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Sunday 2 July 2017



Written By Paul Ihechi Alagba,
For Family Writers.

For every action, there is  an equal and opposite reaction, says the legendary English scientist, Sir Isaac Newton in his third promulgation of the laws governing motion. The above scientific and intellectual citation best illustrates the current status quo of the Nigeria state. It is the most unsubtle dissection as to why the British 'Giant of Africa' has suddenly transformed into a swinging pendulum, confronted by a horrible disastrous past and a gloomy future.

The actions and inactions of the Nigeria establishment is propelling what will definitely go down in history as the greatest civil revolution of the 21st century. Ignited by the ingenuity of one man called Nnamdi Kanu, and fueled by the despotic tendencies of an insensible government which is steered by a bunch of unrepentant tyrants, extreme bigots and inept power drunkards; we now have a country catapulting itself pretentiously unto the apex position of world's most notorious failed states.

 The unstoppable upsurge of the Biafra independence movement led by the Indigenous People of Biafra,IPOB, is typically a product of Nigeria government's intellectual deficiency and a magnanimous blunder of the political power brokers, who in their deepest sense of ignorance holds dear, the despotic belief that the only way to achieve a national cohesion and inject the spirit of absolute nationalism on the masses is through guns, bullets threats, incarceration, imprisonment and mass killings. This is exactly what has provoked the explosive, aggressive and unquenchable reaction of Biafrans against what has been seen as a deliberate state sponsored unending war of oppression and extermination against an entire race.

Today, what started as an internet radio broadcast from far away United Kingdom, has now graduated to a mighty tornado which will in no distant time subject Nigeria conglomeration to a test of the furnace. Nnamdi Kanu has unequivocally declared that unless a 'Biafrexit' referendum date is announced, Biafrans shall henceforth refuse to partake in any of Nigeria's  electioneering process. This declaration has  since thrown the Nigeria sit of power and the naive 'One-Nigerianists' into a state of pandemonium and ultimate comatose. Nnamdi Kanu's affirmation and oral inferno upon the highly inflammable Nigeria's political bloodstream is reverberating across the nooks and crannies of not only Nigeria, but also the world at large.

 The fear of Nigeria nationalists and political elites is not just that a total boycott of all electioneering processes in Biafra Land has been declared; the paranoia that has gripped them is because of nothing else other than the fact that such order is coming from Nnamdi Kanu, a man who commands the undiluted loyalty and reverence of not less than 80percent of the Biafra populace worldwide. A man who has proven to be tested and trusted by his own people. A man who has surmounted the jinx of the evil strongholds of the Nigeria state and has subjected the notorious political cabals to an irredeemable ridicule by mere words that seems to flow directly from the divine tunnel.

 Surely, it is certain that come November this year, something significant will be observed in Anambra as Biafrans in the state chooses between Nnamdi Kanu's supreme leadership which promises absolute freedom, and that of the political merchants in Biafra Land who can at the slightest opportunity, trade the rights and safety of their own people for a porridge of yam.
 It is not surprising that the political puppets in Biafra land are now having sleepless nights over the impending boycott of elections by the masses as ordered by Nnamdi Kanu. They are aware that their embezzlement enterprise is about to be dismantled, hence they are now running helter-skelter seeking for refuge where there is none.

 Of course, nobody who witnessed how Nnamdi Kanu shut down the entirety of Biafra Land, most especially Anambra state on the 30th of May; as well as the multitude of Biafrans that has regularly flooded Nnamdi Kanu's country home in Umuahia, Abia state, would doubt the possibility of such a centurial wonder  repeating itself come November. If Biafrans can obey Nnamdi Kanu's command and sit at home in remembrance of fallen heroes, why then would any sane and intelligent mind propagate that this generation of aggrieved Biafrans cannot do anything to ensure the restoration of Biafra freedom, even if it means rejecting every political or electoral process engineered by the oppressors, which can only end up legalising 'Biafrans' continuous subjugation in Nigeria?

 It should be noted that one of the most remarkable achievements of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, led by Nnamdi Kanu is the fact that it has succeeded in saturating Nigeria's political discuss with the unquenchable wave of Biafra resurgence. In other words, IPOB has totally resurrected the spirit of Biafra, it has been let loose, and it is definitely coming out with a force that defies gravity; all thanks to strategic planning, preemptive innovations, superior arguments and the ever resolute intelligentsia under which IPOB is deeply rooted.

Also, the leadership and organisational structure of IPOB as laid down by Nnamdi Kanu has made it a near impossibility for the Nigeria government to penetrate or destabilise. The impeccable accountability and trustworthiness of the supreme leadership command of IPOB epitomized in the person of Nnamdi Kanu is just an excellent attribute of what drives every successful revolutionary movement. The magnitude love and reverence Biafrans have for Nnamdi Kanu is beyond human comprehension in that almost the entirety of Biafra Land standstill at his command. This is exactly what has subjected his antagonistic critics to a state of utter discomfort and frustration; having come to the realisation that Nnamdi Kanu is not standing alone.

1 comment

  1. We should learn to respect and support somebody that is doing what we cannot do, it is wisdom so to do.


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