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Friday 27 October 2017



Yakubu Gowon

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohaji
For Family Writers

Dear Yakubu Gowon, it is with a sorrowful heart that I woke up yet again to another lie coming from you portraying "How Ojukwu’s ‘Lies’ Caused The Civil War", and I asked myself, for how long will you continue living this lie? Have you decided to live this lie unto the grave?. The events of civil war is an open one and not a secret. It is something many people who experienced it are still alive, and still telling the story as eye witnesses. How will these people feel when they remember the horrors of the pogrom in the North, how brothers died in the hands of northern Nigeria soldiers and civilians, only to be made to confront your heartless lies in Nigeria media and religious functions, where you from time to time go to expose your hypocritical self.

You might be wondering whom I am. Don't wonder too much, for I am a political analyst cum activist who never experienced the Biafra Civil War, but conquered the decimation of younger Nigerians by people like you, who kicked out history from education curriculum. I picked my history books right from my Jenior Senior Secondary School and before year three, I have become conscious of the atrocities that became the Nigeria history. For the many times you lied to Nigerians, people like me will and have continued to catch you pants down, and ferociously expose your lies, whether told in the Media or inside a Church. Once again Sir, I am here to put it to you that Ojukwu never caused the Biafra war. Your repeated lies about this war will never change the facts that your inability to quench your blood thirsty brothers both in the military and those of the civilian, coupled by your refusal to respect the Aburi agreement, led to the civil war.

For the avoidance of doubt, everyone know that the 1966 coup led by Kaduna Nzeogwu was never an Igbo coup as your fellow elders in lies continue to peddle. That people like you continue to call a coup that has in it people from other tribes and ethnicity an Igbo coup, won't make sane minds like me, who have read many Accounts of the war, believe your lies. We can not succumb to this your latest lie on how Ojukwu's "lies" caused the civil war". The only liar per excellence we know is you Sir.
Yakubu Gowon

It was not Ojukwu's "lies" that branded a coup that has in it people from all over Nigeria as an Igbo coup, as to have an opportunity of killing Igbos and other southerners. It was you and your brothers led by Gen. Murtala Mohammed who carried out what is erroneously known as counter coup. That coup was a total Northern coup. It was a complete plan to enthrone northerners in the helm of affairs. Northerners who were too slow in embracing western education, has lesser intakes both in military, police and civil service. It was not in anyway done to marginalize the North, but just the fault of northerners.

Sir, to say that Ojukwu's "lies" caused the Civil War is like saying Britain's inability to allow Nigeria to gain independence caused the 2nd world war. We know that Odumegwu Ojukwu was an important player in that war, but has never been the cause of the war. There was no lie, and if there is any, it is definitely coming from you who renegaded on the outcome of the Aburi accord.

Your claim "that part of the agreement reached in Aburi was that upon return to Nigeria, you would be the first to make any statement concerning the resolutions before any governor makes any statement" is childish and a ploy to cover your criminal silence after the Aburi accord. How can you engineer the killing of more than 3 million people, only to shamelessly come out to defend it. You have truly shown that you lack shame and lack the integrity that goes with elders.

Sir, you also said that the decision to go to Aburi was borne out of the desire to win back the trust and confidence of Nigerians, and maintained that secession was never part of the resolutions they agreed on. Sir, can you tell us who you are referring as Nigerians here? Is it your northern brothers whom in collaboration with their military went on killing spree of Easterners or the Easterners that have had more than 300 thousand of their own massacred in the North. I can not remember your northern brothers losing any trust in the military, for they killed Igbos and other Easterners side by side with their brothers in the military. Can you please quit lying, at least for your old age sake?

Sir, you also said that by the time you returned, you were ill; that you had fever and could not make any statement. Sir, is this your excuse for not making a statement that could have saved more than 3 million lives? Even if you are ill, what happened to your aids and second in command? Are they all ill too?

Sir, you can not continue living this lie. We have seen the records and the records are straight. You and your Northern people precipitated the civil war with your refusal to honor the "Aburi accord" agreement. It was never Odumegwu Ojukwu.

Everyone knew that Odumegwu Ojukwu, the then Governor of Eastern Nigeria, waited for you to publish and make strong moves towards implementing what was agreed on at Aburi, but you remained mute on the whereabout of the Supreme Leader Aguiyi Ironsi, whom your Northern brothers killed, you refused to make that one statement that could have saved lives. For those who want to embrace the truth, know it that it was when Odumegwu Ojukwu waited and realized that Yakubu Gowon upon every persuasion remained adamant in his refusal to make known the Aburi agreement, that he (Ojukwu) went to Radio station and announced the agreement.

Sir, what can we expect from a genocidal personality like you if not lies. If you as the commander in Chief kept mute and did nothing while your fellow northern soldiers and your civilian brothers killed more than three hundred thousand Easterners, how can you not lie. If you can lead a military that killed women and children, raped little girls, bombed hospitals and schools, what will telling lies against the dead be to you. If you can command a military who went to Asaba, called out the villagers and had more than 1500 people killed in one day without mercy, what then can you not do? You supervised the killing of more than 3 million people. You made sure that after the war, the entire properties belonging to Easterners where declared abandoned properties.

You stole monies belonging to Easterners with your heartless 20 pounds policy against the people you supervised the killing of more than 3 million of their own. You can't continue fooling people with your blood stained evangelism. Moving from Church to Church and from ceremony to ceremony lying to whomever that cares to listen won't give you the Peace your sought. Calling Odumegwu Ojukwu a liar in a national television will never change the fact that I grew up to understand that you are the murderer that murdered more than 3 million of my people.

Sir, is it not hypocritical that you choose to come to AIT to lie over the war you caused at the exact moment you gifted your people in Jos with a grave silence as Fulani herdsmen kill and massacre them in their numbers. You have suddenly regained your power and your ability to lie. Sir, I advice you use this energy in saving your people against the Fulani people who have sworn to wipe them out of the surface of the earth and claim their land. The people that used you to kill Igbos and other Easterners in 1967/70 are out to wipe your own people in 2017. They need you now than never. Quit lying over who caused the war and speak against the killing of your own people.


  1. I'm concerned, very concerned that people who perpetrated atrocities against the Igbos and other Easterners before, during the Biafra war, and after it may go to their graves without getting a chance to clear their names. Such people include Gowon, Buhari, Adekunle, and Obasanjo. Time is now of the essence. Igbos leaders, please ensure that your dead brothers and sisters finally get justice. Borrow a leaf in this regard from Israel. It's pointless complaining marginalisation by the Nigerian state, if you can't even obtain justice for your people who were the victims of the Nigerian state. If you don't do this, then be rest assured that the Nigerian state and its controllers will continue to impose genocide and pogroms on the Igbos. Operation Python Dance is only a very slight foretaste of the horrendous anti-Igbo atrocities to come.

  2. We must all not lose sight of what the Nigerian army was originally before 1863. It may be true that Ojukwu was in the Nigerian army, but we have to also remember that it was an act for which his father "disowned" considering that the army was for people very low in society. We must therefore remember that Gowon like most of the people in the army back then were barely educated and their understanding of anything would be limited. The Nigerian army originally was a Fulani/Islamic slave raiding army until 1863 when the emancipation proclamation stopped them from exporting slaves to the United states. This is visibly seen in that the Nigerian army celebrated its 150th year anniversary of their rebirth from slave raiding terror group to Nigerian army in 1863. That Gowon is lying today should then be expected if the army cannot for over two centuries now come out openly to tell us who they are as an Islamic/Fulani slave raiding army. No one should expect any truth or sensible talk from the Nigerian army or any member of the army. They work with the Europeans and like the British declared Nelson Mandela a terrorist for agitating against Apartheid, they have used the Nigerian army to declare IPOB a terror group. IPOB must therefore continue to expose the slave raiding history of the Nigerian army and its status as a tool in the hands of the British


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