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Saturday 19 August 2017

Go and Tell Obiano That Am Coming To Ekwulobia To Continue The Election Boycott Campaign - Nnamdi Kanu

Go and Tell Obiano That Am Coming To Ekwulobia To Continue The Election Boycott Campaign - Nnamdi Kanu

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press

Since the call for the boycott of all Nigerian election in Biafraland was declared by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), many untold evils have befallen the good people of Anambra state. From the Ozubulu Church massacre that Governor Willie Obiano and Nigeria police suspiciously quick to term drug war, to the Assemblies of God Church shooting in Onitsha that left one police man and a civilian dead. The good people of Anambra have suffered immeasurably all because of APC led Nigerian government's desperate move to continue keeping Biafrans marginalized in the contraption called Nigeria. Governor Obiano in collaboration with the APC led federal government have been trying tooth and nail to truncate the call by IPOB for Biafrans to boycott all subsequent Nigerian election in Biafraland that will foster the unimpeded actualization of Biafra via an internationally monitored referendum.

Recently, IPOB had their peaceful rallies in many states in Biafraland with little or no military and police attack or molestation, until IPOB and her leader thought it wise to visit Ekwulobia in Anambra State. It is on record that on 16th August, 2017, governor Willie Obiano sent a combine team of police and military men to disrupt IPOB rally in Ekwulobia, where unarmed Biafrans awaiting the arrival of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu were teargased and shot at with live bullets leaving scores with life threatening injuries. This attack and many others have never deterred or dampen the resolve of Biafrans to restoring Biafra under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Tomorrow being 20th August all Biafrans from different works of life  will throng the streets of Ekwulobia with IPOB leader to continue the gospel of Biafra restoration.

However, the resent distortion of news and misinformation championed by channel TV shows Obiano and APC led government resolve to scuttle our call for election boycott. We will not let the evil plans of governor Willie Obiano, who has joined hands with Hausa-Fulani jihadist government to materialise. We are determined and still maintain our stance on the election boycott in Anambra state come 18th November, 2017. Worthy of note, IPOB has never threatened to distrust any election, IPOB never promised to withdraw any threat to disrupt any election because  we all know that what does not exist can not be withdrawn. IPOB however, only called on every Biafran to boycott all Nigerian election in Biafraland starting with Anambra state election. We all know that IPOB would have done same thing had it been the election is in another state in Biafraland, therefore, the issue is not about a particular state that is involve but for the sake of Biafra restoration. It is about the call for Biafra referendum, it is about freedom, about putting a stop to long aged marginalization, injustice and inequality the Nigerian state has bathed Biafrans with for over a hundred years and counting. It is also about saying no to environmental degradation caused by oil spillage and halting the manace of Fulani herdsmen. Election boycott is what we are asking for and we want to take our destinies into our own hands. As for those that are in doubt, a call for election boycott is a civil disobedience. It is not a crime and not in any way a call for war. It has been used by many indigenous people struggling for freedom and most of these indigenous people are today flourishing independent nations. Biafrans have decided to join the league of flourishing independent nations through self determination with referendum as a panacea.

Therefore, whoever that knows Willie Obiano should go and tell him that IPOB is coming to Anambra state and Ekwulobia in particular to continue the campaign for election boycott because Biafra is here to stay and no going back.

We are formidable


  1. IPOB and all Biafrans within the environ must shutdown Ekwulobia on Sunday 20th of August, 2017 and show that drunkard WIllie Obiano that power belongs to the people not the foolish governor.

    1. You are right my brother. God will bless you for saying the truth. POWER BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE.


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