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Tuesday 24 October 2017



Democracy as we know is a system of government that certainly involves the government and the people. The voices of the citizens are supposedly considered paramount before any other.  Obviously,  if the reverse becomes the case, it becomes a practical dictatorship.

It is no longer news that since the emergence of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as  freedom fighters, they have remained  genuine, resolute, formidable and peaceful such that they have been able to manage  chains of relationship with the members across the globe. This group of people have been holding rallies and protests all over the world and there has never been any record of them getting involved in any unlawful conduct during these marches except as alleged today by the Nigerian government.

Nigerians generally have been expressing dissatisfaction with the style of  governance which has never in anyway helped  the situation of the suffering masses including the Igbos and Biafrans in general. Looting and intimidation are  the order of the day. One cannot boast of any good thing coming out of Nigeria.

 Due to the marauding policies visible in Nigeria meted against Biafrans,  stirred a very unpleasant atmosphere and these gave rise to many groups from different regions to begin agitations in different forms.  Unlike other agitators,  IPOB resolved  not to resort to  violence  and have been singing  songs of freedom  pioneered by her radio station- RADIO BIAFRA.

IPOB as freedom fighters  and its radio station are   registered  in the United Nations and UK respectively. In over 88 countries, They have operated for more than four years now, paying  taxes to the UK government  without any trace of  illegal conduct or violation of the law of the land, neither have they been found wanting by the constituted authorities of those countries in which they were duly registered  except in Nigeria where IPOB is  labeled, a terrorist group.

 Since after the unlawful detention and release of the Biafran leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Nigerian government has in so many ways tried to create an avenue  where he could be captured and silenced completely considering the kind of support he garners within the south-east and south-south geopolitical zones.

The most recent occurrence that took place exactly at his father’s compound where he resides, was that the Nigerian Military with their guns and armored tanks went for an unlawful open attack and its aftermath was the death of many civilians including some relatives of Mr. Kanu.

 As a result of this calculated attack on Mazi Kanu and Biafrans, there was condemnations all over the world including Nigeria.

The military continued with their onslaught against armless Biafrans who were going about their normal businesses. There were also reports of midnight kidnapping and unlawful torture of Biafrans and most of these incidence have videos recorded as evidence.

To add salt to injury, the Nigerian military and the five south-eastern governors   announced the proscription of IPOB, tagging it a terrorist organization.  Many Nigerians including the Senate President kicked against such proscription but  the Nigerian government through the Attorney General went on to gazette it.

The US, EU and even UN  made their stand known that they do not see the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as  terrorists  but the Nigerian government has remained stiff-necked saying that the issue is domestic and does not require any international  interference. Kanu who was supposed to appear in court for the continuation of the charges leveled against him is nowhere to be found according to his lawyer and IPOB. As alleged, they said he may have been whisked away or killed during the military invasion.

Tagging IPOB a terror group is tantamount to tagging the people of the old Eastern region,  a community of terrorists considering the huge support the group has garnered so far. Remember that on the 30th Day of May 2017, there was a sit at home order from IPOB  leadership  which was  heeded to, by 95 percent of the people from the south-south and south-east geopolitical zones. This, as claimed by most Nigerian media, tremendously affected Nigeria economically. If this order was obeyed to this extent, this means that tagging the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) a terror group is a serious blunder on the side of the Nigerian government.

Right to self determination is a fundamental right enshrined under United Nations charter. The earlier this situation is curbed democratically and diplomatically the better for all Nigerians, Africa and the world at large. Human right violation is seen world wide as a criminal offence so before the Nigerian government tags IPOB a terror group, it is necessary it  looks into the activities of the Nigerian military and Police to see if it is the Nigerian armed forces that actually terrorize Biafrans or not.

Richard Izuchukwu Oragwuncha writes for Family Writers Press

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