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Wednesday 12 July 2017



By Ekwenye Samuel for Family Writers Press

Having finalised my research on the reasons behind the creation of South-South region in Nigeria, I want to ask our people carved in there, the reasons behind their refusal to accept their real identity.

The world acceptably- recognises four cardinal points,  which demarcates every nation into four equal parts right from the Equator. Hence, we have:

The North and West Poles are known to be centers while in between the two lies NORTH WEST (NW°), being the area where North and West were bounded which has it's main occupants from both the North and the West central got mixed up. At the East,  the North bounds with it, called NORTH EAST (NE°). This applies to all the other parts such as North N° Central, North West NW°, West W° Central, South West SW°, South S° Central, South East SE°, East E° Central, North East NE°.

As you carefully study the above Geographical Poles and their boundaries, you will then be left with some questions begging for answers:

1) Since the so-called South-South region was created in the contraption called Nigeria, why there exists no place like West-West or North-North?

2) How can restructuring be effectively carried out within these boundaries where people of diverse ideologies and beliefs co-habit?

A retrospective look at the creation of Nigeria in 1914 by Frederick Lugard, a British colonialist suggests otherwise. In one of my previous analysis, I pointedly stated the issues arising from the concoction of this enslavement entity called Nigeria by Frederick Lugard and his girl friend, Flora Shaw but by my assessment, this wicked arrangement still brings to the fore, a clearer reason why this morbid and false structure must collapse and the citizenry continues to display some animalistic antecedents.

Well between 1890s and 1912, before the emergence of what is yet known till date as Nigeria right from 1914, it obviously became clear that what had existed was North-East and the Northern protectorates even when the land (geographical) areas were divided into four equal parts through imaginary lines of the Equator which reads N°, W° and E°. The Southern part of Nigeria today was then never occupied by any other group of people apart from the Igbos.  They are exceptionally hardworking which they so much cherish for survival. Their main occupation was fishing, hunting and farming which have remained up till date, most acceptable means of livelihood in the South especially in Bayelsa State . As a result of the adventurous nature of the Igbos down South, the Nigerian oligarchical  oppressors with their allies, renamed that part of the country by calling it South-South just to foist division and enmity amongst brothers and sisters bonded by destiny, at both sides of the divide, South and East. Realising that this would appear dangerous for the unity of these Indigenous nationalities for generations, the oppressors streamlined strategies to further alienate the people from  illegitimacy of crude oil exploration in addition to the evil concoction of the country called Nigeria by these British vampires. Because Nigeria was an imposition, there has been barrages of human rights abuses against the people of one destiny.  The so-called South-South was a fabrication of our enemies just the same way the contrapted Nigeria was, by the British political slave masters, all aimed at totally eliminating the Igbos from the surface of the earth. This is the time of the destruction of all these plots and sponsors both within and outside Nigeria.

Rejecting Biafran citizenship as some of our brothers and sisters within the South-South region do, amounts to self rejection from all divinely ordained blessings outlined to better one's future. It stems from the defeatist mentality of division and acrimony already implanted by the enemies. Nigeria will never develop beyond this level even after 100 years of fictitious and demonically inspired amalgamation and 50 years after independence.

The growth limit of Nigeria has be attained and no amount of United States dollars pumped into restructuring will suffice in redeeming it.

And for those clamouring for the delusional abracadabra called restructuring over  the total and full restoration of the sovereignty of the nation of Biafra, be advised  here therefore, renounce such a move because it has not and will never come. Past and present military and civilian leaders of Nigeria both dead and alive have tried fruitlessly in this fantasy. The only success was the billions of money spent to swell the pockets of different bodies and individuals.

Nigeria has now become a shameless prostitute of which trying to restructure or recondition it at this time amounts to criminality as the huge amount money to be budgeted for such an exercise will mean suffocating some people to death in different geographical areas.

Restructuring of Nigeria from previous administrations never worked because it has been a taboo right from its foundation. To bring sanity to the country where different tongues, beliefs, origin and culture exist,  is deemed illegal and unattainable. There is no boast of any meaningful infrastructural development till date in the whole Eastern and Southern regions except the ones acquired through self efforts. Therefore rejecting the concept of restoring Biafra for Nigeria is tantamount to choosing death over life, justice, freedom and progress. Restructuring will never work because that will mean denying the Northern oligarchical bigots their everlasting rights to power and economic parasitism. It is better for Biafra to go it's own way than staying put and be reeling under the weight of false unity and enslavement policies of Nigerianists.

I at this point wish that all Biafrans no matter which geographical divide you presently find yourself, to extricate himself/herself from the delusion theory of restructuring and join hands in making the unfettered Biafra restoration project a reality. This is the end of this week's edition of FWFFA. And until next week, remain blessed and resolute in the struggle.


Edited by Peter Oshagwu , Family Writers Press

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