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Tuesday 1 August 2017



By Ikechukwu Innocent Onyeji
For Family Writers Press

Fellow Biafrans, it is a shame that in a region that possess arguably, the highest literacy level in the country, you still find people who do not understand the basic rudiments of a democratic government that we always claim to practice. Anybody trying to frighten you into voting come November 18th in Anambra State, by telling you that a Military Sole Administrator will be imposed if you boycott the elections is a liar from the subcutaneous part of hell. The person lacks the most basic understanding of even their own military constitution that is the 1999 Constitution.

First and foremost, the reason why you should boycott the elections is simply because it is Civil Disobedience. It is an inalienable right that is as old as democracy itself. Secondly, this is a democratic regime, though in name only, because this is a regime that still flout court orders. Therefore, the thought of Military Administrator is downright nonsensical. In this article, we are going to examine the reasons why it is illegal for a Sole Administrator to be appointed in Anambra State should there be a successful boycott of the polls by Ndi Anambra.

Chapter 6, Section 180, subsection 2a & b, of the 1999 constitution states clearly the terms by which the governor of a state will vacate his/her tenure. In summary the constitution made it clear that the governor must vacate his office at the end of the expiration of his four years, commencing from the date when he took his Oath of office. That is to say that the seat of the Anambra state governor must be declared vacant by November 18th, 2017. On the other hand, the constitution is also clear on the requirements that must be met before a winner in a governorship elections could emerge. Apart from, being a citizen, being of legal age limit, having the right educational qualification and an excellent criminal record, a winner can only emerge if he/she obtains the highest number of votes cast at the election. He must also have at least one-quarter of all the votes cast in each of at least two-thirds of all the Local Government Areas in the State. An effective boycott will ensure none of these happens and will lead to a vacancy at the State House in Awka, with the elections having been declared null and void. However, section 190, sub-section 2 of the 1999 constitution takes care of that emergency. Hence, it is stated there in black and white that should there be a vacancy the Speaker assumes authority for a period of three(3) months during which INEC will conduct fresh elections. Our people, especially the educated once should endeavour to read and educate others so that everyone knows their civic rights.

Furthermore, after three  months of the speakers reign as the stand in governor, fresh elections will be conducted and if they fail to give us a referendum date, the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) will have no option but to boycott again. Which means the speaker will continue to hold office for the duration of his tenure which is until 2019. In fact, if they fail to give us a Referendum date, their will be political impasse in the land and IPOB in conjunction with Ndi Anambra would have shown the whole world that we have rejected in totality, anything that has to do with this contraption called Nigeria. We will continue in this direction until 2019 when the speakers tenure will expire. Then come 2019, we will now unveil plan B.

With the above facts, the scaremongering about a Military Sole Administrator is just garbage and nonsensical. Nothing of such can happen. In fact, any budding lawyer will be praying for INEC to goof badly on that ground so he can make a name for himself by suing INEC and getting a favourable Judgement because both the constitution and the electoral Act is clear on what happens when such constitutional emergency occurs.

Its rather ironical, but APGA should be praying for a total boycott because the speaker is a member of their party. They should ensure he does not defect to APC. Well, the business of IPOB and Ndi Anambra is to ensure a total lock down of the state on that day in other to prove to the whole world that we are no longer interested in anything that has to do with this fake country of weaker animals, higher animals, Jackals, Hyenas and a terminally sick Lion King. A country where absolutely nothing works.

Therefore, Ndi Anambra do not be scared into selling your future out of fear. Emancipate yourselves from slavery because this is our only chance. In fact, the keys to success of our journey to our beloved Motherland Biafra is in the hands of Ndi Anambra. It is time for Anambra to arise and act like the Okpara (1st son),  that it is, It is time for Anambra to liberate Biafra, It is time for Anambra to unshackle his brothers and himself too. Anambra will Liberate Biafra, Iseeeeeee!

Finally, when next the Merchanta of fear accost you, kindly ask them if they are so sure of their position, why are they panicking and pissing their pants. Why mandating civil servants in Anambra to submit their voters card under duress or risk loosing their hard-earned monthly wages for July till September? Let nobody deceive you Biafrans, Novernber 18th is Ofe Nsala day and you have the keys to liberate Biafra and sink this British game reserve, this Lugardian cage once and for all.
Daalu nu, Ukpana Okpoko gburu bukwa nti chiri ya Umunnem. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (Peace be upon him)  have sacrificed enough to get us to this point, it is now in the hands of Biafrans in Anambra state to vindicate his struggle. He has placed before Biafrans in Anambra, the freedom of Biafraland and eternal slavery in the contraption called Nigeria. The choice is ours now to boycott the elections and Biafra will come.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press

1 comment

  1. The hand of Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu must give us Biafra. If not him APGA would not have been there abd to give us different Governorship election date from other Nigerian States.

    PDP_Ngige with Obasanjo stole the election Peter Obi APGA won because Obasanjo hates Ojukwu . APGA went to court while Ngige began to enjoy the spoils of office and forgot that it is a stolen good that has to be shared amongst the gang.
    Obasanjo became angry and allowed the courts to function as it should be and Peter Obi APGA won . This is partly the story .. Biafra without Ojukwu would have been buried.

    Ojukwu did not take bride and Nnamdi does not take meaning Biafra cannot blossom on bribery!. IPOB under the directorship of Nnamdi KANU will achieve our freedom. Biafra will be restored ..


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