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Tuesday 31 October 2017


Benjamin Madubugwu

Written By Obi Blaise,
For Family Writers Press.

Mr. Benjamin Madubugwu was arrested on the 28 day of October, 2015, by men of the Nigerian Department Of State Security Services (DSS), at his home town in Anambra State, Biafra land.
 The hardcore activist is a staunch Biafran, a human right activist, freedom fighter and a believer of justice even at the point of death. He hails from Ubuluisiuzor in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State, Biafra land. Benjamin's crime was simply, fighting for the total liberation and wellbeing of his people. He stood against the injustice meted on his people by the Nigerian government.

Consequently, Mazi Benjamin was arraigned on two count charges:
1. Conspiracy to commit treasonable felony.

However, the question in respect to this charge is: How can someone be charged of conspiracy with people whom he does not know or even met before in his life?

2. Illegal possession of fire arms.

The Nigerian government accused Benjamin of illegal possession of firearms, which are his two private pump action guns. It is pertinent to categorically state here that prior to his arrest, Mazi Benjamin has already legally purchased the two pump action guns found in his possession. They were purchased on the grounds for self-defense and personal protection and were duly licensed under the Nigerian laws. The Nigerian government, the employer of the DSS are in possession of the copies of the licenses as evidence that the guns were legally acquired.

I would like to also ask, if the personal possession of firearms on the grounds for self-defense, which has government license and approval, could transform into a criminal offence?
 Mazi Benjamin Madubugwu is a law abiding citizen. There is no record anywhere in the world indicating him of any criminal offence. One begins to wonder if the Nigerian government, under the leadership of Muhammadu Buhari has introduced its own constitution, where self-determination means treasonable felony. It is also only in Nigeria that exercising one's right to self determination is a call for war.

However, while the whole world anxiously await the outcome of this quagmire, the Federal government of Nigeria has in its most confusing state derogated and affronted the quick dispensation of justice in this matter. Biafrans also wish to put the whole world on notice, that men of the DSS, employed by the APC led government to hunt and fight its oppositions, had in the course of carrying out the illegal arrest of Mr. Benjamin Madubugwu, seized the opportunity to commit heinous crime by illegally carting away thereby stealing so many items belonging to Mazi Benjamin Madubugwu. The items the DSS stole from the activist include:

1. Mercedes Benz jeep GL450 with the keys.
2. Toyota Camry with the keys.
3.CCTV decoder.

These are separate from the list of items taken from his house as exhibits, which include:
1. Two Apple iPad.
2. One Apple telephone.
3. Four Laptops
4. Five Nigerian International Passports.
5. Two licensed guns, etc.

What has continued to bother the mind of every right thinking individual is: why would men of the DSS, meant to protect lives and property of people, disguise themselves, heavily armed and rob Mr. Benjamin Madubugwu in broad day light? Is the offence for armed robbery not more serious than that of illegal possession of firearms, which   Mr. Benjamin Madubugwu was accused of, by the Nigerian government? Today, those that stole from Mr. Benjamin Madubugwu move freely, go on with their normal businesses and activities while the man they stole from is languishing in prison. This is not justice at all!

We therefore urge the Nigerian government to address these three points urgently:
1. That Mazi Benjamin Madubugwu should be released unconditionally with immediate effect, for having neither case to answer against men of the DSS in particular nor Federal government of Nigeria in general.
2.  Men of the DSS should face the charge for armed robbery, and for carting away personal belongings of Mr. Benjamin Madubugwu during the course of his arrest.

3. The Federal government of Nigeria should be made to pay heavy compensation to Mr Benjamin Madubugwu for unlawful detention and grave violation of his fundamental human rights.

Finally, the Nigerian government should be reminded that self-determination is never a call for war or treasonable felony, but a right for all indigenous people enshrined under United Nations charter.

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