President of ECOWAS and was the first leader of the organisation to visit Israel. During that same period, Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin met to discuss economic cooperation and regional security related issues. Today, Israel is to sign a deal worth of million dollars in the region.

Ever since President Buhari became the president of Nigeria, he has embarked on several unfavourable foreign trips that has only but negative economic effect to the Nigerian people. President Buhari spent more than 40 days abroad in his first 5 months in office and emerging reports indicated that on each trip Buhari spent an average sum of $100.8m which rounds up to about N1.4bn in total spent on fourteen trips in less than 6 months. In this past two years of ‘One Chance’  Change, we have not seen any impact of any of these trips. Meanwhile, a sincere and a genuine leader from a Benin Republic could bring Netanyahu to West Africa, which is the first time, a non-African world leader is taking the stage to address the African sub region. With this historical deal between Mr. Netanyahu and other governments of the sub region, Mr. Souza has taught other West Africans states especially Nigeria, that government travels should be strategic and the one that will yield necessary proceeds that will eventually breed positive development and not necessarily a jamboree. Following Mr. Souza’s example, the President of Togo, has taken the lead to organising an Israeli-African conference in October, 2017. This is meant for all African nations and most countries in Africa are invited. But Nigeria which is an evil contraption will as usual dissociate herself from this upcoming epoch making event.            

However, during his speech at the event, Mr Netanyahu  mentioned several recent cases of terrorism in Niger and Mali and did not  mention anything about Nigeria which sends an unprecedented and negative signal to Nigeria. Even if Nigeria as a matter of omission or commission was not mentioned, it stems to put Nigeria in a bad light. Mr Prime Minister may be, is aware of the fact the Nigerian government is aiding and abating Boko Haram terrorists and may have seen their fight against insurgency as hypocritical, insincere and a hoax. The earlier Biafra is restored the better for humanity residence therein. Biafrans will no longer remain silent in the face of evil, that's why they have risen to take back their land and also tell their stories.

Later during the ECOWAS event, the Prime minister met individually with different West African leaders, notably with Macky Sall of Senegal. They made peace at the event and agreed to resume joint projects that were suspended in the wake of UNSC Resolution #2334 which Senegal proposed  to carry on with New Zealand. Both countries as noted earlier, has recommenced diplomatic relations.

To this end, I will like to in the words of Nnamdi Kanu conclude: “I will destroy Nigeria with the truth”. This is really becoming a reality as Nigeria is gradually losing her place in the scheme of things both  locally and internationally. With the way things are going now, the remaining standing structure in the British Empire is getting ready for the final collapse and this will surely pave way for imminent restoration of kingdom of Biafra which will be the pride of not just Africa or black race but of the entire world.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press


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