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Wednesday 26 July 2017



By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers

There is a serious frustration in Nigeria in general and Arewa people in particular at the moment as being demonstrated by the unprecedented media rantings of the leader of Arewa Youths, Yerima Shettima. As it is, I cannot be expecting an almajiri like Yerima Shettima to understand the importance of standing at one point instead of jumping from one declaration to the other because he is an obscure illiterate making noise up and down to justify the huge payment given to him by Nigeria government as to threaten IPOB to shift ground on their demand on Biafra restoration. It is unfortunate that this clueless almajiri who talks from both sides of his mouth without coordination should be the only thing that the entire Northern Nigeria can front as their Youth leader. What a shame! What a backwardness!!

No wonder that Nigeria federation which is lying in the hands of their cabals is still dwelling in 18 and 19 century lifestyles when other nations are moving forward. It is upon this ground that Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) want the world to ask these almajiris the following questions:

1. Where is the Arewa youths quit notice on Biafrans slated for October 1, 2017? Have Arewa youths vacated the quit notice position?

2. Where is Arewa youths' open letter to Acting-president of Nigeria calling for Igbos to exit Nigeria for the people of North and West who still love Nigeria through referendum?

3. Where is Arewa Youths petitions to United Nations with citations of several articles of UN charter for Biafrans to be assisted to go through peaceful Biafra referendum?

4. Where is the former stance or position of these Arewa Youths that they will be tired of staying in one country with Igbos after October 1, 2017?

5. Have IPOB not heard these noise-making Arewa Youths say that Nigeria have proven to be an unworkable union that deserve to be dissolved?

After considering these questions which it is only Arewa Youths can provide answers to, one can now come to understand that these gullible frustrated Arewa youths are only playing the script handed over to them by their sponsor which is Nigeria government. Arewa youths a.k.a rebranded Boko Haram thought that IPOB trembles at empty threats of unleashing terror to Biafrans in Northern Nigeria but to their greatest surprise, IPOB made them to know that it is a welcome development.

If these gullible Arewa youths want the world to see them as reasonable and serious, let them stop being pushed left and right by their secret sponsors because nobody can control IPOB against what they stood for since many years now which is RESTORATION of BIAFRA. IPOB is aware that the noise making of Arewa youths is borne out of their frustrations and that of their sponsors. If Arewa Youths deserves to be given attention, they should not be jumping from one declaration to the other. That is evidence that they lack ability to think before talking because of the fact that they are playing the script of their sponsors in their frustration.

Now we can see the type of senseless youths at the disposal of Northern Nigeria? Today, they want Biafrans to vacate North and tomorrow they are begging Biafrans to stay. Today, Nigeria is unworkable union for Arewa youths deserving dissolution, tomorrow Nigeria is a cherished entity that they love and want uphold. Today, Biafra agitation of IPOB is legitimate in the eyes of Arewa youths because it contained in relevant charters of United Nations and Africa Union, tomorrow they are hauling all manner of insults against Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB for standing on the demand of the provision of UN charter which same Arewa Youths cited. It is on this say this one today, and say another tomorrow that I hereby ask these three questions:

1. What do Arewa youths exactly want from Biafrans, to leave Nigeria so that Nigerians will have peace from various agitations or to stay back and continue disturbing Nigeria with agitations?

2. Who are these cabals sponsoring these empty skulls called Arewa youths and experimenting with brain, in such that they will say something today and contradict themselves tomorrow?

3. Does it mean that UN and AU charters cited by the Arewa youths as contained in the season 1 movie script of their sponsors from Aso Rock in June 6, 2017 which they acted in Arewa House in Kaduna, do not make meaning to them anymore?

At first, people all over the world thought that Arewa people have upgraded as they were quoting these relevant conventions as they were calling for Biafra referendum but right now, nobody still take those rebranded terrorists serious because they jump from one declaration to the other. However, Biafran youths still want them to know that it is either Biafra restoration or nothing. Arewa youths should continue to make more declaration but that does make any meaning to IPOB. A word is enough for the wise!

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