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Saturday 16 September 2017



By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers

The people of Biafra in West Africa under the occupational government of Nigeria is presently facing total extermination as the Nigerian army  deployed to the territory under the coded name "OPERATION PYTHON DANCE II" are going house to house, picking  Biafran youths in the cities of Aba, Umuahia, Obigbo, Asaba and secretly executing them with the view of quenching the burning fire of the Biafra  struggle. Biafran youths have been arrested, molested, butchered, tortured and massacred in these cities in the last few days of the Operation Python Dance show of shame but I am yet to hear notable world leaders say a word against such barbaric slaughter of innocent people.

The greatest plan of the Nigerian government through its army was to assassinate Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who is the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide.  The Nigerian army broke into his house in Umuahia on September 14, 2017, massacred dozens of Biafran civilians and kidnapped the father of the leader of IPOB, HRM. Israel Okwu Kanu as  his son Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was not sighted. The Nigerian government has completely gone out of both the international and domestic laws on any attempt to assassinate anybody whether the target is Nnamdi Kanu or not. It is a well known fact that there was no court warrant for the arrest of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu or any police invitation extended to him if he has committed any crime.

All these evils being meted on the Igbo youths of Biafra is the Nigerian government final attempt to force the people of Biafra, through the instrumentality of barrels of gun and armoured tanks to hands off Biafra. May I tell the Nigerian government that the unity of any country in this 21st century that is maintained using barrels of gun is nothing but a failed unity. The people of Biafra can never be forced to remain in Nigeria using intimidations  but superior arguments on why Biafrans should remain  in Nigeria to continue being butchered at all fronts by the Nigerian army and its sister security agencies.

It is unfortunate that the Nigerian  handlers are still living in dark ages during the period when nations are captured by superior powerful nations and forced into an Empire State such as the days of the Babylonian empire, Medo-Persian empire and Roman Empire, all before the birth of Jesus Christ. But such conquer and capture of indigenous nations by the superior nations have no place any more in this modern world. That is why Biafrans can never be forced to continue their stay in Nigeria using barrels of gun.

After a failed attempt to assassinate Mazi Nnamdi Kanu  when the rampaging soldiers invaded his residence in Umuahia, the Nigerian Army and SSS operatives have shifted the aggression to  Nnamdi Kanu's defense Lawyer, Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor residing in Abuja, Nigeria  whose residence was reportedly under siege. All these lawless display of the Nigerian armed forces are as a result of the Nigerian government wanting to force the people of Biafra to drop the agitation for self-determination through state sponsored terrorism. It is a known fact that the only magic a sensible government does to the agitation for a sovereign nation as the people of Biafra are doing should be to politically and economically pacify them  if the agitation persist. A peaceful plebiscite should be conducted  where the government is expected to test the popularity of the agitation. But in the case of Nigeria and Biafran people, it is barrels of gun, armoured cars and tanks,  grenades and fighter jets against Biafran youths.

It is now time for the world to break the silence over the issue of Biafra agitation. The world has spent too much time and resources talking about North Korea when North Korea is practically doing nothing  compared to the atrocities which the Nigerian government commits against  armless and non violent agitators. How long would the Nigerian government cage  Biafrans using barrels of gun and armoured tanks? Nigeria is drifting into anarchy should the government continue killing  hundreds of Biafrans  because of the agitation for self-determination . Let the world wade in now and compel the Nigerian government to organize a referendum so that peace will reign once again in the world.
I rest my case!


Edited by Ngozi Kalu
For Family Writers Press
Ngozi Kalu


  1. We need the names, numbers (approximate), pictures, and locations of these atrocities. Publish also the names, phone numbers, brigades/locations of the officers in charge, pictures etc. if available. That is the way to expose their crimes and to sanction them legally. In fact there should Facebook page or website specifically devoted to these terrorists and their victims-some type of an enemy's list.

    1. Their crime on ipob is clear the world sees the videos so we hold the president and army chief responsible

  2. There is serious need now to contact ipob Italy to organise protest at the Vatican city. Talk to the pope. Ask for referendum. My people why are we Christians if we can't get help from Christian hopes like the pope and the Vatican, including other Christian organisations. Let us move now to pope, Brussels ( EU HQ) to solicit for referendum

  3. The Nigerian State and its Army are the terrorists and current Southeast governors are selfish and cowards. However, this is now all Biafrans issue. Biafrans across the globe must unite and work together to liberate our people – especially young and the unborn from bondage, slavery and coming islamization. Let the Nigerian State know that Biafra nation must stand. This is a generational battle and we are going to fight this battle until last Biafran standing.


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