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Sunday 15 October 2017



15, October 2017

By Maxwell Chuks & Godswill Leeleebari Gabriel
for Family Writers

On this edition; we'll focus more on reactions from the public as we bring to you trending updates of the week.

• First we look into Nigeria where the news on our desk says: "Nigerian ministers earns more than American President Donald Trump, UK prime minister" - That's according to Oyebola.
*Now if you carefully take a look into this, you'll realize it's nothing but the truth. Only 'monthly allowance' alone testifies to the fact that they earn much. And the question is- With this, will Nigeria ever be free from corruption?
Let's watch.

• Still in Nigeria and their monkey-pox; "Federal Government have no hand in outbreak of the disease" - Lai Muhammade react to the claim making round that the FG of Nigeria is the cause of outbreak of the disease.

• "Buhari has disappointed Nigerians". - Arewa Youths Forum voices it.

• As the week was gradually moving; Nigerian military broke into Nnamdi Kanu's home again. But this time it didn't go down well with them because they couldn't deny it. Guess what happened....
CCTV camera caught them looting properties in the home.
*And the question is, Is that also military parade or a sign of criminality in the Nigerian armed forces? Anyway, we are still watching...

• “Hold Buhari, Southeast governors responsible if we pick up arms" - IPOB tells the world.
*Recall: form the onset, IPOB adopted and has always been on a peaceful approach towards the restoration of Biafra. But the activities of Nigerian government isn't helping matters, there have been harassment, unlawful arrest and dozens killed by the military. Will the people continue to fold their hands and watch until they're all wiped out from the surface of the earth? Huh!

• Still moving on...
" Buhari told us specifically to focus on the North" - World Bank president, Jim Yong Kim reveals as the question of why World Bank is neglecting other parts of Nigeria, arise.
Hmmm.... "One Nigeria" they say.

• Shortly after saying Nnamdi Kanu left Nigeria through Cameron, then to Malaysia, and flew to UK; Orji Uzor Kalu said: "I spent more than two hours convincing Nnamdi Kanu to drop Biafra but he refused".
Hmmm... *This man, Orji Uzor is just speaking like a drowning man which they called him. Also speaking like someone who needs help. Someone should help him please.

• Matters still arising...
Biafra: "Buhari allocated #50 billion to bribe Ijaw to betray IPOB" - Asaro Dokubo reveals.
Ghen! Ghenn!!!!

• On Nigerian government's proscription and tagging IPOB 'a terrorist group', reaction and regret continues to trend..
" Tagging IPOB a terrorist group is a global embarrassment to Nigeria" - Former Minister of power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo condemns Federal Government's action, say it's illegal and a big disgrace to Nigeria.
Oh! What a big shame and regret to Nigeria.

• Still moving ahead; "Buhari's instruction to world bank, an impeachable offence" - HURIWA react, blast Buhari over his instruction to world bank.

• Moving ahead, still on Buhari..
"I'm not marginalizing Southeast" - Buhari tells Southeast politicians.
This statement was made during the visit of Southeast politicians led by Nwodo, to Abuja.
Buhari added that he love Southeastern part of Nigeria just like the North.
*And we ask: If so, why did he tell World Bank to focus only on the North? And why did he order for the killing of the people for exercising their right for Self-determination?

• Anambra forthcoming gubernatorial election: "There will be no election in Anambra state" - Biafrans insist, vow to boycott election despite persuasion.
Still on the election matter; "Elections must hold in Anambra" - Politicians react.
Hmmm.... This is very serious but anyway, we are watching closely to know who have the final say. November 18, we will know the outcome of it all.

• As the Nigerian army began their so-called 'Free Medical Service' in BiafraLand where children are forcefully injected; Femi Fani-Kayode cried out. He said: "The military are Injecting Igbo Children with strange substance".
The matter didn't end there; during the week, children ran helter skelter as military storm schools in BiafraLand, and forcefully began to inject children. Also,, parents were seen running to schools while others jumped into the school through fence, just to rescue their children.

• " Nigerian government are now using biological weapons on us" - IPOB Cries out over military's injection which according to speculation is the cause of monkey-pox disease.

• Arewa Youths again!
Guess what they said.....
"North are the highest consumers of hard and fake drugs".
Oh!... Is that why they always behave wild and strange?
Huh!, our eyes are still on them.

• " Buhari has done nothing to push for unity" - Prof. Ben Nwabueze voice out.
And the masses said: Gbam!

• While APC of Nigeria are busy shouting: "We are fighting corruption", someone came out and verbally bombard them. Guess who....? Sagay. He said: "APC is corrupt, and can't fight corruption".
Ghen! Ghenn!!!!

• Monkey-Pox
" Our medical outreach not intended to depopulate South-east, it's part of Python Dance II package" - that's according to Army.
And the question is- Does Python, dance on the street and schools with hospital needle and forcefully inject people?

• Still on the happenings in Nigeria;
IYC accuses Buhari of working towards genocide in Ijaw Land.
Reacting to the issue on twitter; Sani Ibrahim Umar, a Northerner said: "We are behind what Mr President do to bring sanity to Nigeria, even if he will eliminate the whole Ijaw people".
*Surprise? Don't.

• Military raid and looting of Family's property: Nnamdi Kanu's father petitions UN, UK.

• On APC and Nigerian government's prevarication;, "Osinbajo has PhD in lying " - Asari Dokubo react.

• "You must provide our leader, Nnamdi Kanu" - IPOB tells Federal Government of Nigeria.
They went further to say: "We'll leave no one behind, we will fight until Nigerian government release all Biafrans in incarceration.

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