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Tuesday 17 October 2017

COURT CASE UPDATE: It Is None My Business If The Military Abducted Or Killed Nnamdi Kanu- Judge Tells Kanu's Lawyer

It Is None My Business If The Military Abducted Or Killed Nnamdi Kanu- Judge Tells Kanu's Lawyer

Mrs Binta Nyako, the judge presiding over the trial of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu has rebuffed claims by the IPOB leader's lawyer that the military are in possession of his client who has been missing after a bloody raid at his residence in Umuahia last month.

Nnamdi Kanu's lawyer, Barr. Ifeanyi Ejiofor had during the proceedings disclosed reasons behind his client's absence in court, in response to the question tabled by the presiding judge, demanding the whereabouts of the first defendant, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Barr. Ejiofor narrated all the inconveniences as concern how the Nigeria Armed Forces invaded his client's house, massacred at least 28 persons and since then, his client's way about is not yet known as Nigeria Army are in a better position to provide him before the court.

But while narrating the ordeal, Justice Binta Nyako angrily responded, and told  Ejiofor that all the stories is none of her business, and, asked if those who stood as sureties to the first defendant are in the court.

Also making progress, a lawyer representing Sen. Enyinnaya Abaribe stood up, telling the honorable court that his client knows nothing about the way about of Nnamdi Kanu. He therefore prayed that his client is asking for the withdrawal of his surety, of which the judge hurriedly said that she cannot listen to that plea unless Nnamdi Kanu is available with his sureties in the court.
The presiding judge stated that she is going to invite the sureties and ask them why Nnamdi Kanu is not present in the court. She further said that what makes them his sureties is to give any account of his whereabouts if the need arises.
Finally, the judge ordered the prison authorities to allow the third defendant's doctor to always check on him anytime, any moment. She therefore adjourned the case to 20th of November 2017 for the commencement of the trial.

Moses Agbo Obinna,
Reporting for Family Writers Press.


  1. Justice Binta, I am not lawyer or a Judge all I know is Nnamdi Kanu case and his whereabout are your business. Invite the sureties and ask them why Nnamdi Kanu is not present in the court. And for Sen. Enyinnaya Abaribe before withdrawal of your surety you must tell Justice Binta why Nnamdi Kanu is not present in the court. Infact we all even Justice Binta knows why Nnadi Kanu is not present in the court today. Someone who is on bail and someone came to kidnap the person on bail, is there no case for the Kidnapper for kidnapping someone on crucial bail for that matter. Sen. Enyinnaya Abaribe tell Justice Binta to sermon Burutai, the Igbo governors and ohanaeze ndi Igbo to provide Nnamdi Kanu. If their python have mistakenly swallowed him it's better to ask the python to vomit him now because in no distant time the pythons and their owner is going to develop misterious uncurerable stomach pain, the worst of its kind shitting and vomiting at the same time. ọ dịghị kwa Agbara ọ ga-adị mma na ntị maka na afo ọjọọ ga kwa aru Eke a ma ndị nwe ya. Peaceforall.

  2. This is a terrible country. The inhumanity,hate,selfishness and ungodliness is unimaginable. Let ask Binyamin Nyako or what is name,do you have a brother,son,husband, friend,or relative whom you would dream to pass through such mollestation? Why do you even say it is not your business? Even if you were blind,you are not deaf.l know even the dead k re that the Nigeria armies and Buhari supporters invaded tour clients house and killed and abducted every one in the compound and even invaded again to loot Nnamdi Kanu belongings.
    You are going to tell me why you did not know Nnamdi Kanu whereabouts since he is your client. I put it to you,you and the Nigeria armies and Buhari supporters knows what happened to Nnamdi Kanu. Listen,tell your team and there python to vomit Nnamdi Kanu life or dead.
    We want him and love him and we appreciate him even in death.
    All hail Biafra.
    God bless Biafra and their lovers.
    Dr Patricia Chinwe Onuoha.

    1. Thank you my sister, you spoke well.
      This people are playing with us, imagine what a judge is saying...that its not her business if Nnamdi Kanu is dead...what a hate speech.

  3. My worry is that the sureties like Abaribe is in panic. This is not what to panic of.Open your mouth and tell the court you are a surety but you are not a keeper of KANU as a matter of that you know as well as the entire world that the president a d his army are those who can tell the where about of Nnamdi KANU. If Abaribe start to panic that will be the end of because buhari is looking for the slightest mean to track all Igbo leaders including his fowls like the 5 governors and Mr Nnia Nwodo the self acclaimed Igbo president under Ohaneze

  4. What Judge Binta Nyako said in court yesterday about Mazi Nnamdi Kanu tells how evil, wicked and hateful these Hausa-Fulani are against Ndigbo/Biafran people. It also tells us that Nigeria is a lawless, corrupt and failed State. By the way, I don’t understand why Senator Abaribe’s lawyer should be asking to discharged instead of asking the FG to provide kanu because he was always in constant communication with him until the zoo Boko haram army invaded his father’s house where he lived. Why would Senator Abaribe and other sureties for Nnamdi Kanu be held responsible for his whereabouts when the Nigerian Army invaded his home and massacred many unarmed Biafran youths and took away Kanu and his parents? Until today, Biafran people have not heard or seen Kanu, his father and his mother. And now, you want Kanu sureties to be responsible. What an irresponsible and stupid law is that. It is the army chief- Burutai, president Buhari, SE governors, Ohaneze leader and other Igbo saboteurs like Uzo Orji Kalu must present Kanu - dead or alive at the next adjourned court date. The Nigerian Army and their sponsors know his whereabouts and must produce him to the court. Nigeria is simply lawless and a disgrace to humanity.


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