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Saturday 16 September 2017



My name is Rosa I. Segura. I was born in Mexico but my parents brought me to the United States Of America when i was only 9 months old. I grew up in USA. I  learned how to walk and talk here in America. I am a naturalist American and I thank God Almighty. I love America because of the freedom  we have and enjoy and the abundant blessings God Almighty has given us here.

My encounter with Biafrans...

 I  heard of Biafrans for the first time  in October 2015 when the Nigerian Government abducted Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and director of Radio Biafra London and Biafra TV.

Before then, I had never heard of the name Biafra, the Biafra-Nigeria Civil War nor its struggles to freedom, much more the undergoing genocide and massacres of the Biafran people. I used to think that Nigeria comprised of same people, same language, same religion, culture and had mutual understanding of each other, respect each other's beliefs.

I was consumed in these thoughts until  Biafrans came my way in America and   showed me countless pictures of the dead corpses of their people. I also found out about the different ethnic groups that lived altogether in Nigeria: the Yoruba people (who are Christian/Muslim), Hausa people (Muslims) and Fulani people (Muslims). My eyes opened.

As time passed by and I became  close friends to the Biafran people I got to know them better. I realized that they are friendly, peace-loving  people, smart, very intelligent and hard working, who love God Almighty and people. I have witnessed these two years that the Biafran people  even when they are going under heavy persecution in Nigeria their protests have been  peaceful but extremely bloody because of the Islamic Nigerian army shooting bullets and hurting Biafrans and most of the time killing them for exercising their God-giving right to self-determination .
Biafrans who live around the world in diaspora have made peaceful protests /demonstrations and none has been violent or even bloody because those countries where they live respect the rights of the people . I see them sing and dance in their protests /demonstrations despite all the humiliations their people suffer in Nigeria.

From my assertions above, my question to you all is:

WHO ARE THE REAL TERRORISTS IN NIGERIA? Because the Nigerian Army declared them a terrorist organization.

Is it the peaceful Biafrans who are only asking for referendum or the Islamic Nigerian government and army who  shoot and kill innocent unarmed Biafrans who want to be free from a country that beats , kills , kidnaps , rapes their women, steals from them, destroy  their property and do not have anything meaningful to offer to the Biafran people but sufferings, humiliations marginalization?

You can judge  who the real terrorists are !
This is why I decided to join Biafrans in their struggle to restore their ancient nation.. I became a member of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to help restore Biafra. I employ all people of good conscience  to please stand up, join and support Biafrans now to restore their God-given nation before the Islamic Nigeria wipes them out from the surface of the earth. Like me, you can become a member of the Indigenous People of Biafra to add your voice to this noble quest.

Thank you!
All Hail Biafra!


  1. Thank You! for your support to restore Biafran Nation God, bless you and also bless Biafrans in General

  2. My dear God will bless you. Biafra is the lost tribe of Isreal, if you read the history very well.

  3. God bless you sister! It shall be well with you and your family.

  4. Thank you for the word you see and come out to voice it out. If a woman like you will come out to say this the pain have pinted you for long. Are you thinking people like this should be allowed to live close to people. The cause of this if you will look to it. Those who will hold the bull by the horn are been bribed that is why this devilly act contnue to happen. This president is not today been known for sponsoring terrorist to achieve what he wants for life. The UN,EU and ecowas. What they do is that the Muslim brothers will buy their way out. Why like that because they don't want the right thing to reveal. If the leader are been subjected to bribe tell me how this can be solved. The number one in this bribing is ecowas. For you can see Nnamdi kanu case. Which off course is still on going. Today for court the next thing you hear it's been posponsed. Can you see why the world can not go well. That is why Muslim want to sign in to ECOWAS so that they can be the majority. So that they can beat down in defend of their men.

  5. PLS good People of good concience, what Biafran are clamouring for is freedom. Help us with all u can to achieve it

  6. May God bless u in fact your support g8ves more light to the whole worldwide to understand more why Biafra must be ,thank and God bless u

  7. Rosie Segura you are one in thousand. Thank you, God Bless you, and all hail Biafra!!!

    1. Rosie Segura you have just said it all,I wonder why people of this world (the world powers) can't do their needful duty by protecting the oppressed ones on this planet earth, especially in this part of the world, which is the reason God made them the world super powers.They saw what you saw,they heard,what you heard and they kept mute,for people to continue dying in dozens for asking for referendum which is their right as indigenous people.Where are UN,EU,AU,ECOWAS AND HUMAN RIGHTS world over.The world super powers,ISRAEL,AMERICA,RUSSIA,FRANCE,CHINA,ITALY,JAPAN and others, this is the hour they should rise up and prove to the world that they are for the oppressed.Turkish government have been calling on the world to wake up and support Biafra and they all pay deaf ear to the call not until all Biafrans are wiped out of the surface of this planet,God forbid.


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