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Wednesday 2 August 2017


•2nd August 2017•

- By Maxwell Chuks
for Family Writers Press

On this special edition of Family Writers' Trending Spotlight Of The Week; we'll be presenting to you the hottest/trending updates of the week, reactions from the public and our view.

• First on Spotlight desk this week;
Militants blew up trans-Niger pipeline, order NNPC out of Ogoni land.
This sudden warning and Gbozaaa on pipeline came after months of silence and cease fire from the Youths who took to the creeks and vow to zero and destroy oil trans pipelines over what they call neglect, inhumane treatment on their people and subjugation by the Nigeria government despite the resources(oil) used to build and develop other areas comes from their region.

• Despite abduction, destruction of lives and properties; drama continues as Nigeria military moves 43 alleged surrendered Boko haram terrorists to Gombe state for radicalization and rehabilitation programme.
Hmmm.... Recall, many lives and properties have been destroyed by this group but non have been prosecuted and sentenced just like other countries do to serve as example to others, rather when they are caught, special treatment is given to them.
"They're codedly recruiting terrorists into the military to use them as Islamization tools and against Biafrans" - that's speculations from the streets.
Still watching..

• "We're not one, let Biafrans go" - Anglican bishop of Amichi, Rt. Reverend Ephraim Okechukwu Ikeakor (JP) tell FG of Nigeria. Speaking further, he said the federal government of Nigeria has failed to answer some security questions Biafrans hold against them as an evident of their marginalization, subjugation and hardship, hither making them third class citizens in Nigeria.

• "Arrest Nnamdi Kanu now" - Yoruba Youths Congress(YYC) tells Osinbajo.
Meanwhile, on regards to this group which surfaced from nowhere and made this laughable call, different Yoruba Youths' which were thought to be behind this group have distanced themselves from the group.
If they are not Nigeria political jobbers, the question which Spotlight expect a reply from them is: If the group is real, where were they when herdsmen were maiming and slaughtering people all over Nigeria?
Where were they when a women from their home was beheaded by Muslims in Kano for preaching Christianity?
Why didn't they speak against injustice and evil?

• Just like the proposed plan by IPOB to boycott Nigerian election, Lagos Youths boycotted Lagos polls over what they call dissatisfaction.
Hmmm... Good morning to Nigeria.

• "If Nigeria break, Southern Kaduna will go with Biafra" - Danfulani voiced out as he complain about the killing of Christians by Muslims in Southern Kaduna.

• APC Nigeria government again°
"We'll checkmate fake news against the government and arrest those involve" - Lai Muhammade spits fire.
Hmmm... Still wondering between the masses and APC government who should be complaining more on been fed always with fake news and information.

• "We'll end Boko haram and Secession agitations in three months" - Commandant General of National Unity and Peace Corps(NUPEC), Chinedu Nneji tell Nigerians.
Huh! Wonderful imagination and Same old tales.

• During the week; there came another serious panic as Southwest group declared secession from Nigeria, demanded for Oduduwa Republic.
Ghen! Ghenn!!!

• Panic and serious outcry rained in Degema Local Government Area community in Rivers state as men of the Nigeria military invade community, raze 15 houses and chase residents away over alleged attack on their base by unknown persons.

• Okonjo Iwela.
Remember her? Former Nigeria minister of Finance.
She made it again, not in Nigeria but UK.
UK Bank were she'll earn £130,000 per year named her director.
Congrates to her.

• 14 killed, 24 injured in another suicide attack in Borno during the week.
Guess who the suicide bombers are...
Islamic Boko Haram.

• Ezu River dead bodies; report indicts police four years after incident.
And the question to Nigeria government from me here on Spotlight desk is: So what next?

• "Igweocha (Portharcourt) is not part of BiafraLand, Yoyoyoyo...." But guess what?
Massive crowd troop out en mass and welcome Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB as he visit Obigbo in Igweocha.

• "We maintain our stand on Biafra and referendum" - Nnamdi Kanu insist during visit to Igweocha.

• Still on the matter; Despite threat from David Umahi of Ebonyi state, Nnamdi Kanu storm Ebonyi state, chase Nigeria military out of his way as millions welcome him.
After the visit; guess what the great man said:.. "Go and tell Umahi that I'll come to Ebonyi state again, this time I'll close down Ebonyi state for three days".
Ghen! Ghenn!!!!

• The sensitization and visit still continues.
Imo state stood still during the week as millions both old and young happily welcome Nnamdi Kanu in Owerri, the state capital.
Hmmmm.... With Spotlight camera; I have been trying to know between Nnamdi Kanu and

the so-called leader of BiafraLand, who are truly the accepted leader. The visits Nnamdi Kanu, the leaders of IPOB embarked on tells a lot and it also indisputably prove that he's the true and accepted leader.

• As the week rolls, fasten it's seat belt to say goodbye, serious war broke out between Biafrans and Publishers of Punch newspaper.
When asked what the problem is, IPOB said "Punch Newspaper is feeding the masses with fake news". On Spotlight move to find out what the fake news is, we discovered that Punch newspaper peddled a big lie against Nnamdi Kanu by saying that Biafran Youths in Imo state opposed Nnamdi Kanu and disrupt rally. Meanwhile the visit of Nnamdi Kanu recorded a great success as millions leave their homes and business, and welcome him.
Still on the matter; "We ban Punch newspaper in Biafra Land" - Biafrans voiced with anger as they vow to boycott Punch newspaper and materials.

• Anambra election:
"Nothing will change our stand, we'll boycott the election and other elections in BiafraLand if the Nigeria government do not conduct referendum" - Biafrans tells the world once again.

• "Nobody can stop Nnamdi Kanu from coming or conducting rally in Lagos" - Femi Fani-Kayode.
This came shortly after threats and warnings came from different angles over the report that the leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is planning to visit Lagos state to conduct a rally with Biafrans who reside in the area.
Femi Fani-Kayode who spoke through an article he published online, said he and other Yorubas will be happy to welcome Nnamdi Kanu, he added that no one can stop him from coming to Lagos.

• "If any harm befall Nnamdi Kanu, Nigeria won't survive it for even a minute" - IRA Warns.
Recall; this isn't the first warning or the first group giving Nigeria government such advice and warning.
The question is: Will they listen?
Let's watch.

• Ghen! Ghennn!!!!
Guess what..............
"Biafra, Oduduwa Republic will be achieved, restructuring won't work".
Guess who said this...
Yoruba Group.
This sudden break of silence came shortly after the so-called restructuring of Nigeria was laughed at and thrown out of Nigerian House of Senate.
Ohuoh!... Everything is becoming very interesting.

• EXTRACT from Family Writers •

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