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Monday 3 July 2017



By Chima Chibueze
For Family Writers

The Biafra agitation has become an overwhelming phenomenon within the stateless Nigeria and  international communities. The Biafra question has also become a national issue and the leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has become a house hold name and a name to reckon with by politicians. The unprecedented wave at which Biafra activists clamour to restore their identity and heritage has reached it's crescendo. Nigeria today, is being shaken from it's foundation as a result of the tenacious and relentless efforts of Biafrans from all works of life in demanding for the total and complete restoration of Biafra which was wrongly rubbed through the amalgamation of the Southern and Northern protectorate that precipitated the present day Nigeria. Biafrans in Nigeria, due to marginalization, economic strangulation and political disenfranchisement, with accompanying pogroms, calculated extermination and genocidal orgy of violence targeted and executed against them, have continued to demand for a state of their own, devoid of threat to life and  properties,  a nation where will be relatively peaceful, where rule of law and human rights of every citizens will be highly esteemed, where human and economic development will be a priority. In other words, Biafrans have become  endangered species in their own land, hence, their recent agitation 50years after the declaration of sovereign state Biafra by Col. Chukwuemeka Ojukwu in 1967, which led to a genocidal war of aggression and attrition by the Nigerian government and her British ally. However, the recent demand for referendum by Biafrans is not in any way a demand for war as being peddled by mischief makers within the Nigerian enclave. It is a democratic process which is used in democratical dispensation for the people to decide on a particular national issue of interest through ballot and not bullets.

Earlier this year, if any political rogue want to escape criminal prosecution, he will just get acquainted or identify with the ruling party- APC. Few months ago, before he joined APC, the embattled former governor of Abia state, Orji Uzor Kalu was in court on a case of corruption, where he is being accused of looting and siphoning billions of Naira belonging to the good people of Abia state, but today haven joined the ruling party- APC, the case is no longer heard. So many other corrupt politicians have escaped justice in the same way and manner through joining the "moving train". This has always been the Nigerian party system, where corrupt politicians jump from one political party (especially to the ruling party) to another. Unfortunately, this is no longer working for these political thieves  these days due to the obvious fact that the "(de)criminalizing" waters of the APC has been over saturated, hence, they suddenly resorted to backbiting, condemning, criticism and by all means demeaning character assassination to anything or anybody that stands to counter their evil political plots of which Biafra agitation and call for referendum is a major challenge to them.

Also, not left out are harlots that are seeking "high profile" patronage; including the "madams" in Europe who want to avoid NAPTIP will just criticize Biafra and Nnamdi Kanu. Even an ordinary "ekuke" in the Nigerian entertainment industry, who has never seen her career's "period" for years, was barking against the Biafra movement just to draw the attention of randy film makers to herself. An attention that will inevitably lead to a one night congress before a mundane show-your-face-and-cleavage role is assigned to her.

Succinctly stated, the above scenario is basically the wave in Nigeria, which is being structured and powered, just like the way the British oligarchy ran the British Empire by the help of Crown-commissioned pirates. Any criminal or any desperado that seeks favours from the government only needs to display their "loyalty" and provide their "talents" and their wishes will be granted. Yet, you still wonder how the government of Nigeria is filled with rogues and bootlickers.

Watch very carefully and make no mistake about it, those showing false sympathy to the Biafra movement are those who have been against Biafra restoration since the beginning. They are now faced with the impending reality of the emergence of the Biafran Nation thus, have disguised their narratives as "genuine concerns" for "Igbo-centric interests". They condemned the No-Referendum-No-Election directive by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and contrast him with Ojukwu on one side, and then vilify Nnamdi Kanu and Ojukwu on the order side. It is a win-win campaign for them, they are using one stone to pelt two strong and resilient Biafran leaders. These Biafra-phobics are also spreading lies that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu asked Biafrans to “tear” (in some places they say “burn”) their Nigerian passports and voters' cards. The devil is a liar! However, that is not the main issue. The issue is that some gullible persons seem to have fallen for these deceptions.

Biafrans listen, Nnamdi Kanu did not say you should throw away your voting rights. He said you should keep them safe for the Biafra Referendum. You shall use them to vote for your freedom. Do not expend them on wasteful and untrustworthy politicians.
while it is your right to vote, the right is also yours not to vote. That is simply not participating in electioneering.

To the one-Nigerianists and proponents of restructuring Nigeria; nobody is forcing you not to give away your political rights at Nigerian elections or to politicians who will sell you to the Hausa-Fulani landlords of Nigeria for personal political favours, but you can also prove to those politicians that it is your right to vote and also your right not to vote for them. You can make them know you want a Biafra Referendum to decide your future once and for all by denying them the currencies they use in purchasing political favours from British-Arewa slave masters. When you deny them these things, they will have no other option than to respect your decisions and honor your interests.

#We demand for Biafra Referendum
#We say No Elections in Biafra Land

Edited by Orji Munachimso
For Family Writers Press

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