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Thursday 28 September 2017



By Maxwell Chuks
For Family Writers Press

* Is there any verifiable evidence anywhere depicting how the lives of the blacks matter to United Nations?

The United Nations (UN) is undoubtedly the world's biggest organisation which right from inception, has been with and handling diverse complex issues in different countries of the world in accordance with the laws of establishment. It has helped numerous number of Indigenous People Groups outside the African continent. It has guidedly and very peacefully secured freedoms (Independence) for the white people through the instrumentality of REFERENDUM, sometimes after avoidable conflicts. My question here therefore, is : WHAT ABOUT AFRICA?  HOW POSITIVE AND RELEVANT HAS THIS WORLD BODY BEEN TO AFRICANS OVER THE YEARS?

Many believe in the institution as the hope for the oppressed but from keen observation over the years, the supposedly reputable body saddled with the responsibility of pursuing and enforcing equity and justice, has shamelessly metamorphosed into International political organisation where the oppression, suffering and enslavement of Indigenous People groups are grossly politicised. African continent is a very good case study here.

The questions Africans should be seeking answers to, are :
1) Why does the United Nations renege on its responsibilities due to Africans in the face of various inhuman treatments prevalent in the continent and be concerned primarily with selfish economic interests?

2) Why does the United Nations drag it's feet in promptly and conscientiously responding to African needs so as to forestall crises that are life threatening and attract wanton destruction of properties?

3) Self - determination is an inalienable right of all Indigenous Peoples the world over as clearly spelt out in the United Nations charter. Why are the issues that border on Africans different from what obtains elsewhere?

The United Nations right from inception seems to have lost focus, value and tangibility. No appreciable achievement by the organisation in the continent can be traced except principally resolving the wars powerful member nations of the body helped to create. There is absolutely nothing beneficial with regards to clinically enforcing unalloyed principles of freedom, justice and equity. Outside the African continent especially in Europe, the United Nations collectively and promptly settle critical issues amongst peoples which has very extensively averted genocidal wars. Self determination as contained in the laws of this world body, is given maximum attention thereby getting all matters amicably resolved. The people are allowed to exercise their rights of freedom of choices of Referendum and not a single gun shot is fired by the security operatives nor the agitators killed. Human rights issues and abuses are comprehensively evaluated without bias or intimidation by Governments.  Here in the continent of Africa, reverse is rather the case. We only have records of mere verbal condemnations of acts of suppression and oppression instead of firm and determined actions of disapproval.

It is exceptionally disheartening for a world body in the status of the United Nations gallivanting around and campaigning for economic growth instead of speedily facilitating and encouraging the liberation of the oppressed Indigenous People groups like the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), that have been strenuously agitating for their freedom from the oppressive and vampiric governments of Nigeria. There exists dozens of reported cases of human right abuses, extra-judicial killings and the evolving genocidal orgy of the government which are being carefully overlooked. The United Nations in its biasness, has jettisoned the idea of engaging in relevant discussions that concern us because we are blacks. This attitude of double standards of the world body very unequivocally suggests that it benefits from crises in African countries otherwise, there is no reason to keep ignoring such issues that directly affect the well being of the people whom they claim to fight for. The United Nations has no excuse for this institutionalised absurdity than to stand up to it's avowed responsibility to humanity, color and creed notwithstanding.

Biafrans were gruesomely massacred in the 1960s in the process of exercising their rights of self- determination simply because the United Nations that was supposed to do the needful, decided to look the other way thereby compromising its duty and up till date, nothing has been done to ensure that justice prevails. It is the same story in other countries within the African continent.

United Nations they tell us, is for all peoples all over the world, origin and location nonetheless. It is therefore reasonably obligatory for the organisation to promptly address issues that concern human existence amicably and impartially. The Biafran agitation calls explicitly for undelayed conduct of Referendum as democratically and uncompromisingly demanded by the Indigenous People Of Biafra. Biafrans are being terrorised and slaughtered daily by the immoral Nigerian government  which is a well orchestrated agenda by the predominant leadership of Hausa-Fulanis. This is a clear case of RACISM which is pure evil.

In as much as the lives and the issues of the whites matter a great deal to the United Nations, so too the lives of the blacks should matter. In this 21st century, the fact remains that nothing appears to be done in the atmosphere of peace and should there be another outbreak of war occasioned by the ongoing struggle for the restoration of the nation of Biafra, or in any part of Africa due to related upheavals, it will definitely have devastating and unprecedented ripple effects in other continents.

* If therefore self - determination and referendum are good and embraced by the whites as delivered by the United Nations, it is equally good and embraceable by the blacks.

 Equal Rights for All!
Justice for All!!

Let the United Nations wake up to its duties!!!

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
Family Writers Press

1 comment

  1. Former Libyan president Gaddafi, already said that United Nation, is for Americans and Europeans in terms of freedom and other things. But for Africa it only brings Wars, killings, and many other problems including Bad governments and in conclusion Gaddafi, simply said that United Nation is a rubbish to African continent


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